Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Face Shop Happy Blossom Body Cleanser

I'm very fond of body care products, and I prefer using shower gels/creams compared to bar soaps. I have been using these body cleansers from The Face Shop for months now, so I'll be sharing with you my thoughts about it.

The Face Shop Happy Blossom Body Cleanser (P325.00)

The Happy Blossom Body Cleanser comes in two variants: Oriental flower (which is the radiantly moisturizing type) and European flower (which is the refreshingly light type). I actually got curious on the different flower extracts The Face Shop used on these ones, so I searched for the ingredients on Google! :D

About Happy Blossom Oriental Flower Body Cleaner:


Extracts from Oriental flowers: safflower, lotus, chrysanthemum, tree peony, hollyhock, and honeysuckle

About Happy Blossom European Flower Body Cleanser:


Extracts from European flowers: jasmine, iris, cornflower, arnica, carnation, freesia, and calla lily

These body cleansers are housed in a simple matte white plastic pump bottle (with a unique shape). I actually left one in the kitchen and another one in the bathroom, as these can double as hand wash. Both of them have a very light floral scent that does not linger long after taking a bath, but they do smell very fresh and clean. I was expecting to not like the Oriental flower, since I imagined a heavy floral, almost potpourri scent, but was pleasantly surprised that it smelled very light and fresh. It goes well with the Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT I use everyday. I use a bath lily with these, and a small amount goes a long way as these do produce abundant bubbles. Both have similar textures, like gel type body cleansers with creamy moisturizing ribbons in it. Between the two, I like the Oriental flower variant more since I find it indeed more moisturizing than the European variant. The European flower variant I also use to clean my makeup brushes, and it works really well in getting all the makeup off my brushes while keeping the bristles soft.

Aside from makeup, The Face Shop also has lots of great body care items that are inspired by nature. I'm curious about their hand creams and face mists so I'll check them out the next time I drop by the mall.

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  1. wonderful review helen :) love reading your reviews im learning from it :)

    The Bargain Doll

    1. Thank you, Rovie! :) I'm so happy you appreciate them!


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