Friday, February 28, 2014

Amazing Find: Flat Top Brush from Landmark

Today, I'll share with you my favorite makeup brush as of the moment. I love it so much, I want to buy a backup for when (1) it goes on sale or (2) when I go to the mall again, whichever comes first! :D

Flat Top Brush from Landmark

When I attended the Ellana event, the owner let me try their products using a flat top brush. I was willing to buy the same brush right then and there, since it was so awesome in picking up the pigments of mineral makeup, but unfortunately the brush has been discontinued and is already out of stock!

My mini-heartbreak led me to Landmark in Trinoma, and so I bought this one instead! It's not the Artist Studio brush everyone's raving about. This one has no brand, but that doesn't stop me from loving it just the same.

This brush has very soft bristles, and the density is just right. It does not bleed or shed when you wash it.

I actually love using this with either loose or pressed powder makeup. It buffs the product well into my skin, and produces a soft finish every time. ♥

Price: P139.75
Available at Landmark Trinoma and Makati

Do you also get your brushes from Landmark? :D


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Benefit Fake Up [Light, Medium & Deep]

Let's all solve the curious case of the hydrating concealer!

Benefit Fake Up [Light, Medium & Deep]

Sometimes, concealer is all you need to look fresh and awake even if the days are long and the nights are short. (Literally, since all work and no sleep can mean major haggardness.) Concealers are perfect for when you want to hide your eyebags or dark circles.

I got these samples of Benefit's Fake Up sachets in all 3 shades as part of the loot I received from answering their survey last January. I love the fact that this sample looks like a book that you'd have to flip open. How I wish they'd regularly give samples with every purchase, just so Benebabes could try more of their products!

The full-sized version of this concealer comes in a fancy silver tube packaging with pink details, and the product itself reminds me of The Body Shop's All-In-One Concealer, only on reverse.

What makes this formula unique is that the hydrating ring contains vitamin E and apple seed extract, which provides immediate moisturization, while the concealing core is has a light diffusing formula and silky smooth coverage.

The 3 shades I have are already pre-blended, so they look like this.


Light | Medium | Deep

Light | Medium | Deep (blended)

Light disappears on my skin, but I think I can work with either light or medium. Medium is a versatile middle shade that could also work for morenas, but deep is probably too dark even for morena skin.

Light (when worn)

I'm wearing Light here, which is a close match to my skin tone since it almost disappears (in a good way) when applied. While I don't have very problematic dark circles, I think the coverage of this concealer is nice. The pre-blended samples I got almost has that mousse-y feel, and the texture is very light. It has a dewy finish and slippery feel (which makes it ideal only for the undereyes, and not for face flaw coverage). Definitely hydrating! I applied this in the morning, topped it off with powder (which I always do for all concealers), and true enough, this stayed on me crease-free the entire day. Of course, it also manages to cover my dark circles and brighten up my eye area. This one's perfect for everyday use since it doesn't feel as heavy or thick as other concealers, and is highly recommended for those with dry skin.

Price: P1,300.00 (for the full-sized version)
Available in Benefit stores.

Have you tried Fake Up? :) Like Benefit Cosmetics Philippines on Facebook for more information on their products.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Droplets of Nature Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

If you take a peek in the kikay kit I bring to work, you'll find only two makeup products (pressed powder and lippie) and a whole army of not so exciting everyday "essentials" such as bobby pins, safety pins, a black hair tie, vitamin C, mints, and alcohol. Yes, always a girl scout!

But then, we know that too much rubbing alcohol can dry out your hands. Good thing I've recently came across a product that can replace my trusty alcohol (well, for now)! :D

Droplets of Nature Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer is made from plant-based lactic acid, fruit-based alcohol and essential oils. The plant-based lactic acid acts as the main anti-bacterial ingredient, therefore the scent of the alcohol is not too strong. The lactic acid and essential oils acts as the natural moisturizers. Our hand sanitizer is also safe for the baby's hands.

I'm loving this hand sanitizer from Droplets of Nature since it's able to clean and disinfect my hands without drying it out. My hands do feel softer after I use this. Plus, I'm liking the baby powder scent. :D

If you're looking for a more skin-friendly alternative to the conventional alcohol or gel hand sanitizers, try this all-natural hand sanitizer instead!

Price: P69.00 for 50ml
Available in Cash & Carry, Landmark, DutyFree Philippines, Sesou, etc.

Like Droplets of Nature on Facebook for more information on their products.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tous les Jours Dark Glaze Chocolate Cake (Again!) + Patisserie Connoisseur Card

It's my Mom's birthday today! ♥

And so, I had to get her our all time favorite: Tous les Jours Dark Glaze Chocolate Cake! I got this for my Dad last year, too.

Tous les Jours Dark Glaze Chocolate Cake (P598.00)
Made with authentic belgian chocolate layered with rich chocolate butter cream and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache

The addiction just never ends since this cake is just sooo good.

Trivia: Even my cake-hater sister LOVES this! After she tried it for the first time, she asked me to buy this cake twice even if there were no occasion.

As usual, the cakes from Tous les Jours are ALWAYS fresh! I bought it today, and this one's good until March 5, 2014 but I bet it will all be gone tomorrow.

The top part of the cake is entirely covered in chocolate ganache which is so yummy! It also has 3 heart cookies where you can write your special message on, a chocolate stick, and a green tea macaron.

Around the side of the cake is a plastic wrap. When you remove this, the cake will be less cute. Haha! Let's read the tiny message...

You are so special to me.
You are my joy, my love, and my life.
Living without you will tear me apart.
Cause you make my life worth living. 

I adore this cake a lot, but everything wasn't so perfect today! My cake didn't come with the usual 5 colorful, long and slim candles and plastic cake knife because it was out of stock. For all branches, as the cashier said. That's not good. It didn't help that the staff in SM The Block weren't the friendliest I've encountered. I guess they were replaced with new hires (?), since they seemed to not know that I used to buy their cakes a lot last year. Oh well. They could've just given me a GWP to appease me, but too bad my purchase was P2.00 short (of the P600.00 amount required).

Tous les Jours Patisserie Connoisseur

All is not lost though, as I now have my new Tous les Jours Patisserie Connoisseur membership card! I'm so happy with this one since it's so cute! (Okay, bipolar mode. Haha!)

For a P500.00 single-receipt purchase, you can get this card for free. This one earns me 2 points (equivalent to P2.00) for every P100.00 purchase, similar to Etude House and Tony Moly.

These are the cards I have from my favorite Korean brands Etude House, Tony Moly, and Tous les Jours! :3

To know more about Tous les Jours, you may Like their page on Facebook: Tous les Jours Philippines. :)


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream in Fair & Light

Today's review will be about another BB cream! Summer is just around the corner, so might as well invest in products with major SPF.

Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream with SPF 50 PA+++
A dual-action formula that perfects and corrects skin

Dual-action formula instantly conceals imperfections with lightweight, buildable coverage AND is clinically proven to correct skin tone irregularities.


This BB cream is formulated with a high level of Vitamin C, known for its powerful clarifying action.


Fair is the lightest shade, while Light is the middle shade. I don't have a sample of Natural, but it's the darkest shade. Yey since there's a BB cream that would fit morena skintone without giving a grayish cast!

Fair disappears on my skin. I've found my exact BB cream shade with this!

Fair (when worn)

  • The shade Fair is a perfect match for my skin.
  • It's free from parabens, fragrances, silicones, and mineral oil.
  • It has a light texture that's easily blendable.
  • Its broad spectrum SPF 50 PA +++ UV protection helps fight future sun damage.
  • It's just like  Kiehl's Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA +++, only tinted. 
  • It has a light and natural coverage that's able to cover just the minor redness and imperfections.
  • It hides my pores.
  • Initially, it looks shiny but it settles to a nice dewy finish, but no shimmer.
  • It doesn't leave a grayish cast that's common in most Korean BB creams.
  • It comes in 3 shades: Fair, Light, and Natural. Natural is perfect for morena skin!

  • The coverage might be too sheer for others.
  • It has no oil control, so I always have to use powder with this.
  • As always, as with any Kiehl's product, it's expensive.

  • Tap the BB cream all over the face first before blending for better coverage.
  • Recommended for normal to dry skin because of its moisturizing properties.

Price: P1,990.00 for 30ml
Available in Kiehl's stores at Shangri-La Mall, Greenbelt, Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, and Trinoma.

I'll be using this one on my lazy, no-makeup days (and not during events) due to its sheer coverage. Have you tried Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Benefit Finding Mr. Bright

Mr. Right may be hard to find, but not Mr. Bright! I found him in Benefit. :D

Benefit Finding Mr. Bright
Your brightening makeup MANual

This was actually a present for my sister last year for her birthday, but she lets me use it when I need to. (The perks of sisterhood!)

The box itself is so bright and girly. It's just like a teaser of the amazing stuff inside!

At the back of the box are the product descriptions and ingredients.

Inside it are the glorious little makeup! ♥ The cardboard background is removable, so you can use the box to store other things.

The box also has a mirror and a quirky leaflet containing tips about the products.

This set contains 4 deluxe-sized products of Benefit. This is perfect for when you want to try their products in small amounts before committing to the full-size version. In this kit alone, some are hits, a miss, and a meh (for me, that is).

Let's study them one by one!

Girl Meets Pearl 7.5ml
liquid pearl for the face

Initially, I thought this could be a substitute for Benefit's Sun Beam (the golden counterpart of High Beam) because of its goldish shade, but I find this shade to be quite subtle and barely noticeable. This may work better for those with deeper complexions, I prefer something more noticeable.

Posie Tint 4ml
poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain

Ah, can't go wrong with the tints!

Posie Tint has a very youthful pink shade. Very cute, bubblegum pink! This one dries fast, so you have to blend away the moment it touches your cheek. The result is a long lasting pink flush that's tamer than Benetint.

High Beam 2.5ml
luminescent complexion enhancer

My favorite part of this set would have to be THIS! (Why does it have to be the one to contain the least amount of product, at only 2.5ml?) I am in love with powder highlighters because of the convenience, but this liquid highlighter gives the perfect lit from within glow. Recommended for fair skin. (Deeper skin tones will benefit from Sun Beam.)

Erase Paste 3.2g
brightening camouflage for eyes & face

No. 2 medium

Erase Paste is promising with its creamy, blendable texture, but No 2 medium is too dark, too orange for my skin tone. This one is a miss for me.

(My sister is planning to sell this. Used/swatched once. Any takers?)


Girl Meets Pearl | Posie Tint | High Beam | Erase Paste

In another lighting:
Girl Meets Pearl | Posie Tint | High Beam | Erase Paste

I think Benefit's sets are a super nice and cute (but expensive) way of trying out their best-selling products. I also like the fact that the size of these products are so tiny and travel-friendly! :D

My favorite product from this kit would be High Beam! Posie Tint and Girl Meets Pearl are okay, but I don't have any use for Erase Paste. Had it been shade 1, it would have been a better match for my skin tone, but oh well.

Price: P1,700.00
Place bought: Benefit Trinoma

I'm curious. What Benefit set or product is on your wishlist? For me, it's the full-sized version of High Beam! :)


Monday, February 17, 2014

Let's Celebrate Hair Free Day at Pink Parlour!

Pink Parlour has an exciting treat for YOU! ♥

If you've always wanted to get waxed, but are (1) afraid, (2) kuripot, or (3) just plain lazy (like me), I am telling you this: February 23, 2014 is the purrfect day to get hair free!

Pink Parlour, the rebellious sister of all beauty salons is back with girly gusto! Be tickled pink on the inaugural annual soiree, Pink Parlour's Hair Free Day, happening on February 23, 2014, exclusively in their A-Venue Makati branch. Trim, prune, and be hair free at an amazing price of only P299* per treatment!

The regular prices of the treatments (included in the event) are as follows:
  • Half arm: P400.00
  • Half leg: P600.00
  • Bikini: P550.00
  • Brazilian: P900.00
But on February 23, 2014, you can try 1 service for just P299.00! I don't know about you, but a Brazilian at P299.00 is such a sweet deal! (I've actually tried it before, which you may read about here.)

The interiors of the place - all pink and black - will embrace you and make you feel like a pampered princess with a rebellious streak. No prior appointment needed as this event is on a first come first serve basis. Walk in with an untamed mane and walk out purring with confidence! ;)

The professional and friendly therapists at Pink Parlour promise quality hygiene standards. Pink Parlour emphasizes on the importance of cleanliness and ensure that all equipments are sterilized before and after every single treatment. After all, Pink Parlour is a pioneer of the no double dipping rule in Singapore.

There will be special packages for you available only at the event. On top of the mind blowing deals, if you Like on Pink Parlour Philippines on Facebook and Follow Pink Parlour Ph on Instagram, you'll be rewarded with a goodie bag worth over P500, only at Pink Parlour's Hair Free Day!

Whether you are a waxing veteran or a first-time kitty, Pink Parlour has given you enough reasons to satisfy your curiosity! Save the date for the Hair Free Day, as the fun is just about to start!

Pink Parlour A-Venue Mall
Address: G/F Unit 112A, A-Venue Event Mall Makati Ave., Makati City
Tel no.: 621-9836


Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's Your Love Vibe?

May I ask, how was your Valentine's Day?

Well, mine was extraordinary. I planned on going home from work as soon as the clock struck 5:00PM to avoid the Valentine's Day/Friday/payday traffic. But still, my usual 30-minute trip home got stretched to 2 hours! o_o

But when you know you're going home to someone you love, that won't matter at all! I'd like you all to meet the love of my life, Daphne! (No, she's not my daughter. Haha)

Daphne is my cute little 3-year old niece, and I am so blessed to have her. Since we live in the same house, I get to see her in the morning before going to the office, and I get to play with her at night for when I come home! On the nights that I am hooked to the computer, typing away on my blog, it's only Daphne who can move me off my spot with three simple words (plus a lot of pulling my hand on her part), "Auntie Helen, come!" We love bonding over tea parties, doll houses, and makeovers. Best part is, she loves saying "Ang ganda!" (in a baklang bakla way). Oh yes, her auntie taught her well.

Oh, I'd love to take more playtime selfies with Daphne with the new Lenovo Vibe X from Lenovo Philippines! How about you, what's your love vibe? ♥

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