Friday, November 28, 2014

Get Super Star Lashes at Stylash - Now at 50% Off!

Getting my eyelashes done at Stylash is my guilty pleasure. Haha! They have 5 styles of extensions (Nude, Natural, Glamorous, Super Star, and Full Diva), and I've already tried 4 out of 5! :D

Last Monday, I dropped by the salon again to have the remnants of my previous Full Diva extensions removed. Full Diva lasted me 6 weeks until I couldn't take the gaps anymore and so I had it redone. I like how Stylash is able to remove extensions quickly without causing lash fall - compared to when you pluck it out yourself. That's a huge no-no!

After removal, I had Super Star done! If you want to read about the ENTIRE experience, feel free to read my first Stylash post. That one's pretty extensive.

Super Star Lash Extensions at Stylash: 240 pieces (120 pieces/eye)
Style: Chic
Curl: C-shape
Length: 8mm & 10mm combined
Diameter: 20

I choose the C-shape curl over the J-shape every single time for the main reason that it looks prettier and more doll-like. For the style Chic, they used 8mm lashes on the sides of my eyes, and 10mm on the center to get the shape. Because of my previously done lashes, there has been a slight fallout so they opted me to have the lash diameter of 20 vs 15 (which looks thinner per strand). This will make my lashes look fuller.

In case you're wondering why the different styles look similar in my blog posts, the secret lies with the lasting power. The more expensive styles means more strands of extensions, which leads to longer lasting power since fall outs will be barely noticeable. For example, in my experience, Natural only lasted me 3 weeks tops, while Glamorous and Full Diva lasted more than a month.

I think they've also change the supplier of their mink lashes. The ones I recently have still feel light (as if I had no extensions on, I swear), but they look separated, feathery, and really natural even after weeks.

Amazing news! Get 50% off on Super Star (P1,200.00 -> P600.00 and Full Diva (P1,600.00 -> P800.00) this SALE weekend (November 28-30, 2014) at Stylash Fisher Mall, Landmark Makati, SM BF Paranaque, and SM Bicutan! (30% off applies on brow tint service.)

As usual, I'm very satisfied with my Stylash extensions. I can rock the "I woke up like this" look with just pretty lashes. Try it naaaa! :D 

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Too Cool For School Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass Lip Plumper in Pinky Baby

Whenever I have my makeup done, I've observed that makeup artists love applying lip gloss as a finishing touch...and it does make a difference! I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss, but I know a good one when I see one. ;)

Too Cool For School is a Korean makeup brand that has the quirkiest packaging I've seen! From the box to the tube. So cute! :3

Most (if not all) of their packaging doesn't come with English translations though, but Google saves the day.

Lip gloss that BEAMS with moisture & has a dual jelling system that ensures vivid color expression gives off an illusion of having a lipstick. It also plumps up your lips giving you fuller luscious looking lips!

It comes in 4 dazzling shades: Sparkling Beam, Red Beam, Pinky Baby, and Peach Holic.

It contains shine polymer ingredient, vitamin E, macadamia nut oil, and rose hip oil.

Lip gloss usually comes in squeezy tube packaging which is more hygienic, but this one's too pretty! The cap even has a ribbon on it.

See? ♥

It's also small and compact, perfect even for the tiniest clutch.


It comes with a typical doe-foot applicator.


Pinky Baby comes in a translucent shimmery milky pink shade.

Bare lips

Wearing Pinky Baby

It smells yummy like sweet strawberry candy and it has a fresh cooling sensation that last for around 5-10 minutes. It doesn't feel tacky like glue. It also hydrates my lips so it's left softer compared to when I don't use any lip product for the day. The shade makes my lips look light pink. Wearing it always makes me feel all girly and feminine. Girl next door ang peg! Haha. It's a lovely gloss! ♥

Price: P435.00
Available in Too Cool For School stores in the following locations:
  • SM Mall of Asia: Entertainment Mall Level 2
  • SM North EDSA: Main Building Level 2
  • SM BF Paranaque: Ground Floor Main Atrium
  • SM Mega Fashion Hall: Fashion Trade Hall

Visit and Like Too Cool For School - Philippines on Facebook for more information.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Tony Moly My Little Pet Eye Patch

I treasure lazy weekends like gold. Last Saturday, I stayed home all day and it has never felt so good. No OT work, no events. I catched up with product shots, makeup swatches, and of course some form of pampering in between. Such as this cute little eye patch! :3

Tony Moly My Little Pet Eye Patch
Be my best friend ♥ from Hamster

Whitening Hydrogel Eye Patch brightens the skin around the eyes, which looks dull and dark.

For this purpose, I think a panda (instead of hamster) would have been more appropriate! :D

Each pack contains 2 hydrogel patches soaked in essence. It's securely packaged inside plastic trays, with protective covering at the front and back of each patch.

To use, just remove the film(s) attached to the patch, and attach the smooth side of the patch onto your undereye area. Leave on for 30 minutes, then remove and pat on the  essence to ensure that it is fully absorbed.

(pardon the difference in lighting, my point here is that skin has no glow)


The patch feels cooling, soothing, and relaxing. It has a secure fit, and it doesn't move around or slide off.


Does it deliver what it promises? Definitely! :D While it doesn't promise to zap huge eye bags, it does still help with puffiness due to its cooling sensation - even at room temperature. My undereye area looked brighter after just 30 minutes, and my skin felt smoother.

Price: P148.00
Available in all Tony Moly stores nationwide

For more information, visit Tony Moly Philippines' official website at Like Tony Moly Philippines on Facebook, follow @tonymolyph on Twitter and Instagram for more updates and promos.


Friday, November 21, 2014

The Body Shop Geisha Doll Lip & Cheek Stain [Holiday 2014]

One day, I received a cute little present wrapped Tsutsumi-style. It looks like a mini lunch box, doesn't it?

A cutesy geisha-inspired lip & cheek stain would have looked like it came from a Japanese beauty brand, but's from The Body Shop! Oh wow! Just wow. I'm used to The Body Shop having sleek and simple as their signature look, but this has to be the cutest packaging the brand has came up with!

This season, our iconic Lip & Cheek Stain comes in a new red shade sprinkled with golden glitter and the cutest special edition packaging. This dual-purpose liquid stain gives a natural-looking, rosy glow to lips and cheeks.
  • For lips and cheeks
  • Natural-looking color
  • Cute special edition doll packaging
  • Enriched with  Community Fair Trade Marula Oil


This special edition lip & cheek stain gives value for money since it contains 28ml of product! The regular Lip & Cheek Stain comes with only 8ml of product in it.

Did I already mention that it comes with the cutest packaging? Geisha doll's bun is actually the doe-foot applicator.


The tint itself is red with gold shimmer. Take note that it's red, and it doesn't turn pink or peach. Red is a nice color for winter (as for our case, the holidays) since it warms up the skin instantly.

On my cheeks:

The shimmer isn't glittery at all once applied, it just gives you a nice glow sans highlighter. It blends easily and won't end up streaky on your face. It lasts really long, too.

On my lips:

Bare lips

With Lip & Cheek Doll

On my lips, it gives a reddish, just-bitten stain.
This lip & cheek stain has no weird scent or taste, didn't cause me breakouts, and lasts all day! I would only wish to use this all up, since it contains a LOT of product in it! I love it and I wouldn't want it to go to waste.

Check out this cute holiday must-have from The Body Shop! I'm sure your kikay girl friends would squeal with delight when they see this inside their Christmas stockings... because I sure did. Haha :D

Price: P1,295.00
Available at The Body Shop stores nationwide

Like The Body Shop, Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @thebodyshopph for more information.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015 + ALL Coupons Inside!

I've been a proud Bella since 2009! ♥

Every year, I look forward to the latest edition of Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner. It keeps me sane by keeping my schedule organized. It's also where I write down my thoughts, so please don't read my planner when you chance upon it on the desk. Haha! I know I don't use up most of the coupons inside it, but I always end up buying it anyway - every single year.

For 2015, the theme is "dance to the beat of your dreams". It's beautiful and inspiring! I liked the leatherette version better this time around since it looked more classy, but is this a sign of aging? Haha! :D

"The journey in between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life takes place." -Barbara De Angelis

Let's see what's inside the BDJ 2015 Power Planner!

I can't wait to fill these out! One fave among the ladies is the Menstrual Tracker. I personally love this, since I hate surprises. Haha!

There's an interesting article to read and to keep us inspired every month.
Monthly View
Weekly View
Bills and Cash Flow Tracker

Each planner comes with a sheet of free stickers, too.

Of course, the part you've all been waiting for! Presenting the "Perks of a Bella" booklet, where your Lifestyle Card and ALL 72 coupons are. 

Now, you don't really have to bring with you your planner when you're just out shopping since all the perks are inside this small, handy notebook! Plus, it comes with a plastic coupon holder as well.

The Lifestyle Card is your ticket to joining BDJ events in the future, and it's also where the generous partners of BDJ give us Bellas perks we can enjoy the entire year, no coupons needed.

Here are all the 72 coupons inside the planner. You be the judge if the planner is worth it!

I personally find the coupons from Ace Water Spa, Parisian, Fitness First, SORCIage by Wacoal, Jergens, Azta Urban Salon, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Cupcakes by Sonja very usable. The perks from Serenitea and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls aren't very substantial since 2014, so they need improvement.

P598.00 for the regular version (the one with the girl on the cover)
P680.00 for the leatherette version (the one I have)

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015 is available online and at select National Book Store, Power Books, and Fully Booked branches. Like Belle de Jour Power Planner on Facebook for more information.

I'm loving my BDJ 2015 Power Planner, and I can't wait to use it! Do you have yours already? :D


PS. Some photos may not have watermarks, but you may not use it without permission.
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