Monday, July 1, 2019

Bake With ShYUMMY

Hi, loves! My day job is eating up my life, but I'm still alive. Haha 😉 I've been on daily overtime since April. Not fun, but a girl's gotta hustle. I just don't know for how long I can sustain the "no work life balance" situation, but we'll see in the coming days. Today is a rare moment because we're on Hong Kong holiday, hence this blog post.

Now on to the main topic. I love makeup and food the most, and I can do away with fashion as I have no love for clothes. LOL. When online bakeshop SHAMMY (Bake With Shyummy) asked me if they could send me their baked goodies, I immediately said yes. I had been eyeing their cupcakes and orange crinkles (!!!) for weeks already. And while I just planned on doing a microblog over at IG, I just went on to full writing mode because... ANG SARAP! 😍

💜💛 SHAMMY's freshly baked goodies 💛💜

Banana Hydrangea Cupcakes 

How girly are these cupcakes?! 🌸 The Banana Hydrangea Cupcakes are a healthier way to indulge with its banana cake base that's not made from artificial banana flavoring. The overall sweetness is very balanced -  from the smooth buttercream frosting to the moist cake. Hindi matamis, hindi nakakaumay. You just have to control yourself from eating too much.

Trivia: Carmina Villaroel is a fan of their banana goodies!

Calamansi Bites

These mini tangy muffins remind me so much of Boracay's famous calamansi muffin. They're made from freshly squeezed calamansi!

Orange Crinkles

I've associated crinkles with chocolate flavor all my life, so it was so shocking for me to see them in orange. I just had to try it. This one's actually the first item I tried from the package they sent me. It did not disappoint! It was crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and bursting with orangey goodness. Ang cute ng lasa niya, parang candy. LOL. It's made from freshly squeezed oranges, too!

Chocolate Crinkles

Classic - you can never go wrong with these! 🍫 

Choco Mochi Squares

This is such a unique find. This is a tikoy and brownie hybrid and IT'S SO GOOD. Super chocolatey and moist, hindi rin siya matamis. I think magkasundo kami ni SHAMMY ng taste buds, everything is not too sweet. Don't let the plain brown appearance fool you. This is my favorite among everything I have tried. It's a must try! (Tip: Do not refrigerate; it's best consumed within the day.) I'll re-order this for sure. Hihi 👍👍👍

Here's the menu of SHAMMY:

They deliver via Lalamove, so it's easy and convenient!

Facebook: SHAMMY
IG: @bakewithshyummy


Let's keep in touch! Message me on IG @LUCKYCITRINE 💋💋💋

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Introducing Althea's A'Bloom collection!

It's no secret that I love shopping at Althea Korea! And my, have they truly grown as they have expanded their own in-house brand with new makeup and skincare offerings. Althea's A'Bloom is their latest addition with products that are cute, quirky, and fun!

Being an Althea Angel, I was sent the new A'Bloom products to try and review. 😍

Let's start with the mask sheets! You wouldn't believe how affordable they are at only PHP 20 a pop! They certainly don't look cheap. The packaging is super cute and witty, too! I have tried all 4 variants and I'll share with you what I think about each one. For your reference, I have oily, dehydrated skin with flaky cheeks on bad days. I left the masks on for a little over 20 minutes each.

Althea A'Bloom Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet (PHP 20)

A moisturizing mask containing watermelon extract to keep the skin hydrated and supple for a long period of time. Watermelon extract is brilliant at retaining moisture, effectively quenching and soothing dry, chapped skin.

I was most excited for this variant because of its packaging design. Heh. However, I didn't like it so much. It had an artificial fragrance like car freshener (nowhere near delicious watermelon scent), but thankfully it doesn't linger. Three hours after removing the mask, my face still feels sticky from the essence. What this mask did well though was hydration. My skin did have a dewy finish afterwards, and it took longer for my skin to get oily during the day.
Althea A'Bloom Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet (PHP 20)

A brightening mask that gives the skin the vitamin component of lemon and lime brightening and makes the skin clear and transparent.

THE BEST. This variant had a very mild lemon scent that's almost unnoticeable. It was less sticky than the watermelon variant. This mask made my skin instantly even and brightened up. The dry and tight feeling on my cheeks disappeared, the flakes were gone. My skin became really smooth and makeup application was a breeze for around 2 days after using this mask. Not bad for a PHP 20 skincare product!
Althea A'Bloom Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet (PHP 20)

The peach extract that contains vitamin A regulates the oil and moisture balance of the skin which soothes sensitive skin as well as providing purification for smooth skin.

This is actually the first time I'm seeing a peach skincare product that claims to target acne. The scent of this one is also mild. I used this mask on a bad skin day where I had a pimple with pus on my chin. I used this mask before sleeping, and the next day the pimple seemed to die a natural death without me having to pop it. I like this one too, but my favorite is still the lemon variant. 
Althea A'Bloom Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet (PHP 20)

Rich in antioxidants, this nourishing mask is infused with avocado extracts to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. Avocado extract is packed with vitamin E to improve skin elasticity and add a radiant dew to the skin.

The avocado mask has the cutest cartoon on the packaging. 💚 I think this variant has the most unnoticeable scent among all 4, but it seems to work the same as watermelon which which provides hydration while being slightly sticky on the skin. I'll be reaching for this mask when my cheeks feel extra dry and tight as it provides relief for my skin. 
Althea A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff (PHP 100)
& Baby Meringue Puff (PHP 140)

How cute are these makeup sponges?! 😍 They actually look like dessert! These puffs are made from high density non-toxic latex-free foam and can expand up to 1.5x in size when wet. Interesting! Also, these puffs are 100% safe for sensitive skin.
Actual size

When I took these meringue puffs out of the boxes, I wasn't particularly blown away by it's softness. It wasn't that soft to me. But when soaked with water, they transform to big, fluffy marshmallows.

Expansion when wet (Amazing!!!)

Althea's website says these puffs can be used wet or dry, but for me of course it's better to use them wet. This way, the sponges won't absorb the products you use.

For me, the Giant Meringue Puff is a must have and is more useful than the Baby Meringue Puff. The Giant Meringue Puff expands so nicely, feels plush on the skin, and magically does not absorb the BB cream as much so there's less product wastage. When I wash it with Althea's Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser, the BB cream just slides off. It's very easy to clean. The narrow part is functional enough for your eye area and the sides of your nose, and even with that seemingly sharp tip, it won't poke you at all. It's just really soft. As for the Baby Meringue Puff, it's cute and tiny but it's less firm than the giant size. You can use this with cream blush, but not really for cheek tints because it will stain the puff.  
Althea A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster (PHP 200)

I've used nose packs before and they were slightly painful (even with my high pain tolerance). This one is the first natural BHA stick that promises to remove blackheads and whiteheads painlessly in just 1 minute. While I currently don't have blackhead issues (*knocks on wood*), I'll keep you posted on FB/IG when I finally get to this product. Oh, this product can also be used as a quick scrub on your elbows and heels, too!
Althea A'Bloom gift 💖

When Althea A'Bloom launched last April 23, they had a wild promo of buy 10 take 10 on the mask sheets. Of course, I had to buy!!!

The buy 10 take 10 mask sheets was just PHP 180 - so it came down to just PHP 9 per mask. I'm crying; this is skincare heaven! I also bought a Giant Meringue Puff for the BFF. It came with a free mobile phone grip. Also, I was able to add to cart a free single mask sheet with any purchase. Soooo this haul was just PHP 460 - for 40+1 mask sheets and a makeup sponge! Althea Korea, you make me so happy.

I'm looking forward to more new releases from Althea. For now, I'm enjoying my masking moments. I can use one everyday and not feel guilty for my wallet. 😁

Shop Althea A'Bloom products HERE! 💋 I'm giving you 20% off on your first Althea Korea purchase HERE. 😉


PS. Get the Althea A'Bloom Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet - you won't regret!!!

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Review: Avon Fashions Body Illusion

Time to talk about foundation!

Not makeup, but the foundation for any nice outfit you can have. It always starts with great undies! With regards to my relationship with underwear, last year was such a revelation. I've always thought that I needed padding + underwire in order to survive because I have small boobs. Well, I have gained weight (boobs are still small), but the back straps of my lacy underwire bras have been digging on my skin and exposing back fat (NO!), so I ditched them for comfier options. Now, my underwear of choice are all non-wire.

Avon sent me their newest Body Illusion underwear to try and review. (Not sponsored!) 😁 I used to be an Avon lady way back in college! And while I always enjoyed browsing through their brochures, I've always longed for them to sell more neutral-colored undies that feel like second skin. It took some time, but my wish was definitely granted.

Presenting, Avon Fashions Body Illusion innerwear - powered by Avon's own Invisilite technology. This means no visible bra and panty lines even under skin-tight white clothing! This is such an innovation, and I think this is what all underwear should be or aspire to be.

Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-On Bra (P899)

This bra offers amazing support without the wires! It has a soft fabric that will stretch up to twice its original size. It's a pull-on bra - my first one, so I'm not sure if I did it right, but I wore it from the bottom (waist) and just pulled it up. Super comfy because of the fabric, and the moulded cups give a flattering shape under clothing. The back and sides are seamless. Sometimes when I would wear a new bra, it would feel tight and leave red marks on my skin at the end of the day. With Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-On Bra, zero redness and discomfort. You can just wear it and forget about it the entire day, and focus on the things that really matter. (Come to think of it, undies can affect your productivity!)


Silky fabric that feels like butter on the skin

Soft, brushed shoulder straps for easy, adjustable comfort

Lightweight and comfortable cups

Sonia comes in a pretty pale blush color that's fade-resistant, so your undies will stay pretty for a long time. 👙

Sonia Seamless Hipster Panty (P299)

Don't forget the matching Sonia seamless panty! While I still have panties with seams inside my drawer, I wear the Sonia panty under tight skirts and dresses so I don't have to worry about visible panty lines. The fabric feels less stretchy than the bra, but it serves its purpose because it just feels like second skin. It has a nice fit; it doesn't move around much so no chance of wedgies. LOL

Avon Fashions Body Illusion is available through Zalora, Avon Representatives, or via Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.


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