Sunday, May 24, 2020

Review: Blythe by Careline Stellar Satin Lipstick in Juliet

I know I already have a lot of lipsticks, but I couldn't pass up this pretty and delicate nude pink shade... and so I bought Blythe by Careline Stellar Satin Lipstick from Lazada.

This collection is a collaboration between Careline and 17-year-old actress Andrea Brillantes. How cool is it to have your own makeup line at such a young age? 👸

I like the cute packaging, from the box to the tube. (Blythe seems fond of the galaxy theme! 💥) I don't have a lot of rectangular lipsticks in my kit, so this one's easy to spot. The shade of the case corresponds to the lipstick bullet shade. And the inside part where you twist the lipstick is rose gold! Blythe offers 8 shades of lipsticks, but based on online reviews and swatches, my favorite was Juliet. I felt that this would make for a great MLBB for pale lips, and I was not mistaken.


The manufacturing date and ingredients list are printed on the box. What's nice about this lipstick is that it's free from animal testing, parabens, and lead.


The shade Juliet is gorgeous! It is literally my lips but better, cliche as it may sound. It makes me look alive without looking like I wore makeup. It's so near the shade of my lips but less pale. I like the buttery glide, but since it has a satin finish, staying power is bound to be weak. I do not mind reapplying, though. It's like wearing a tinted lip balm.

As much as I like the shade, there are two caveats. First is the strong scent when you take a whiff of the lipstick for the first time. It smells like chemical, but it becomes unnoticeable when you wear it. I prefer it to be unscented.

Second, my lipstick bullet broke when I did the arm swatch. 😭 I hurriedly put the broken part back on the base. It seems stable and not wobbly now, but I was so shocked! It's the first time this happened to me, and it could be an isolated case since I haven't heard of this lippie breaking in other reviews. I usually wouldn't bother with a lipstick after it breaks, however, I'm still keeping and using my Blythe Stellar Satin Lips because it's a beautiful everyday shade. And yes, I use it everyday while working from home. Haha 💋

Price: PHP 165
Available at Lazada

For any purchase of Careline beauty bundle at their Lazada store, you will be able to donate a hygiene kit to a frontliner. 👍


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Monday, May 18, 2020

UV Care Pocket Sterilizer Review

I bought the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer last year, July 2019 to be exact. I bought it for the specific reason of sanitizing my office keyboard in a shared workstation of day/night shift workers.

Last year, I bought this for just PHP 1,200, and the colored ones cost PHP 1,500. Because of the pandemic, the price has increased to PHP 1,800 and it still gets sold out!

These are the contents of the box: the pocket sterilizer, micro USB cable, user manual, and warranty card.

You can use the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer on shopping cart handles, table tops, door knobs, public bathroom surfaces, counter tops, cutting boards, kitchen utensils, mobile phones, laptops, keyboards, toothbrushes, kids toys, etc. Basically, anything that the light touches! The small size makes it travel-friendly, and I have used this before to sanitize my airplane seat, too.

That's just a name sticker. I labeled my device so it won't get lost when my colleagues pass it around.

Take note that this device is NOT rechargeable.

You can use 4 AAA batteries...

Or plug the micro USB cable to a power source, such as powerbank, laptop, or CPU. I honestly find this a hassle, because I bought the device thinking it was rechargeable. I prefer to use 4 AAA batteries because it's more convenient. As of press time, I've replaced the 4 AAA batteries twice already. I have yet to buy rechargeable batteries and charger though. They're expensive. 😭

Here comes the magic! The UVC lamp has a lifetime of 8000 hours, and battery life lasts for 1-3 hours depending on usage. It can kill 90% of bacteria and viruses in as fast as 1 second, and exposing a surface for a few seconds eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, flea eggs, and certain allergen-producing organisms such as Mold A. The instruction manual has a table for recommended exposure time to achieve 99.9% sterilization.

I also use this on my makeup, especially my beloved lipsticks since they're prone to contamination. I used to just wipe the lipstick's top layer off with tissue, but now I take this extra step.

Caution: Do not expose your skin and eyes to UVC light. Prolonged exposure may cause cancer. Correct usage should be safe. UV Care Pocket Sterilizer has a sensor ball inside the unit. This will automatically shut off the lamp light if the lamp is facing up or on its side.

UV Care Pocket Sterilizer is laboratory tested and proven effective. Well, all their products are. I love that they do hospital tests, such as this one from Tagaytay Medical Center. They also conducted 3 laboratory tests with Chinese General Hospital on the bacteria count of surfaces exposed to UVC light using their UV Care Room Sterilizer, and the result was no growth even after 24 hours because the bacteria are destroyed on a DNA level.

I love having this little piece of safety with me, especially during uncertain times like these. There are so many sellers of UV sterilizers now, and some of the may be cheaper, but I will still go for UV Care.

Purchase price: PHP 1,200 (from SM department store last year)
New SRP: PHP 1,800 (at


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Sunday, May 17, 2020

An icy body wash for the scorching heat

I prefer body wash over bath soaps, and I've talked about it here through the years. I recently shifted to bar soaps because they're more environment-friendly, but some soaps, especially hydrating ones, may leave a layer or soapy residue and make the skin extra sticky on hot and humid days. We don't have air-conditioning turned on the entire day because that will render our electric bill crazy high, but I've recently discovered a new body cleanser that feels like ice on my skin. I'm in shower heaven with this one!

For days when the shower runs hot even with no heater, I love using Human Nature Cooling Body Cleanser. This body wash is 99.8% natural. It contains rosemary and mint so you can inhale that uplifting spa-like scent in shower. Peppermint and eucalyptus give the skin that icy cold sensation that lingers for a while, even after you bathe.

✓ Coconut-based, pH-balanced cleansing
✓ Protection from dryness with aloe extract
✓ Natural cooling sensation
✓ Invigorating rosemary & lemon scent 
No harmful chemicals
✓ Free from irritating SLS/SLES
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free 

John 13:34 New International Version (NIV): "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

To maximize the lather, I use The Body Shop's Body Polisher (AKA the green background of the photos above). For me, it's better than a bath lily (that harbors germs as it doesn't dry up completely). The Body Polisher is an exfoliating nylon body towel that increases the lather of your body wash and removes dead skin cells. It's machine washable, too. As for mine, I just rinse and air dry it after bathing.

This body wash from Human Nature is kinda pricey if you're comparing it to Watsons brand (that's 1 liter and even goes on buy 1 take 1), so I consider it as a little luxury that I enjoy as I work from home.

SRP: PHP 199.75 for 200ml
(I bought mine for PHP 159 from Elegante Beaute in Lazada.)


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