Tuesday, July 17, 2018

EATIGO - that magical app that makes Pancake House cheaper than McDo

One of the perks of having a mid-shift work schedule is that a 3PM lunch doesn't feel so bad. In fact, a 3PM lunch suddenly becomes amazing because of my favorite app EATIGO! Now this is no way a sponsored post. I just have to share how awesome it is, yet again!

Eatigo is a restaurant reservation app that gives you discounts corresponding to the time you book. When you dine during off peak hours, you can get as much as 50% off your entire bill. CRAZY GOOD!

For example, booking a 3PM slot at Pancake House gives us a 50% discount. Just look at all the food you can enjoy without breaking the bank. Now you can have good food even during petsa de peligro. 🐷🐽

Choco Nut Pancake (P150 -> P75)
Available until July 31, 2018

Classic Pan Chicken (P210 -> P105)

Pan Chicken and Golden Brown Waffle (P329 -> P164.50)
(MY FAVE!!!)

Wait, wait, wait. McDonald's also recently released a similar dish for breakfast. Lookie below!

An a la carte order of the Chicken McDo & Hotcakes costs approximately P110. An order of Pan Chicken & Golden Brown Waffle is somehow twice the serving of McDonald's (having 2 pieces of chicken and 4 pieces of delightfully crispy waffles), so if you divide the Pancake House order by 2, it comes down to only P89/person (that's already including the 8% service charge). So technically, when you book via Eatigo, Pancake House becomes even more affordable than McDonald's. 😮😮😮 Fun fact of the day! 🐽

Arroz a la Cubana (P267 -> P133.50)

Steak and Eggs (P515 -> P257.50)

Jumbo House Burger (P312 -> P156)

See? Eatigo is heaven sent for foodies like me. Hihi! But wait, allow me to refer you to download the app!

Backstory: No one ever referred me to Eatigo, I just downloaded it because of the Facebook ads that kept popping on my newsfeed. (I'm easily influenced like that. Hehe) I found out that when I refer a new user to download the app, we will each get 100 points (equivalent to P150 eGCs).

Get P150 rewards for your 1st attended reservation with Eatigo when you download the app from my link http://refer.eatigo.com/helenblas-1vc/5 or sign up with my referral code helenblas 👍 Make sure to download the app/register immediately once you open the link.

Happy food trippin' and you're welcome! 😉 I'll be sharing more food trip stories on my IG, so do follow me there! 💛


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Monday, July 16, 2018

Ever Bilena Kris Matte Magic Lipstick

I love Kris Aquino. When she says that a certain product is good, it's good. No further questions asked.

I think my Kris Aquino fever started last year - the first time I chanced upon her lipstick review vlogs on Facebook. So I started following her on Facebook and IG. I super enjoy all her kikay videos and even made a blind buy on a pricey fragrance even if I have never smelled it in my life because of her. Oh, and I'm super kuripot... You'll know that she's very powerful because she can make you spend your money and you'll even feel good about it. 😂

Whenever I stare at my makeup kit, I always think I already have too many makeup so I am really on a no/low buy when it comes to cosmetics. I've resolved to only buy new makeup only when I have reviewed everything in my stash, which is quite a feat. One day, M surprised me with these Ever Bilena Kris Matte Magic Lipsticks! He knows I adore Kris, and was able to hunt down the shade Life which was sold out everywhere a few weeks back. 😮😊😍

Life & Love

Would you look at those gorgeous shades!!! 💖 These lippies come in 2 pretty shades and a retractable crayon packaging. The manufacturing date and ingredients list are printed on the box. For an affordable local brand, Ever Bilena has stepped up their game big time with this collaboration. These matte lip crayons are in a class of their own. From my matte liquid lipstick phase, I'm shifting to lip crayons again because they can actually be matte and moisturizing at the same time.

Ever Bilena Kris Matte Magic Lipstick in Life

Life, when worn

Life is a nude pink shade that's universally flattering. I am a huge fan of red lipstick so I expected to love the shade Love more, but I honestly find myself using Life every single day. Pudpod na agad yung lip crayon ko as in, and I expect to use this up in a few months time since it's my go-to shade. It's natural looking, and it gives my face life. I will definitely repurchase once I run out. (Ever Bilena, please make this product permanently available!)

Trivia: Life is a dupe of a high end imported pink lipstick that's now discontinued. Kris loved it very much, and Ever Bilena pretty much granted her wish to bring that lipstick back to existence via Life.
Ever Bilena Kris Matte Magic Lipstick in Love

Love, when worn

Love is such a beautiful blue-based red lipstick! It's crazy pigmented, and you'll get a rich red with just one swipe. I know I have professed love for my favorite reds in the past, but this one honestly has an even better formula/pigmentation/glide than my beloved MAC Ruby Woo at only 1/4 of its price. It's a red that looks very sosyal and it makes the teeth look less yellow. Because of Kris, I'm reaching out for this lipstick on the days when I'm extra tired for that instant beauty boost.

Price: P245 (less than USD 5!!!)
Available at Ever Bilena counters in department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets (that is, if they're not sold out yet everywhere)

Do you have your own Ever Bilena Kris Life Kit products yet? Which one is your favorite? Mine's obviously Life. 💋


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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sample Room Haul: I got a Uniqlo AIRism shirt for free + OOTD

Time for another Sample Room haul! I don't think I'll ever get tired of doing Sample Room haul posts. I'm always excited to receive my package in the mail even if I know what's inside, since I'm the one who ordered the free sample(s) anyway! 😂

Yup, when you register as a Sample Room member, you automatically get 100 points to shop for free samples. You only need to pay for the shipping fee. 😉

Tita tip: To make the most out of your haul, make sure that the items you will get costs more than the shipping fee para sulit.

Today's haul is all about Uniqlo (LOVE IT!!!) plus some his and hers goodies from Belo Men and Ladouce. Sample Room was sweet enough to toss in mini Celeteque samples. (Thank you!)

I have to thank my lucky stars for being able to snag a coupon from the Uniqlo Women's AIRism Collection before the stocks ran out! I'm guessing they were all gone in minutes. Sample Room was giving away 4 types of AIRism innerwears: Camisole, Sleeveless Top, Seamless Sleeveless Top, and Seamless Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Each one costs P590 in store.

I chose the Uniqlo Women's AIRism Seamless Short Sleeve T-Shirt. It comes in black, white, and beige. If you check out my closet, you'd see loads of black clothes, so you can make a wild guess which color I picked. Hehe 😁

I love wearing black, but I don't like how it absorbs so much heat on a warm, sunny day. I commute to work everyday, and I'd like to stay and feel fresh. This Uniqlo AIRism seamless black shirt is the softest, most comfortable shirt I own. It's also the first and only black shirt that feels cool on my skin. AIRism for women utilizes Cupro fiber (regenerated cellulose fiber made from cotton) which enables the fabric to absorb and release moisture under clothing. (Uniqlo did it again! 😍) This one's actually an innerwear meant to be worn under clothes, but with the right underwear, you can wear this as a normal shirt. For this purpose, I highly recommend Uniqlo Beauty Light Multi Way Wireless Bra in the nude shade. It comes in a bandeau style, and it looks invisible under clothing. It's also my fave strapless bra at the moment. 👍

Also, if you may notice what I'm holding, it's my trusty Uniqlo Pocketable Parka so I'm protected from our weird Manila weather (AKA sunny in the morning and rainy in the evening). The parka is always inside my bag since I'm such a girl scout.

I remember raving about Uniqlo's bras a few months back, and I bought a onesie for my baby niece. Everyone, meet Dione Amara! She's now 1 month old, and lookie we have a Uniqlo baby!!! 😍 I'm definitely buying here more baby dresses soon. 💖

My haul is worth over P800, but I got these items for free and only paid P140 shipping fee for everything! Thank you for being awesome for matipid titas like me, Sample Room!😗

Grab free samples at SAMPLEROOM.PH, just pay for shipping! 💝


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