Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Etude House Skin Note Calming Face Hydrogel Mask

Overtime work is causing my skin to lose its glow, and my game plan is to fight the haggard look with my ultimate favorite quick fix - weekly face masks! ♥

I've tried a lot of sheet masks before, but a hydrogel mask is something new for me. This range comes in 5 variants, such as brightening, pore tightening, lifting, calming & relaxing, and deep moisturizing.

The one I tried is the calming variant, with aloe and glacial water.


This is a Hydrogel mask, containing aloe and glacial water, snugly hugging the face to soothe and freshen up exhausted and irritated skin.

I used this face mask one night, when I had only 3 hours of sleep the day before. My skin was so dull and my cheeks were flaky then.

The mask is made from a hydrogel material, not your typical paper-like material in more affordable masks. It feels slippery on the skin at first, but once you place it properly, it shouldn't move around anymore. To save you from seeing my entire face wrapped with the mask, here's a tiny preview. Haha!

The material reminds me of Laneige Apple Zone Mask, wherein the mask feels like cooling gel on the skin.

The mask itself feels cooling and refreshing on the skin. The fit is snug, so the essence is "pushed" into the skin more. The scent is subtle, barely noticeable. I just leave this on for 20 minutes, and when I remove it, the hydrogel mask no longer feels cool to touch since it has already worked its magic on my skin. My pores are tightened and my skin feels soft and supple.

  • 5 variants available
  • Contains a lot of essence - enough for the face and neck
  • Subtle fragrance
  • More durable than sheet masks
  • Feels cool on the skin
  • Hydrates the skin so dry patches are gone in just 20 minutes
  • Makes pores look less visible

  • Pricey for a face mask

Price: P148.00
Available in all Etude House stores nationwide

Despite the price, I'm actually keen on trying out the other variants. This will be my face mask "splurge" on days when I need a super skincare boost. But on days when I'm just bored, I'd still get those way more affordable fruity sheet masks (priced at P58.00) also from Etude House.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Homemade Moon Cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節

Mid-Autumn Festival happens on September 8 this year, and I am so excited because I don't have work the next day. Yes, it's weird since in my circle of friends only I will be on a holiday. Haha. Kidding aside, I'm also excited since it's moon cake season once again. Hello, sweets and calories! :D

When it comes to baked goodies, sometimes homemade is best since it's made with love (and less preservatives). Here's my first box of moon cakes for the year! :D

Black Mongo w/ 1 Egg

The chewy crust is has a rich taste. Gotta love that glossy sheen - it looks perfect!

Sweet bean paste is a common filling for moon cakes, and this one is made from black beans. The filling is very moist and the sweetness is just right. An unexpected treat are the watermelon seeds that add texture to the otherwise soft pastry. The salted egg is a must, or else moon cakes would be so sad without them.

Lotus Cream w/ 1 Egg

Lotus seed paste is considered to be the more luxurious moon cake filling. This one's also good but I find it a bit sweeter than the former. Then again, I've always preferred black mongo moon cakes since I was a kid.

I'm a fan of these homemade moon cakes. They're freshly baked, delicious, and affordable. Since they contain no preservatives, they'd be good for around one week, longer if you store it inside the refrigerator. But of course, it's best to eat it while it's fresh! :D

In case you're planning to give moon cakes to your family and friends this Mid-Autumn Festival, you may want to give these ones a try! Pickup point is near Banawe, Quezon City but they deliver for bulk orders.

Happy eating (my favorite hobby)! :D


Friday, August 29, 2014

A Shady Love Affair: Ray-Ban Cockpit Flash

I have this sick habit of buying sunnies even with no beach trip in tow - but then again, I do (land) travel almost every month so it's high time for a worthy eye-wear investment. I've wanted a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for the longest time, but it's kinda pricey in the mall. Being practical, I had to get mine at a good deal AKA online, and I've found a totally legit online store for that.

www.glassesonline.com.ph was launched just last November 2013. It has a Philippine domain, but all shipments will be coming from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They do have a customer service hotline and office in Makati though.

They have the largest selection of sunglasses, glasses, and contact lenses at the lowest prices guaranteed. Their products range from the leading brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Gucci, and Acuvue, to a selection of unique independent brands such as SUPER, IC Berlin, Italia Independent, Palo Wood, and Blincon.

While scanning through the site, I immediately got wow-ed by this pink pair of Ray-Ban shades. PINK! :D

Isn't she lovely?

But then the safe (and a bit boring) side of me started talking me into getting a neutral-colored pair like this brown and gold one, also from Ray-Ban.

So classy!

Now I was torn between to loves. Hence, I had to do more research!

It turns out, the pink pair I've been eyeing looks totally different in real life! It has cyclamen mirror lenses, similar to those trendy flash lenses. LOVELY! ♥_♥

The brown one I've been eyeing is indeed versatile and will last for years because of its classic style, but I know I can get brown sunglasses for cheap anyway...

...so pink it is! Good thing I did my homework. ;)

Estimated delivery time is 7-9 working days, but I got mine in 2 weeks. I placed my order on July 23, the item was shipped on August 5, and it reached my doorstep on August 6. Not bad actually, since shipping is free, and they now accept cash on delivery as payment method. Also, there are no additional or hidden charges, since the duty charges are shouldered by them. The price you see online is the actual price you'll pay for.


My order was shipped via DHL. It was housed inside a very sturdy cardboard box (that resembled a shoebox), and the Ray-Ban box was bubble-wrapped for added protection.

I chose Ray-Ban Cockpit (instead of Aviator) since this style suits my face shape better. Inspired from the classic teardrop shape that made the Aviator famous, the Ray-Ban Cockpit sports a revised design with smoother lines and more balanced lenses.

Its gold, pilot, full-rim frame is perfect for oval, heart, and square-like faces. The material, metal, provides accrued resistance and durability.

It comes with a free cleaning cloth and protective case.

What's amazing is that it's way cheaper to get Ray-Ban sunglasses from abroad than from the mall next door. The average mall price of the usual Aviators is at P8,990. This one from glassesonline.com.ph is on sale at just P6,895. I talked to one Ray-Ban SA in the mall when I had the nose pads adjusted, and he told me that I got a really good deal, since cockpit flash lenses are limited, and the retail price for this pair may go as high as P11,000! This pair is a new style released 2014; it's already on sale online, but it's not yet available in stores here in the Philippines.

He also have me a tip on how to care for my sunglasses. His tip was that I may put a bit of clear nail polish on the part where the metal and plastic meet (as focused on the photo above). This is because with prolonged wear, sweat may get into the plastic and give it a greenish tint.

I'm so happy with my lovely pink pair of Ray-Ban Cockpit Flash! ♥ It's as pink as my camera. Love how it looks in photos, very flashy indeed!

Visit http://www.glassesonline.com.ph/ and Like GlassesOnline.com.ph on Facebook! Don't say I didn't warn you and your wallet. :D

I'm curious, are you also a fan of Ray-Ban sunglasses? What style do you like most?


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Wine Not

Meet the darkest, most vampy lipstick in my makeup stash! It's something I reach for when I feel like rebelling against my usual nude or red lipstick. Or something I like wearing whenever I feel that my outfit is too girly or pastel just to add contrast to my look. It's actually my first time to sport a shade this dark, and I'm having a love-hate relationship with this particular lipstick. You'll know why in a bit!

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Wine Not


The shade varies from burgundy to wine depeding on application and skintone. One swipe, and you get a muted berry color with hints of brown and red. 


For me, I prefer to layer on the color for maximum impact. Wine Not is just so freakin' gorgeous. This one's a vampy yet really wearable shade, day or night. I love that it instantly makes me look made up with very little effort.

When worn:

  • It comes in a sleek, matte tube with a see-through cap.
  • It's perfectly matte and pigmented.
  • It's a gorgeous wine shade.
  • It's wearable day and night.
  • It has no scent/fragrance.
  • For a matte lipstick, it's not drying. It doesn't cause my lips to chap.
  • It doesn't transfer to my front teeth.
  • It doesn't bleed or feather.
  • This shade makes my teeth look whiter.

  • It goes on evenly only on smooth lips. If your lips are even just a teensy bit dry, forget about this lipstick. (My sister actually gave up on this lipstick, hence it's now mine! But on my "bad lip days" I don't use this as well.)
  • It settles into the lip lines (for example, when it fades after you eat something).
  • It has the tendency to cake when applied to much.

Price: P475.00
Available at all Revlon counters (in department stores) nationwide

I call this my "girl-hot" lipstick. My kikay friends compliment me whenever I have this on. Girls love it, guys hate it! What can I do? I'm a girl! :D

As for the hate part, I hate that it glides on smoothly, but not evenly - even if my lips aren't really chapped, or whenever I retouch in the afternoon. Otherwise, this would have been perfect.

Do you also sport dark vampy lipsticks?


Friday, August 22, 2014

Maxi-Peel: Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-asa

As if acne breakouts aren't bad enough - some of them even leave marks behind! This can really dampen anyone's confidence. Take Germain's story as an example:

Germain's ex-boyfriend broke up with her because she had pimples on her face. Because of her post-acne marks, she got the nickname "Dalmatian". I find it shallow that people would pick on others just because they have pimples. I can see through breakouts and still find them beautiful. However, in the real world, people do get judged by their appearance. The good thing here is that now, anyone can break free from bad skin with Maxi-Peel.

Maxi-Peel is the Philippine’s leading skin care brand in the exfoliant category. The proven effective combination of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone helps in treating and preventing mild, moderate to severe cases of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. It also delivers significant whitening and prevents formation of dark spots.

Exfoliation is natural process, but as we age, our skin's ability to renew itself slows down. Ever wondered why the skin looks dull sometimes? It's caused by dead skin cells that linger on our face - clogging our pores and causing skin problems.

Maxi-Peel fights pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads by penetrating pores to reduce breakouts, and eliminating acne-causing bacteria. It helps renew the skin through 3 stages: Remove (stinging), Renew (redness), and Reveal (peeling).

If you're wondering why the bottles are marked as 1, 2, and 3, let me help you pick one that's right for your skin type.
  • 1 is for the treatment and prevention of mild cases
  • 2 is for the treatment and prevention of moderate cases 
  • 3 is for the treatment and prevention of severe cases 

Use Maxi-Peel day and night. Tiis ganda for 2 weeks until your new skin is revealed, as skincare products don't really work overnight. Not everyone can afford chemical peels done by dermatologists, so I see Maxi-Peel's clinically proven effective formulation as a more affordable counterpart, when done right.

Here are some important reminders on the Maxi-Peel skincare regimen:
  • Don't forget to layer on the SPF - lots of it, as skin is at its most sensitive during exfoliation. 
  • To maintain the moisture of your skin while exfoliating, use moisturizing cream after application.
  • Whenever you feel that your old skin cells have shed off or after 2 months of exfoliating (whichever comes first), it's important to have a 1 month resting period.
  • To maintain your renewed skin, use Maxi-Peel products to complement your skincare routine, such as facial cleanser.

With Maxi-Peel, Germain achieved renewed skin. She definitely got the last laugh when she bumped into her ex. You too can have the confidence to face the world! You'll never know if it will work for you, unless you take the first step and give it a try.

Like Maxi-Peel on Facebook for more information and skincare tips!

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