Saturday, December 20, 2014

Daiso Haul (Again!)

A couple of days after my previous Daiso haul, I went back to the store again to get some more items I couldn't stop thinking of. I just had to! :D

So yet again, here's another Daiso haul post. I'm pretty sure there's more to come...

While looking around, I remembered my Grandma so I got gifts for her. Last time, I got a cute pair of furry socks. This time, I got the Cutie Mania Neck Warmer (P88.00) - perfect for cold days ahead. She'll look so cute in this! :3 I also got her a Sole Sap Sheet in Hot Chili Pepper (P88.00/2pcs) to relieve muscle pain/detoxify the body.

I'm not sure if this is Corn Cutter (P88.00) legit or effective, but I just had to try. I always use a spoon to remove the corn bits from the cob, so this may just make my life easier. I'll update you guys if it works. Haha!

This Sun Shade Cover (P88.00) is way nicer than the usual silver ones with commercial ads printed on them. I saw a pink version of this, but how awkward would it be if my dad were to place it on his car, so blue/green it is!

Lo and behold, I spotted a dupe of my beloved Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner at Daiso. I think the quality of the silicone is the same. Only, this one is marketed as Egg Laundry Board (P88.00) meant for hankies, undies, and shirt collars. If they changed the packaging label to "makeup brush cleaner" this would get sold out ASAP! Also available in pink and yellow.

Like Daiso Japan PH for more information.

What's your fave find from Daiso? :D


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Made In Candy Christmas Rocks

Six days left before Christmas! Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? :D If not, don't worry since I've got a super solution for that.

Say hello to Made In Candy's special edition candies: Christmas Rocks!

Christmas Rocks come in pouches or bottles like these! The sticker label on the bottle's really cute, too! I hear you've been... naughty or nice? :D

(Made In Candy also has their regular variants, and they also had special edition Halloween candies months ago. Check out my previous post here!)

These Christmas Rocks are so cute! :D My OCness prevailed, and I had to make a Christmas tree out of the candies. From my bottles, I spotted 10 designs/flavors.

35g small jar - P90.00
70g medium jar - P150.00
135g large jar - P260.00
30g foil bag  - P50.00
70g foil bag - P100.00


Powerplant Rockwell (2/F Power Plant Mall)
SM Megamall (UG/F SM Megamall, Mega A)
Alabang Town Center (New Wing, Alabang Town Center)
Glorietta 4 (3/F Glorietta 4)
NEW! SM Mall of Asia (1/F Entertainment Mall)

Contact no.: (02)8665624; 09209649076

Next time you're looking for sweet gifts that look well thought off (even if you bought it the last minute, haha), look no further! Like Made In Candy, Philippines on Facebook for more information. :)


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Bath Jelly & Lip Balm

For Holiday 2014, The Body Shop has cooked up an ultra indulgent (and nostalgic) body care range in the scent of Glazed Apple! Classic favorites such as Frosted Cranberry and Vanilla Brulee also make a comeback for a limited time only.

For now, I'll be sharing with you two products I got from the Glazed Apple line.

The Glazed Apple range smells just like green apple candies. It's sweet and fresh, but with a tart but very pleasant sourness to it - which all the more makes it smell more like food, realistic, and not the car-freshener kind of apple scent. I was overjoyed when I found out they has a EDT version of this scent! ♥ If you're into fresh, fruity scents, you will love Glazed Apple!

Note to self: Must buy that EDT at once!

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Bath Jelly (P995.00)
Sink into light clouds of sweetly-scented bubbles. Scoop into warm running water for the ultimate in festive bath-time indulgence.
  • Sweet-smelling bubbles
  • Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
  • Seasonal Glazed Apple scent
  • Enriched with Community Fair Trade Honey

Check out this jar of yummy jello! :3 I go back to being a kid as I play with it. You can poke it all you want, and it will still go back to its perfect state after a short while.

It has a jelly-like consistency, indeed! This one's meant to be a bubble bath. Just drizzle a scoop into warm running water and mix it slightly to help it bubble up. But we have no tub at home (just shower) so I found another way to use it so I could still enjoy the bubbles. I get a small amount of Bath Jelly by hand and lather it up using a bath lily. I just use it they way I use a shower gel, and it works perfectly fine! The scent lingers on lightly on my body, and our bathroom smells sooo good (and so sweet) long after I bathe. Gotta love this one!

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Lip Balm (P495.00)
Make your mistletoe kisses the sweetest this year. This delicious-smelling lip balm comes in a handy tin to keep your lips soft and sweet all season.
  • For softer-feeling lips
  • Seasonal Glazed Apple flavor
  • Enriched with Community Fair Trade Beeswax

This lip balm is HUGE. It contains 20ml (18g) of product inside the tin is equivalent to almost 4 to 5 sticks of lip balm! This tin could last me for years. My only concern is the tin itself. While festive, it's easily dented when dropped and it could be hard to open as time goes by.


This lip balm has a soft texture that melts onto your lips upon contact. It's very hydrating and it does its job in keeping my lips soft and smooth. It has no tint, but it does leave my lips slightly glossy. It smells delicious like apple candy, but it has no flavor. I wish it had a sweet taste, but that would be counterproductive since I would just be tempted to lick it all off. :D

The Glazed Apple range is limited edition, so do visit your nearest The Body Shop store!

Like The Body Shop, Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @thebodyshopph for more information.

Which holiday scent/range from The Body Shop are you more into: Glazed Apple, Frosted Cranberry, or Vanilla Brulee? :) 


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vitress Hair Solutions for Holiday Hair

During the holiday season, most of our schedules are packed with Christmas shopping and events. Now, even if we don't have so much time to spare, we still want to look our best at all times. Vitress is here to help you with your hair-styling needs this holiday season and beyond, without burning a hole in your wallet.

I was sent this very pretty holiday kit containing all the Vitress products you'll see on the store shelves. I used to think that all hair cuticle coats and hair polishes were the same, but upon reading the labels, I learned that they all work for a specific purpose.

But first, my favorite item inside the kit would have to be the pink hair dryer! ♥ I've been planning to buy a mini hair dryer for home use and my upcoming trips (yes, arte much), so this served as a very timely gift.

Let's discover Vitress products together:

Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat
(P38.00/15ml, P60.00/30ml, P87.00/50ml) 

This one's Vitress' most basic variant. It's no-nonsense and it delivers what you want from a hair cuticle coat: instant shine.

Vitress Cuticle Coat
(P49.00/20ml, P75.00/30ml)

There are 3 specialized variants of Vitress Cuticle Coats meant to tackle different hair needs.
  • Instant Relax - with Vita-Relax Technology to flatten wavy, unruly hair (perfect if you want sleeker, straighter hair)
  • Hair Repair - with Hydro-Restore System to restore damaged hair (for fans of chemical treatments such as coloring, perming, or rebonding)
  • Heat Protect - with Thermo-Shield Complex to protect hair from styling damage (for those who frequently curl, iron, or blow-dry their hair)

Vitress Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat

From the rocker chic pink and black bottle to the powdery scent of this variant - everything was Solenn's idea. The formula's ingredients are exactly the same with the Instant Relax variant, though. So it works to also flatten waves and curls, which makes sense since Solenn is always seen sporting beautifully sleek and straight tresses.

Vitress Hair Polish
(P35.00/50ml, P56.00/100ml)

It comes in 3 variants:
  • Long-Lasing Fragrance - with Scent-Infinity Complex to keep hair smelling fresh all day for fragrant and shiny hair
  • Sun Protect - with Sun-Defense System to help protect against the sun's damaging rays for healthy and shiny hair
  • Strengthening - with Vita-Strength Formula to help prevent split ends and breakage for strong, shiny hair

I'm most excited for these Hair Polishes, since I have wavy hair and cuticle coats may tame my waves. (I like enhancing them even more!) I've read lots of rave reviews for these babies, and so I have high hopes that these will make my hair softer and more manageable. Since I commute, I'm looking to try the Long-Lasting Fragrance variant to ward off Manila's smoggy scent.

Are you a Vitress user? What among their products is your favorite?

Like Vitress on Facebook for more information.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What's New at Tokyo Tokyo [Sumo2Share & Snow Ice]

Tired of the usual burger-and-fries combo from your usual fast food chain?

Why not drop by Tokyo Tokyo next time for a deliciously filling yet affordable Japanese meal? :D

The Sumo2Share meal is one of Tokyo Tokyo's signature products. The meal meant for a pair includes two generous servings of everything you need to make any date complete. Two dishes of your choice, two servings of (unlimited) rice, and two glasses of red iced tea. Every Sumo2Share meal can combine any two of the following Japanese favorites: Beef Misono, Pork Tonkatsu, Prawn & Vegetable Tempura, Honey Chicken Teriyaki, and Fried Chicken Karaage. At just P299.00, the bill comes down to less than P150.00 per person for a complete, filling meal! Value for money, indeed.

TREAT TIME! Select a friend who you want to share a Sumo Meal with and get FREE 4 pcs. California Maki here! :D

Lately, Daniel Matsunaga has been spotted ordering the Sumo Meal which includes double servings of dishes of the customer's choice, rice, and drinks. Who know, you might bump into him when you visit any of the 50 Tokyo Tokyo branches nationwide.

If you think Daniel Matsunaga is the dessert to end your Tokyo Tokyo meal with, you're wrong. Haha! Remember my previous post about Tokyo Tokyo's Snow Ice? Tokyo Tokyo ushers in the holidays with the addition of new Snow Ice flavors, Mud Pie and Mango Float!

Be merry and indulge in the irresistible Mud Pie Snow Ice which consists of a mouthwatering pile of creamy vanilla shaved ice, heaped with crushed Oreos and marshmallows, then drizzled with condensed milk and chocolate syrup, and topped with a cherry.

The Mango Float Snow Ice is such a delight that you will be singing carols in between spoonfuls of fresh mango bits and crushed graham sprawled on a bed of creamy vanilla shaved ice, topped with condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and a cherry.

Check out TokyoTokyoPHL on Twitter and TokyoTokyoPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

I can't wait to go back to Tokyo Tokyo for my Japanese fast food fix (and unli-rice!), and to try the newest flavors of Snow Ice. I can't decide which is better so I might try both as well just to please my cravings. :D

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