Thursday, January 19, 2017

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Mama

I've been so curious about ColourPop's lippies for the longest time, especially when news came out that they're the same company that produces the famous Kylie Lip Kit. Last Christmas, my wish was granted because my sister gifted me with my very first ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in an unconventional shade - Mama! It's a shade I wouldn't have picked out myself, but I'm glad she chose this!

I don't usually wear coral lippies, but this one is a very gorgeous burnt orange shade. I like it so much that I've been wearing for weeks!



It comes in a standard lip gloss packaging with a doe-foot wand applicator.  Shade stickers are found on the base, both for the box and tube. The lettering on the packaging is holographic, but they don't show on this photo.

I've seen online that fake ColourPop lippies have a different cap. The original one has rough ridges on the inner part of the cap, while the fake ones are smooth inside.

The doe-foot applicator is quite small. As long as you wipe off all the excess product first, you can use this to apply the lippie evenly. I prefer using my pinky though, as it's easier.


ColourPop in Mama

This kind of burnt orange reminds me of fall season. My first impression was that it could work only for deep skin tones, but it actually goes well with all skin tones! In fact, it's the most flattering orange-based lippie I have ever tried. I'd get compliments when I wear this shade. It's not as strong as my usual red lip; but it's definitely unique and fresh! As for its texture, it's liquidy and it dries within seconds. My best tip for you is to blend it with your pinky for the most even finish. (Do not purse your lips as it dries! It would turn out gunky.) It sets to a completely matte finish with a powdery smooth feel. It feels comfortable, as if I don't have anything on. It's not the kind of liquid matte lipstick that sucks moisture out of your lips, nor would it make you feel like your lips are on the verge of cracking anytime. It's just lightweight, and you'd forget that it's there. (I'm impressed by this!) As for the staying power, it's budge-proof as long as you don't have an oily meal. Even if you snack and drink water often, this stays on! It starts fading around the center though when you eat oily food. I usually don't like retouching lippies that come in a wand applicator since I don't want to contaminate the rest of the product inside the tube, so I do my quick fix retouch using Vaseline Rosy Lips, and the remaining lippie blends well with it and my lips look even afterwards.

Price: USD 6
Available at

I don't recommend buying from bazaars, since my other sister bought 2 ColourPop lippies from a store in Maginhawa Street. The seller was nice, and the lippies were priced at P450 (!) each, so she assumed that they were original. She did research when she went home, fake pala yung mga nabili niya. 😧 (Resellers here sell them for P400 to P500 a pop, and some of them are even fake!)

Some of my blogger friends took advantage of the free international shipping deal at ColourPop late last year (which I hope happens again soon!), and they were able to buy the lippies at around USD 6 or P300 each. They just paid P112 handling fee at the post office, as goods worth P10,000 and below will be exempted from Custom duties and taxes!👍 However, our local FDA-DOH regulated that only 10 lipsticks are allowed per shipment that's considered for personal use, and anything in excess, they will confiscate.👎 (Sets aren't counted as one, even if they come in minis. They count the lipsticks individually.)

I dislike that rule, so before they even get the chance to use your confiscated goodies, destroy them. Swatch those lipsticks on the floor, because if you can't have them, no one else can.😈 LOL

Have you tried ColourPop lippies? Which shades can you recommend? I would love to repurchase! 💋


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Friday, January 13, 2017

Something New: Wingstop's Honey Sriracha Wings

Just after my favorite chicken place Wingstop launched their new menu, my sister and I made it a point to go to their Trinoma store! They had set meals, but that day we were feeling creative so we decided to create our own winning combo.💡

8pc Boneless Bites Meal (P199) + 3pc Tenders Meal (P199) + Cheesy Salsa Fries (149)
(All meals come with a drink and a side!)

For the Boneless Bites, you can pick 2 flavors. We chose Garlic Parmesan and Louisiana Rub. (SO GOOD!) As for tenders, you can pick a dip so we had Bleu Cheese. The Cheesy Salsa Fries has been a mainstay in our every single visit. (I remember the first time my sister tried this, she professed to have never tasted french fries this good.) 💛

This month, they're launching a NEW flavor and it's definitely an exciting one!

You’ve seen the sparks, you’ve heard the bangs.🎇 Now, all that’s left is to taste the tang! Another year is upon us and Wingstop just knows how to kick it off by searing up our palate with its newest wing flavor.😋

In addition to the 14 lip-smacking flavors in the menu, your favorite wings can now be sauced and tossed in Honey Sriracha. Yes, you heard that right. It’s the familiar, blazing awesomeness of Sriracha, but with a hidden lick of honey.

Up for a tasty thrill? Spice things up with Honey Sriracha’s zing! Right at the first bite, Sriracha comes in fast and has no time to chill. But hey, it leaves you with a nice smack of honey. It’s spice meets nice this 2017. The right kind of excitement to start the year right.

If you’re a solo craver, the Honey Sriracha Wings can be scored with sides–hot signature Chipotle rice, savory fries, crispy onion rings, and a drink of your choice as part of the Individual Meals, with sets starting at P199. You can also make the Honey Sriracha Wings the MVP of your feast with the team with Meals to Share (starts at P599) that can cover the appetite of the whole gang.

Upsize your drinks or add coleslaw for just P20. Finish off your meal with desserts like the moist and chewy Smores (P49), baked to perfection. Or do a classic move with a scoop of Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream (P49)! Just be true to yourself and answer the call of the crave.🍦

Experience how spice meets nice with Wingstop’s Honey Sriracha Wings.💖

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

CBTL Update: Giving Journal Extension + Holiday Pastries Hangover + Open House!

I dropped by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) before going home today, and I have a LOT of updates for you! 😁

First up, you can still catch up with collecting your last few stamps for the Giving Journal 2017, because the promo has been extended until supplies last!

You just need 12 stamps to claim your Giving Journal, and surprisingly, teal is already out of stock in most stores. (You can still get rose, turquoise, and purple!)  I expected the pink one to run out quickly, but for practical reasons, teal's also a nice choice since it won't look dirty until 2018. Haha 👍

If you weren't able to try CBTL's Holiday Pastries, this is your last chance to do so as well! This is holiday hangover. Feel free to indulge! 😋

First on the list is a longstanding favorite, the Red Velvet Cake (P135/slice). Between layers of moist sponge cake lie luscious servings of cream cheese frosting, showing exactly why this traditional treat has stood the test of time.

When it comes to true decadence, nothing takes the cake quite like the three-layered Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (P135/slice). That’s layer upon layer of lush chocolate cake, bursting at the seams with salted caramel and chocolate frosting. It’s easy to get lost in all the bliss, if not for the tickle of kosher salt to remind you that yes, this is indeed not just a dream.

For the ultimate treat that captures what the Filipino holidays truly taste like, the Ube Cheesecake (P145/slice), presents a new yet pleasantly familiar experience. Fine dessicated coconut welcomes your palate with every bite, right before introducing you to a fine blend of homey ube and rich cream cheese. At the bottom of it all lies a graham crust—the telltale texture that punctuates every glorious bite. 

Each handcrafted holiday pastry is brought to us by CBTL to capture the holiday cheer, to be savored, and shared among friends and family.

Last and probably the most exciting news: CBTL is coming out with new drinks! 😍 #TasteTheNewYear with Hazelnut Chocolate! Swirl Card holders are in for a treat with their Open House this coming Sunday. 💜 They will be launching the Hazelnut Chocolate Latte and Ice Blended drinks on January 15, 2017 at 11:00AM-1:00PM at CBTL stores! 😍

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