Monday, July 21, 2014

NOTD: Incoco Dry Nail Applique French Manicure

Aside from applying eye makeup, my other weakness is doing my nails. I just can't seem to get the color on evenly. It also takes forever to dry! When we go to the mall, my sisters would get so excited with the new shades of nail polishes, and I'd be like meh. When Glenda came, I was stuck at home so I decided to finally play with Incoco Dry Nail Applique French Manicure. I got this as a prize from a game I played over at Etude House Princess Academy.

No more drying time? Oh yeah! :D

About the product:

Incoco Nail Polish Applique is the next generation of nail polish. Get the vibrance and brilliance of liquid nail polish -  with no drying time. Each strip can be gently stretched for a perfect fit, for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to 14 days. Incoco offers a wide assortment including: Color Manicure, Design Manicure, French Manicure, Design French, and Pedicure.

Inside the pack:

Instructions + nail file

White tip

Base color

  1. First prep your nails, making sure that you've cleaned and buffed them beforehand.
  2. Measure each strip vs. your nail to get the exact one that goes with your nail shape.
  3. Remove the clear protective covering at the front of each strip, then the paper backing at the back as well.
  4. Stick the white strip first, and pull the excess downwards away from your nail.
  5. Top off with the clear base color.
  6. File any excess if needed, to make it more even.

Each strip is soft and flexible. It can easily be stretched to follow the nail shape, and any excess can be easily removed. I did it wrong on my index and middle finger on the shot below, but cleaned up the excess afterwards by just pressing it against my nail bed until the excess polish got "cut off".

I'm no good with polish, so I can't believe it's this easy to make French tips at home, by myself! This kit is fool-proof and long-lasting. With proper care, it's said to last for 2 weeks - that's almost like gel manicure. When I have manicures done in salons, they usually just last me 3 days and things start to get ugly. I might have monstrous typing habits, since I type all day at work and no polish has withstood that yet. This one's already at its 4th day and no signs of chipping. I'm betting my princess nails will last me more than a week.

Unfortunately, I think this product has been discontinued by Etude House Philippines.  You may purchase it here instead.

I usually go for red or dark shades such as royal blue or black as I love how they pop against my skin tone. But right now, I'm loving the clean look of the French manicure. I'll do this again for sure. :D

Anywhere else I could get nail polish strips like this?


Friday, July 18, 2014

[Event] The Caravan: Bespoke, An Affair of Monograms and Stories

Following the success of the first The Caravan, The Caravan II is now here!


Follow the tale of the thread and find something just for you with the second installment of The Caravan: Bespoke, An Affair of Monograms and Stories, in coordination with The Proscenium, Rockwell. Discover a diverse selection of customizable finds on July 26 to 27, Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 7 PM at The Kirov Model Unit (beside the Rockwell tent), Rockwell Center, Makati.

Featuring brands Aranaz, Maureen Disini, Stockton Row, The Best Impressions, Adorno, Camille Villanueva, Michelline Syjuco, The Urban Alchemists, Kiele, NCLA, Crow's Nest Handmade, Risque Designs, Adamant Eve, Lost + Found, Toni & Guy, Your Local, and more!

From bags to shoes, jewelry, food, and beyond, it's time to make your mark and create something truly unique. #ComeJointheCaravan and find new ways to share your story!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lucky Citrine's "Everything Must Go" Blog Sale

I'm holding my very first ever "everything must go" blog sale! I've been wanting to do one for the longest time, but now I got the extra push since I'd be doing it for a cause. :)

This coming July 27, my cellgroup will be doing an outreach activity in Silong Tanglaw Foundation along Araneta Avenue. This foundation aims to uplift the lives of former street children by providing them education, shelter, and care. On that day, we'll be spending time with the 19 boys who live there. There will be food, games, and sharing of the Gospel. Part of the proceeds I'll be receiving from this blog sale (until July 22, Tuesday) will be donated to our event.

The stuff I'm selling here are mostly pre-loved, and the reason for selling is that I'm not using them anymore. I'd rather they be put into good use than collect dust, so let's get started!

I'll be including the manufacturing and/or expiry dates as printed on the packaging, if available. All items are wiped clean using wipes and sprayed with alcohol. Yes, I'm OC that way and I do that regularly, even with my current makeup stash. :D

Snoe Shoo-Zit Matte World Mattifying Acne Toner 50ml
SRP: P299
Selling Price: P99
Usage shown

*Brand New* Vanilla & Co. Witch Hazel Beauty Tonic 50ml (Sample)
SRP: P67
Selling Price: P49

B.liv Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel 15ml
SRP: $39.00 or P1,755
Selling Price: P349
Usage shown
Expiry date: 2016/1/2

B.liv Got Me Covered Sunblock + Foundation 45ml
SRP: $32.00 or P1,440
Selling Price: P349
Used 1x
Expiry date: 2016/01/05

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in 01 25ml
SRP: P1,195
Selling Price: P299
60% left

Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream in Light 5ml (Sample)
SRP: P332.50
Selling Price: P39
Swatched 1x

Snoe BBfied in x1 Porcelain & x2 Marble (Sample)
Selling Price: P39 each
Swatched 1x
Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige W13
SRP: P998
Selling Price: P299
Used 5x
Manufacturing date: 20140214

Max Factor Crème Puff Pressed Powder in Translucent
SRP: P575
Selling Price: 299
Used 1x

Benefit Erase Paste in No. 2 Medium 3.2g*
Full sized version is at 4.4g worth P1,400
Selling Price: P399
Used 2x

Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette in 004 Berry
SRP: P875
Selling Price: P249
Usage shown

Colour Collection Bianca V. Sexy Silk Blush & Contour Duo in Sweetheart
SRP: P199
Selling Price: P99
Swatched 1x
Manufacturing date: 12/2013

The Face Shop Baked Shimmer All-Over Illuminator in 03 Apricot Nuance
Selling Price: P249
Swatched 1x
Lid doesn't close tightly

Pixy Blush On in Brown Tea 02
SRP: P285
Selling Price: P149
Swatched 1x
Missing brush applicator
Expiry date: 1216

Tony Moly CatChu Wink Tony Tint in 02
SRP: P248
Selling Price: P49
Used 3x

Virginia Olsen Minerals in Darling, Soda Pop, Wine Matte, and Innocent
Selling Price: P49 for the sample set
Used 1x

Etude House Code B Eye Shadow in 04
Selling Price: P49
Used 3x

L.A. Colors Mineral Eyeshadow in ME238 Tropical
SRP: P149
Selling Price: P49
Used 5x

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick
(L-R: Bellissima, Queen Bee, Temptress, and Head Turner)
SRP: P350 each
Selling Price: P49 each
Usage shown
Manufacturing date: 01/2014

Red Logo F.A.B. Lipstick in Luxe
Selling Price: P49
Used 3x

PAC Glossy Lipstick in Dear Rose
SRP: P599
Selling Price: P149
Usage shown

The Body Shop Colourglide Shine Lipstick in Pink Flash
SRP: P695
Selling Price: P119
Usage shown

Maybelline WaterShine Pure Lipstick in P24
SRP: P299
Selling Price: P99
Usage shown

CoverGirl Lipstick in 400 Temptress*
SRP: P395
Selling Price: P99
Usage shown

*Brand New* Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Lip Essence*
SRP: P295
Selling Price: P149

Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water 
SRP: P295
Selling Price: P99
Usage shown
Manufacturing date: 09042012
For reservations, please email This this sale is kinda urgent, reservations will be held for 2 days. Payments will be accepted through bank deposit only via a BDO Savings Account (details to be provided once the order is confirmed). Once you've paid, please email me a copy of the deposit slip with your name written on it, plus your complete shipping details (full name, mailing address with zip code, and contact number) so I can book the courier ASAP. :)

I will ship the items via Xend. Buyer must shoulder the shipping fee.
  • P60 for Metro Manila
  • P90 for Provincial

To view the updated list and status of each product, you may visit this album on Facebook.

Hope you'll find something that you'll like! :D


PS. The three products marked with an asterisk (*) are from my sister's stash and not my own, so it's not part of the donation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet

I'm crazy over body moisturizers and I thought I've already tried them in each kind - be it body lotion, body milk, body butter, body oil, body souffle. Now, there's body sorbet! :o I start imagining how refreshing this could be, just like ice cream for my skin on a hot summer day.

I've actually spotted teasers of this product over at The Body Shop International Facebook page months ago. (Yes, I actually cyberstalk this page for when I want to get updated on the new releases from the brand.) I'm so happy the sorbets have finally arrived in the Philippines last month (June, which is summer for other countries)! Since it's almost always a hot as summer here anyway, the sorbets are very much welcome all year round!

The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet
Scoop an industry first with this cool body moisturiser, infused with delicate floral moringa scent! Our breakthrough sorbet texture instantly melts into skin for a frosty burst of fresh moisture.
  • Light and fast-absorbing
  • Leaves body instantly moisturised
  • Up to 24 hours of hydration

This one's my first Moringa product from The Body Shop. Moringa is the English name for our well-loved malunggay - a nutritious herb known to treat various skin disorders.

It comes in a tube packaging that looked more like a shower gel. I like the packaging as it's convenient to dispense the product using the plastic squeezy tube, while keeping it hygienic.


It comes in the most awesome sorbet texture. Given the nature of this kind of moisturizer, it feels rather cooling and refreshing, but not really tingly (unlike mentholated products). As you massage it on the skin, you can feel the Aqua Spheres melting right in and getting absorbed instantly. It leaves a velvety matte finish on the skin - nothing oily or greasy so dirt/dust is less likely to stick to your skin. As for the moisturizing properties, it's not that hydrating (especially when I am so used to body butters), but it does make the skin softer while being veiled in a layer of fragrance.

One caveat though. I am not so fond of the Moringa scent. It's floral and soapy at the same time. My friends seem to like this scent, but I'm more into sweet, deliciously fruity scents like Strawberry or Mango.

Price: P850.00
Available in all The Body Shop stores nationwide

You may also check out my review on The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. Do drop by your nearest The Body Shop store to try these out! :D

Like The Body Shop, Philippines on Facebook for more information. Which flavor of (body) sorbet do you like most?


Monday, July 14, 2014

Day Trip: Wawa Dam at Montalban, Rizal

Lucky Citrine travels once more. My latest trip reminded me that you don't really have to search far and wide to find spectacular sights, and that you can have fun and enjoy nature, even on a tight budget!

Since this day trip happened was a Sunday, most of us met up at church first to attend the worship service, then proceeded to Farmer's Plaza, Cubao to meet up with the rest of the group. We rode an FX going to Montalban, Rizal (P50.00), and after that another tricycle (P15.00/pax) to get to Wawa Dam. The trip took just about 1-1.5 hours, but we barely noticed the time as we were all busy chatting in transit. Entrance fee to Wawa Dam is FREE, but you have to drop by their tourism office first to register. You may opt to rent cottages, rafts and hire a tour guide for Wawa Dam or the nearby Pamitinan Cave.

Wawa Dam is constructed over the Marikina River in Rizal. It has been around since 1909 (during the American colonial era), and it used to provide for the water needs for Metro Manila. Angat Dam was built and Wawa was eventually abandoned.

Wawa Dam

For something that's been abandoned, it sure is beautiful.

Now I think it's considered more of a tourist spot where you can swim, ride a bamboo raft, or hike.

Before getting to the mini-waterfalls, we had a short trek along the partly grassy, partly rocky fields. (This trek is optional, and it took us about an hour to finish.) Here, we saw a lot of makahiya (plants that are sensitive to touch, wherein the leaves would close temporarily when touched) and beautiful creatures such as blue spiders and red dragonflies.

The trail wasn't really steep, but what made it challenging is that it's slippery. We would cross small ponds with running water that came from the waterfall (which looked clean, much to my delight and relief) and hike up wet rocks. It even rained, but thankfully not too hard or else we'd all go tumblin' down the hill (or rocks). I'm thankful that our group was very supportive of each other, always lending a helping hand and making sure no one gets left behind.

Pardon my hand pose, as an insect was buzzing near my ear! Akala niya cave, so I had to cover it. This one's our only complete group shot. Hello Tim, Tope, Gen, Kath, Gilly, Benny, and Tiff! :D

A trip wouldn't be complete without a signature taas kamay and paa pose with Benny!

Going on simple nature trips like this gives me time to reflect and thank God on how beautiful His creations are. Here, it's peaceful and serene. Life is simple. When I look at the mountains, I think of the even bigger, majestic God who has created it. Being in the great outdoors made me realize that there is more to life than being cooped up in the confines of your office or the comforts of your home. There's so much beauty out there waiting to be discovered.

This trip was brought to you by #TopeTravelandTours.


Photo Credits: Helen Blas, Christopher Chan, and Genevieve Go
Photos may not have watermarks, but you may not use them without permission.
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