Sunday, November 27, 2011

Guess Who's Back

I've read from a beauty book that companies sometimes bring back discontinued products when there is a substantial demand for it. Now I believe that, because that's exactly what happened with The Body Shop's Olive Dry Oil Mist. The Body Shop International actually discontinued this product, but since it was selling like hotcakes here in the Philippines, they've decided to bring it back for us! ♥

It's back, now at P495.00!

Grab one now and enjoy instantly smooth and glowing skin with a light, fresh scent. (Offer is good until January 4, 2013, because the regular price of this product is P795.00.) I hope you all liked the good news! :)


The Body Shop Christmas Bath & Body Range

It's time for some Christmas shopping! I love this part of the holiday season because it's so exciting to shop for the people I love. One go-to place for me is, of course, The Body Shop. Their Christmas limited edition bath and body range is already out, so do visit your nearest branch!

These 3 seasonal collections are bursting with irresistible aromas of fresh berries, zingy ginger, or sweet vanilla to get you into the festive mood this holiday season!

With every minimum purchase of:
P3,500.00 - Body Warmer
P2,500.00 - Hand Warmer

Home Fragrance Oil 10ml (P495.00)
Reed Diffuser 125ml (P2,050.00)
Scented Candle 200g (P1,250.00)

Cranberry Joy
Due to popular demand, the festive, fruity Cranberry Joy bursts back on the scene this holiday season offering a traditional favorite to indulge you in sweetness.

Body, Room & Linen Spritz 100ml (P695.00)

Bubble Bath 400ml (P795.00)

Shimmer Lotion 250ml (P850.00)

Shower Gel 250ml (P695.00)

Hand Wash 250ml (P495.00)

Body Butter 200ml (P895.00)

Body Scrub 200ml (P1,095.00)

NEW! Candied Ginger
Fresh on the scene is the new uplifting, energizing Candied Ginger range. Known for its therapeutic qualities and combined with its sweet and spicy notes, this new fragrance is certain to warm and invigorate you this festive season.

Body Lotion 250ml (P850.00)

Shower Gel 250ml (P695.00)

Hand Wash 250ml (P495.00)

Body Butter 200ml (P895.00)

Body Scrub 200ml (P1,095.00)

Spiced Vanilla
Gloriously indulgent aromatic spices and oriental flowers are blended together to cocoon and pamper your body in pure pleasure this winter.

Bubble Bath 400ml (P795.00)

Body Lotion 250ml (P850.00)

Shower Gel 250ml (P695.00)

Hand Wash 250ml (P495.00)

Body Butter 200ml (P895.00)

Body Scrub 200ml (P1,095.00)

GENERAL OFFER: Buy 3 Get 1 FREE on Christmas Gifts

Shower, Scrub & Moisture Collection (P1,595.00)
Shower Gel 250ml
Body Scrub 50ml
Body Butter 50ml
Bath Soap 100g

Festive Body Butter Trio (P1,095.00)

Lip & Cheek Stain/Love Gloss Gift Set (P995.00)

Lip & Cheek Stain/Shimmer Waves Gift Set (P1,495.00)

Perfect Little Stocking Fillers at P195.00

Hi-Shine Lip Treatment from the Winter Trend Collection (P195.00)

Born Lippy Lip Balm (P195.00)

Shower Gel/Bath Lily Set (P195.00)

Gotta love that Christmas tree! :) The Body Shop has gifts for everyone on your lists no matter what your budget might be. I find the Shower Gel/Bath Lily Set the most sulit gift to buy if your on a tight budget. (The bath lily alone costs already P195.00!) Shopping here is also so convenient because you won't have to wrap your purchases or wait for the long line in the gift wrapping section. Also, for every gift you buy, you give support to the street children supported by Childhope.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas shopping as much as I did! :)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Jenny

I can't believe that I just met Jenny! If you're wondering who she is, she's my new makeup brush which I got at Landmark Trinoma. My search for a soft blush brush started when I began to use Human Nature's Mineral Blush (which I will talk about in a separate post). If I were to use an all good blush, might as well find an all good brush!

I got Jenny's name from its handle!

This synthetic brush is so soft, if feels like a dream when I use it and I can't help but sweep it over my hand over and over again. But then again, if I do that, I must clean it again and again. This brush can be used as powder and/or blush brush. I got it at a steal - P139.75 (plus 10% off because of the Landmark Cosmetics Fair last October). When I checked back in Landmark Trinoma recently, Jenny was always out of stock! So next time you see her, don't let her slip away, okay? This brush is definitely backup worthy and worth every single centavo.


Human Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus

Happy weekend, everyone! Today I'll share with you another review from Human Nature, the Mineral Lip Gloss. You know, there's no such thing as too many lippies! :)

Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus

Get gloss gorgeous with sheer, natural color and sumptuous shine with the first ever Philippine-made 100% natural lip gloss! Passion fruit seed oil nourishes and soothes dry lips, leaving them soft and smooth with a little hint of a cooling sensation.

One important fact I learned from being conscious and reading the label is that most lippies we use contain ingredients that are not so pleasant. Think: crude oil (petroleum) and crushed bugs (carmine) for your lips? Not pretty at all! I appreciate the fact that this 100% natural mineral lip gloss is made with only the good. With this, we're sure that the stuff we ingest (not on purpose) won't ever cause us harm.

Only the good touches your lips!


I also love that the manufacturing and expiry date are stamped on both the carton box and the tube of the gloss itself. (Although the one on the tube gets erased in time.) This way, you'll know exactly how fresh your makeup is and when to toss it out.

This heart-shaped applicator is so lip-friendly. I find that I can apply the gloss evenly with ease because of its shape.

However, because of the applicator's shape, it's hard to return it back into the tube. I'm afraid that the gloss would spill. It's quite a struggle when placing back the cap of the gloss.

And now, the swatch! As much as I like the watery, light, and non-sticky feel of this gloss, I find this shade to be a miss for me. It made me look pale and washed out when worn alone. I actually can't wear this alone - I always have to put on some lipstick first. This however, looks lovely when applied over lipstick! My NYX Round Lipstick in Paris looked more baby pink and creamier when topped with this gloss. I actually like topping this over all my lipsticks! This gloss lasts about 3 to 4 hours.

As for being all good, this is actually the lightest (not the color, but the texture) gloss I have ever tried. It moisturized my lips fairly. The cooling sensation was faint and sometimes I feel it, sometimes I don't. I think I'd appreciate this lip gloss more if (1) I got one in another shade, (2) if the cooling sensation were stronger, and (3) if the packaging (especially the applicator) will be improved.

Human Nature Mineral Lip Gloss comes in 3 shades and is available through your nearest Human Nature branch or dealer (me!), and at Beauty Bar starting December 2011 for only P225.00.

Have you tried this lip gloss? How do you find it? :)


Friday, November 25, 2011

[Event] Christmas Caroling at The Body Shop

Can you feel the Christmas spirit already? I know I do! December is drawing nearer, and as we all know, Christmas is a month-long celebration here in the Philippines. I'll be posting more Christmas-y entries next time, but this one is to invite you all to come to The Body Shop this weekend!

Date: November 26, 2011
Venue: The Body Shop Shangri-La
Registration starts at 3PM

The Body Shop's beneficiary, Childhope Asia Philippines, will be there to serenade Love Your Body members thru caroling. The Body Shop's Christmas gifts will be at 20% off and 2 + 1 (buy 2 take 1) promo. A special gift pack will be given to those who will buy P6,000.00 and above. You will earn double points for your purchases (at the Shangri-La branch only). Also, there will be raffle at the end of the program. If you're planning to go Christmas shopping, do it now while its still early to avoid the last-minute holiday rush!

To further spread the Christmas spirit, you may bring used garments for the kids or toys that you want to donate. These will go to the street children that are supported by Childhope.

As well said by The Body Shop, "Don't just share a smile, make one." I hope you could come and join this weekend!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Something New: Miss Kat Soap

I have a confession: The last time I used a bar of soap to cleanse my face was way back when I was 10. Growing up, I've had this notion that soap was bad for my face. It's harsh, drying, and meant to be used for the body. Well, that was what media was feeding me. Just last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find beauty soaps redefined. Here's something new: Miss Kat Soap!

Miss Kat Soap is a brand of cosmetics that wants every girl to feel happy and beautiful inside and out. Their soaps promise naturally healthy and nourished skin. Now who would not want that? Miss Kat Soap has 5 variants suited for your every beauty concern.

A.M. & P.M. Soap

A.M. beauty bar guarantees to dry out moderate acne and bacne in as early as 3 days! It exfoliates, regulates oiliness, and has a mattifying component to target those unwanted pimples.

P.M. beauty bar will wash away those ugly acne marks in as early as 3 days! It does not only repair, it also evens out your skin tone and tightens large pores without overdrying your skin.

Moroccan Argan Oil Facial Bar

This divine bar has intense moisture that improves rough and dry skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. With regular use, it heals existing acne blemishes, prevents the occurrence of new breakouts, and helps reduce scarring. It is gentle enough for all skin types.

3 in 1 Facial Bar

Miss Kat's 3 in 1 facial bar doesn't just have one, but three features that CLEANSES impurities + TONES pores + MOISTURIZES the skin leaving it well-nourished and hydrated with every wash! Your 3 basic skin care routine made easy and convenient.

Egyptian 24K Gold Facial Bar

This exotic radiant bar gives skin a LUMINOUS, GLOWING, and RADIANT complexion with every wash! Its essential brightening ingredients leave skin's complexion blooming and blushing. Egyptian 24K gold bar is the solution to an affordable but luxurious way to dazzling skin.

Miss Kat Soap Gift Pack/Trial Pack is also available at just P199.00. You get to try out sample sizes of all variants before going for the full-sized version. I love the idea of this one, and it looks like a really nice Christmas gift suggestion!

Because of Miss Kat Soap's generosity, I got to take home a Trial Pack plus the full-sized bars of the A.M. and P.M. soap. The first soap I tried is the Egyptian 24K Gold Facial Bar. I used that one first because it had gold in it and I've never used gold on my face before. Haha. I've been using it for days now in lieu of my facial wash, and so far no adverse reactions. I will post a separate review on that soon.

Visit Miss Kat Soap at Booth 230 at the Noel Discovery Bazaar in World Trade Center until November 27, 2011. You can purchase online soon! Like Miss Kat Soap on Facebook for more details.

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