Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful with Dove

Last week, I received a huge personalized package from Dove - just in time for Chinese New Year. 💛

Dove believes that every woman should celebrate her real and unique beauty. Speaking of that, were you able to watch the Miss Universe 2016 pageant yesterday? It was like the best 3 hours of my day! 😍 I was able to witness a very diverse set of stunning ladies, each of them beautiful in their own special way. Indeed, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

 Dove wants you to be your own kind of beautiful.

Let's see what's inside!

Dove essentials for my hair and body! 💙💙💙

The drawer below it contained a gold necklace and a personalized tumbler and notepad! 💛

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo (P125) and Conditioner (P120) address split ends and hair fall. I'm more excited for the conditioner, since I always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

I prefer body wash over bar soaps, so Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash (P185) is a staple in our bathroom. My mom hoarded bottles of this exact variant months ago when she spotted them on sale at Buy 1 Take 1. (Worth it!) It's affordable and it works. My skin's always soft and fragrant when I use this one.

Dove White Beauty Bar (P50) was the soap that was recommended to me by my pediatrician when I was a baby, as I had skin allergies then. This classic bar is very mild, and it healed my skin!

Dove Whitening Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant comes in spray (P170) and roll-on (P50) form. I don't use deodorant though, since I don't need it. (I hardly ever sweat. LOL) My sister always uses Dove though, because it's proven to be more gentle compared to other brands.

Thank you for the love, Dove! 💋

Facebook: Dove

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Bench Paint Box Frosted Pearl Highlighter

Usually, my sisters invade my makeup kit whenever I have new products to test. I'm okay with it since they give me additional feedback which helps me when I write my reviews. This time around, it was me who "borrowed" my sister's makeup... permanently. Haha! This product has been in my makeup kit for months already. 😁

If not for Andy, I wouldn't have known that Bench has a hidden gem of a product in their cosmetics line. (Yup, apparently Bench also sells a lot of makeup!)
Bench Paint Box Frosted Pearl Highlighter 5.5g (P139)
The smooth texture highlighter that gives instant radiant effect in the areas highlighted.

It comes in a simple chubby pen packaging, which makes for convenient application.

I've been using this so much, but it's just now that I was able to take photos of it. (The product is supposed to look taller than this when it's brand new.)


Bench Paint Box Frosted Pearl Highlighter gives of a nice, healthy, and natural-looking sheen. It doesn't have a too-yellow base unlike typical highlighters; it's more beige with silver micro shimmers so it blends better with most skin tones. It's buildable, blendable, and fool-proof (even for beginners). It took me around 3 swipes for the glow to be visible on my face, and I just use my finger to blend it. It has a very smooth glide and a light, velvety feel, which is surprising for a product this affordable. I actually expected it to feel heavy or have chunky glitters, but this product delivers really well. Staying power is average on my oily skin, but for its price I don't have the right to complain! Plus, I can reapply this one anytime because it's travel-friendly.

I have a newfound interest with Bench's makeup line, so I'll make sure to drop by their store on my next mall trip.


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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil in Black Brown

When I had my brows tattooed, I thought I could escape from grooming my brows.😀 It's been 8 months since my third (and final) retouch, and I still think it's worth it. I wake up with brows, and I have brows even after taking a bath. (A feat that was impossible before I had them done!) I don't feel the need to put on makeup when I'm just running errands, but for days when I have important events to attend to, I do a full face makeup with brow makeup for added definition.
Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil in 3 (Black Brown)

This one's actually a present from Dawn, and I've kept it for months before deciding to use it. In the past, I'm used to filling in my brows using eyebrow powder and an angled brush, so I never got trained to do my brows using pencil liners. For starters, this one's very easy to work with! I also like the shade, since I have black hair.

The eyebrow pencil is retractable, so there's never a need to sharpen. On the other end is a spoolie to help blend out harsh lines. Despite the normal pencil size, I find it to contain a tiny amount of product - about just an inch length! If you buy this from Korea, there won't be any problem because it's average price is at KRW2,500 (about P107), which is pretty cheap. But I don't even want to know how much this one costs in our local Skinfood stores, where the markup is exaggerated. (Like when they first got into the Philippines, I thought Skinfood was a high-end brand.)

When worn:

My eyebrow tattoo makes it easy for me to draw on my brows since there's already a pattern to follow. I use the spoolie to blend out the inner parts of my brows for a softer look, but never for the tip because I want it defined. The product goes on smoothly on the skin; it never tugs. Plus points for the black bean nutrients that prevent eyebrow fallout. It lasts fairly long on my oily skin. It's not waterproof, but it stays on as long as I don't rub my brows (as opposed to brow powders that budge when I accidentally touch my brows). For it's normal price in Korea, this one is definitely a good buy.

Price: KRW 2,500 (approximately P107)

What eyebrow product are you currently using? :)


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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Indulge with Shakey's Meaty Meat-Free Quorn Pizzas!

Happy Chinese New Year! 💖 Today was a very productive day! In the morning, my sister and I had a garage sale, so we were able declutter and earn. In the afternoon, we went to Caution Hot for late lunch. For dinner, my Dad, my sister, and I went to Shakey's! 🍕 We like their branch in Waltermart North EDSA, since it's the one that's closest to our place, and it's always peaceful there.

Tonight, I introduced to my family Shakey's meat-free pizzas! 😋 When I first heard of it, I thought it was just filled with veggies. 😐 I don't hate vegetables, but how can pizza be fun without beef, bacon, or pepperoni? What if I tell you, these meat-free pizza can impress even your most carnivorous friend? I'm seeing juicy chunks of chicken and thick slices of pepperoni here! 😮

The magic comes with Shakey's Philippines' partnership with UK food company Quorn. Quorn products are meat substitutes made from Mycoprotein. They are a nutritionally healthy protein source, gluten-free, naturally low in saturated fat, and rich in fiber. They have the familiar taste and texture of meat, minus the big calories.

There are 2 Quorn Pizza variants: Protein Surprise and Cheesy Chick'N. I ordered both for them to try (and be amazed). 😁

Protein Surprise is perfect if you want your pizza to have everything on it, but don't want to gain any more extra pounds. (Sneaky choice!) It has Quorn Chicken Style Pieces and Quorn Pepperoni, and I am so amazed because it really looks and tastes like meat. It's made extra special with black olives, bell peppers, onions, mushroom, and pineapple tidbits.

The Cheesy Chick’N pizza is a must-try! It has huge chunks of Quorn Chicken Style Pieces that tastes just like actual chicken chunks. (You wouldn't be able to tell the difference if the concept of Quorn wasn't introduced to you beforehand.) We LOVED this one! 😜 It also contains onions, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, and generous amounts of drizzled cheese sauce. 💛

I think you can choose these variants whenever you order their set meals. 👍 And because I have with me my Shakey's Supercard, we even got 10% on our bill! (My favorite perk of the Supercard is the free pepperoni pizza on my birth month. Wee!)

I was able to discover these new Shakey's Quorn Pizzas when I went to the launch last week at Beyond Yoga Serendra. The invite seemed strange. Pizza party at a yoga studio?

Now you don't have to feel guilty when you indulge after working out! 😊 I'm definitely happy with that. The Shakey's Quorn Pizza will be available until March 31, 2017. Catch it while you can!

Facebook: Shakey's Philippines
Instagram: @ShakeysPH


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Friday, January 27, 2017

Jarful of Goodness The Good Bar in Choco Mint

Jarful of Goodness had me at Choco Mint! 😋 I'm crazy about moisturizing my body since it has always been dry as a desert. I usually go for body butters at night for maximum moisture, but a solid lotion bar is new to me.

The first time I heard of Jarful of Goodness was via Kira's IG. Since I loved anything Choco Mint, I naturally just had to read her review! She was also hosting a giveaway then, and I was one of the winners. YAY! 😁 This lotion bar was sent to me early this month, and boy was I excited to smell like food.

Indeed, the scent didn't disappoint! It has that refreshing whiff of mint and the warm, delicious aroma of chocolates. It makes me smell like food, and I don't mind at all. Haha! Initially, I found it hard to get the product I need since it's a hard, solid balm that has been sitting inside an air-conditioned room. The trick here is to warm the product first with your fingers, or use your knuckles to scrape off a bit of product, then proceed to rubbing it on your skin. It melts upon contact with body temperature and gives my skin a nice sheen. It doesn't feel heavy despite the balmy texture, and the scent lingers on for a long time!

The Good Bar does not contain parabens and is 100% natural. It's made of organic cocoa butter, beeswax, VCO, and essential oils. You can use this to moisturize dry and scaly skin (particularly the elbows, knees, and feet), and if you have concerns with eczema and dermatitis, this can help, too. Since the main ingredient is cocoa butter, this can also be used by pregnant women to help prevent/minimize the appearance of stretch marks. It's also handy for travel because it will never spill, and you can use it to soothe sunburns and insect bites.

The Good Bar also comes in Lavender, in case you're not into foodie scents. This variant is a wonderful pre-bedtime treat, for sure! 💜

Price: P380 for 125g
Available at jarfulofgoodness.com 

Facebook: Jarful of Goodness
Instagram: @jarfulofgoodness


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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++

My favorite item from the BeautyMNL haul I had last month has to be Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence. After a year of studying and blogging full time, I'm excited to finally get my normal life back. That means going back into the corporate world, which I (unbelievably) miss. That being said, I'll be needing a strong yet light sunscreen to save my skin from daily commutes.

The last Biore sunblock I emptied was the UV Aqua Rich Whitening Essence, but since I'm minimizing the use of whitening products on my face (for the sake of my microbladed brows), I chose Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence instead this time around. (Also, I was beyond curious with all the raves that I've read!)


This sunscreen contains hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts (of grapefruit, orange, and lemon) to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. This product has a strong citrus scent. I would prefer for my skincare products to have a milder scent, but this doesn't irritate my skin. (I count it as my morning pick-me-up!)

This sunscreen gives maximum protection despite its light watery feel. It contains SPF 50+ to block UVB rays, preventing sunburn, freckles, and dark spots. PA++++ is the maximum level of UVA protection, preventing sunburn and premature aging.

This sunscreen is the lightest I've ever tried. It has Aqua Micro Capsules that release moisture, so it feels cool on the skin - just like water! It absorbs instantly and has no white cast at all. It's definitely non-sticky, and it doesn't make my skin oil up more than usual. It didn't cause my skin to breakout, too. You can use this alone or under your makeup. At the end of the day, you have to remove this with a makeup remover (even if you don't wear makeup). (For that, I like using Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion. Japanese skincare is love!)

I think I will stop searching for a new sunscreen and stick to this one. It's definitely HG material!

Price: P420
Available at leading department stores nationwide or online at BeautyMNL.com


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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Milo #NUTRIUPyourgame Challenge

New year means new beginnings. If being more fit is part of your resolutions this year (which I believe is a must for everyone), MILO has a new variant that will help you power through your day, exceed your limits, and inspire others to up their game through hard work and proper nutrition.
Introducing Milo Nutri Up!

I dropped by last weekend before class at the Glorietta Activity Center to witness the Heussaff siblings in a fitness showdown!

Solenn Heussaff is an actress, model, author, and fitness enthusiast. She has always strived to up her wellness game by trying out new sports, challenges, and healthy dishes that complement her healthy lifestyle. Erwan Heussaff began his fitness journey with his blog, TheFatKidInside.com. His passion for healthy living has made him an inspiration when it comes to living an active and healthy lifestyle.

During the event, I got to try Milo Nutri Up for the first time! This variant contains 50% more protein and 33% more calcium than your classic Milo drink, which makes it the perfect drink for grown-ups. It also contains PROTOMALT, Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D so we can reach our daily energy and nutrition needs. I'm going back to the corporate world soon, so I'll make sure to stock up on this drink for an energy boost at work.

Power brunch!

To make the event more exciting, the Heussaff siblings recruited their friends to back them up.

Actress Ellen Adarna, volleyball star Dennise Lazaro, and actress/model Chie Filomeno were all part of #TeamSolenn. While Erwan was joined by actor-model Daniel Matsunaga, basketball cager Jeron Teng, and vlogger Wil Dasovich.
My favorite! 😍

#Team Erwan


The event was open to the public, and those who participated in the activities got Milo Nutri Up gift packs, and prizes and exclusive offers from partner brands like Fitness First, Gold's Gym, KFIT, UFC, and Adidas.

"Milo Philippines continues to be committed in motivating adults to live an active and healthy lifestyle," said Ellen Isturis, Consumer Marketing Lead of Milo Philippines. "It's a new year, and everyone is pumped to up their fitness game. After the success of the FITCON last year, we’re now setting up the Milo #NUTRIUPyourgame Challenge to support adults to continue on their road to health, learn more about fitness and nutrition, and challenge themselves to push further by trying the new Milo Nutri Up."

The Milo #NUTRIUPyourgame Challenge was a venue where adults can try out the new Milo Nutri Up, the nutritious and delicious 3-in-1 chocolate malt drink that’s a source of energy for grown-ups, and learn its benefits through unique and challenging activities.

Twitter: @MiloPH
Instagram: @milophilippines


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Monday, January 23, 2017

When Food and Beauty Collide: Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo (Japanese Beauty Hot Pot)

If you may have noticed, my blog is geared towards beauty and food. I love makeup, but a girl has to eat, too! 😋 Last week, I was able to try out a new foodie discovery - we now have a Japanese Beauty Hot Pot here in the Philippines! Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo is a new Japanese restaurant located at S Maison, Conrad Manila, and they're all about quality, authenticity, and well-being. (I live far from Pasay, but this one is well worth the trip!)

Think: The hot pot you love, only now the soup is made of beauty-boosting COLLAGEN! Your skin will thank you.

Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo has a farm-to-table concept, which means that everything they serve here, they cultivate by themselves. Think fresh organic vegetables, free range Jidori chicken from their private farm in the Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, and more! It just doesn't get any healthier than this.

Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo guarantees a new kind of authentic Japanese culinary experience. I already love hot pot in its normal soup form, so I was beyond excited to try this new concept. I decided to wear my sneaky "buffet dress" to conceal my food baby. (Mission accomplished with that!) 😂

The interiors of this restaurant are Japanese-inspired, with detailed wooden decors that are very warm and inviting.

Menu of the Day! 💛

We're all set. Let the hungry games begin!

The Bijin Nabe is already a feast on its own, but they have noteworthy side dishes, too! Romaine Lettuce Caesar Salad with Shio-konbu (P240) has a blend of fresh, crisp romaine lettuce and homemade Caesar salad dressing topped with salted seaweed. It's a perfectly healthy way to start your meal.

The Maximum Fried Eggplant (P180) blew us away! I was wondering what was so maximum about it, since the serving size was just normal. This dish has "maximum" spice and sweet chili, and is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. This is a lovely way to indulge, since you don't feel like you're eating veggies at all!

Chicken Nanban (P295 for Original, P315 for Spicy Hot) is a Miyazaki specialty, and it's served with homemade tartar sauce and pasteurized egg.

The Nikumaki Onigiri is a popular rice ball in Japan. It's a best-seller for a very good reason - they're wrapped in special pork belly strips! 😍 It comes in 4 variants: Original, Cheese, Yuzu-mayo, and Spicy. Prices vary from P105 to P115 per piece, and it may look small in this photo, but it's not. In fact, it's quite heavy for a side dish.

And now, for the main dish! This is how you enjoy your Bijin Nabe. And it all begins with the broth.

Feast your eyes on the Golden Collagen Stock. The quality of this broth is consistent with its overseas counterparts, as it's imported directly from the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan, which is home to the Jidori chicken. Jidori is a special breed of chicken that's meatier and more sinewy, making them tastier and richer in collagen. To produce the famous broth, they undergo a delicate 8-hour stewing process until the essence of the bones and meat are completely dissolved into the stock. Eventually, chicken stock turns into a smooth and silky collagen pudding!

When heated, the pudding melts into a delicately milky chicken broth that makes a delicious and enjoyable dish when combined with the freshest vegetables, seafood, and chicken. 

Each portion of Bijin Nabe is priced at P750, which is already good for 2 pax. (So this feast you see is equal to three portions.)

The set comes with sunflower sprouts, red radish, lettuce, enoki mushrooms, baby sweet potato leaves, baby corn, lady's finger, deep fried tofu, zucchini, fresh black fungus, tori tsukune (chicken meatballs), prawn, and chicken! The staff will be the ones to cook for you (since there is a cooking sequence to be followed), and all you have to do is enjoy.

But first, we were served the collagen broth in a tiny tasting cup, so we could taste it in its pure form. What's great about it is that it tastes just like creamy chicken soup. In the past, I've tried taking marine collagen but without success (and consistency), since I can't stand the fishy-milky smell. The Bijin Nabe is a youth cocktail that I wouldn't mind having anytime. It's good!

Next step is to enjoy the chicken that came with the soup, before the vegetables are added.

To add unique dimensions to the flavor the soup, Bijin Nabe is best paired with a selection of four condiments: the light soy sauce that is Shoyu, the flavorful Leek Oil, the zesty spice of Yuzukosho, and the aromatic chili layu sauce.

What's interesting with this experience is that the soup easily takes on the flavor of whatever ingredient you add to it. On its own, the broth tastes strongly of chicken. When vegetables are added, it has a more pronounced freshness and a "greener", more vibrant flavor to it, very much like vegetable soup. 

When the prawns are finally added to the mix, the broth transforms into a bolder-tasting seafood flavored one.

To cap off your meal, the last step would be carbs! You have the option to add either zosui (to create a Japanese thick rice porridge) or noodles. As for the noodles, you can choose among thin tsuru-tsuru egg noodle, thick mochi-mochi noodle, or rice noodle. We were already full at this point, but the rice porridge (cooked with the broth + egg) proved to be a deliciously tasty ending.

To cap off our meal, we had a very unique dessert. The Fried Japanese Sweet Potato with Vanilla Ice Cream (P255) is an unexpected combo that actually works. The sweet potato is imported from Kagoshima, Japan. I'm thinking of doing my own version of this at home! 😀


Overall, my experience at Bijin Nabe was a very unique and interesting one! The food is definitely great. I also admire the staff for their passion in treating every bowl as a piece of art, giving it ceremonial respect that's usually reserved for the most exquisite of Japanese cuisine. I can't wait to go back here with my family next month. 💛

For more information:
Website: bijinnabe.ph
Instagram: @bijinnabeph


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