Monday, May 28, 2018

Summer fresh finds from Sample Room

Yup, another Sample Room haul post! I've lost count on how many times I've gotten free samples from their site, and most of them are full-sized! 💖

This haul was prompted by the super hot weather we're having lately. I need to feel and stay fresh, hence these items! 😀

Being a big fan of Belo products, I got both versions of Belo Intense White Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (in spray and roll-on form). The last time I used deo was in high school, and I remember buying Secret (in stick form) and I hated the white residue it left on my pits. 😞 Between these two Belo Intense White variants, I like the spray version more since application is a breeze. I leave mine in an air-conditioned room, and it feels cold on my skin upon application. It also smells really nice and fresh. The roll-on I got for my travels because of its handy size.

Belo Intense White Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (Aerosol) - P199.75
Belo Intense White Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (Roll-On) - P104.75

Baby cologne is all I use now since I don't like wearing heavy fragrances in hot weather. Sure, the scent disappears quickly because fragrance concentration is very light, but I love that I can reapply anytime and feel fresh instantly!

My Bambini sample(s) came in a cute pouch and I have all 5 variants in 50ml bottles each. I reviewed all scents below:
  • My favorite is Morning Tickles (pink). It has a sweet, feminine scent. There's no mistaking it, one whiff and you'll say "baby girl". Haha 😂
  • My next favorite is Starry Lulluby (purple), I use it after my night shower before I sleep. The scent is a bit strong yet calming. It actually reminds me of the cologne I liked way back in college, Green Cross/Lewis & Pearl in Dream, which is a dupe of Gap Dream. They seem to like using purple as dream-themed colognes. 💜
  • Next is my least favorite color (orange), Sunny Playtime. I initially judged the bottle but what's inside surprised me. It smelled super light, mild, yet fragrant. It actually smells so mild, it seems like a watered-down cologne to me. If you're sensitive with scents, you might just like this one. The scent disappears minutes after you put it on, but the scent itself is very mabango! It appeals both to men and women.
  • Cotton Cuddles (green) and Ocean Kisses (blue) are on the more masculine side, I think. The color appeals to baby boys (both blue and green are my nephew's favorite colors). Cotton Cuddles has a shower fresh scent, while Ocean Kisses has aquatic notes.
The bottles and scents appealed to my kikay niece very much, and she asked if she could have the bottles of Morning Tickles and Starry Lulluby. As a doting aunt, I obliged.

SRP: P31.50 x 5 = P157.50 for 5 50ml bottles

My haul is worth P462 but I got these items for free and only paid P140 shipping fee for everything! 💛 SUPER SULIT! Thank you, Sample Room! 😍

Grab free samples at SAMPLEROOM.PH, just pay for shipping! 💝


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Sunday, May 27, 2018

GWP codes for your next haul (You're welcome!)

I finally bit the bullet and bought the much talked about Fenty Beauty Foundation from! Of course, I had to maximize my mini baby haul even if I was only buying one item. LOL

Shipping is free for a minimum purchase of P1,300 (EZ!), and delivery was so fast considering that it came from Singapore! I placed my order Saturday night, and my package was already at home come Wednesday.

I hate blind buys and there was no way for me to test out the 40 shades available since it's only available online via Sephora, so I did research and chanced upon the swatches of Rowena and Nikki. Both of them got the shade 130, which is the 4th shade in the range of 40, but the 1st and lightest one with yellow undertone.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundaton in 130 (P1,950)
COLOR: 130 - for fair skin with warm yellow undertones

Tip: If you're buying the Fenty Beauty Foundation, the site shows color swatch squares that are much darker than the actual foundation shade. 😯 It's better to base your shade from the US site (they show the foundation shade when worn on models).

Yup, I got the shade right!!! 😍 Shade 130 is a perfect match. I'm testing it this week so stay tuned for a review. 😊

Marc Jacobs Shamless Foundation Sample (GWP)

Each order comes with a sample of your choice! I chose this blister pack foundation sample from Marc Jacobs. I expected it to come in a tiny sheet, but the sample had a decent amount of product in it. 👍

And because I'm a #WiseTita, I stalked Sephora Philippines on Facebook and found a code you can use for a Gift With Purchase (GWP).
Freebie: Sephora Cardholder

Nope, you don't have to pay via GCASH to use this code. And nope, the cardholder didn't come with cute lipstick charms. Huhu 💔
Freebie: Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight (deluxe sample)

The APPGIFT code used to gift a free ecobag, but mini makeup > ecobag. You can only get this when you purchase in-app.

Sephora Cardholder (GWP)
I chose the cardholder because of the lipstick charms in the photo... LOL! 😂 Still happy with it though since the quality's nice.

Also, don't ignore your Beauty Pass points. My last log in was 2 years ago (SHAME!) and my points are gone. 💔 (You will lose your points when your account is inactive for 18 months.) I downloaded the app, wrote reviews for my previous purchases, and earned points with my recent transaction, and now I have a little over 100 points which I'll use to get a deluxe-sized makeup as a reward on my next purchase. SO EXCITED! 😁

Tip: When you're a new Beauty Pass member, you automatically get 50 bonus points as a welcome gift, and another 50 points when you complete your beauty profile. Both of which I lost. LOL! 100 points = mini makeup from Kat Von D (!!!), Marc Jacobs, etc. 💖 That's another sweet GWP. 😉

Have you done any Sephora haul lately? 🛍


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

T-Bone steak for less than P150?! THANK YOU, EATIGO!

I know where you can get a huge, juicy slab of T-Bone Steak for less than P150! 😉

Thank God and the heavens for the app that is EATIGO. This is not a sponsored post, but we had such a GREAT experience with it, I can't not share it with you guys! 💛

Eatigo is a table reservation app with discounts that correspond to the time slot you book. When you book at off-peak hours, you can get as much as 50% off your bill - no catch, no minimum purchase unlike other apps... Booky *coughs*. Oh, this app is FREE, too. Minimum number of pax per reservation is 2 people.

I've been to Artsy Cafe a couple of times before - both in their Maginhawa and Panay branch. The place is really nice and the food is good yet affordable. (See, affordable na nga to begin with, may pa-50% off pa sila!!!) M booked for us a table at the 3PM time slot so we could avail the discount. When we arrived, we just mentioned to the staff that we reserved via Eatigo, and were seated immediately.

We ordered the following:

Sizzling Gambas (P225 -> P112.50)

Lasagna (P195 -> P97.50)

T-Bone Steak (P290 -> P145)

Our favorite appetizer is the Sizzling Gambas - you can smell the buttery corn goodness once the dish is placed on your table. They don't skimp on shrimp, too. The Lasagna was delightful and super cheesy! I liked this better than the pesto dish I had on my last visit. The T-Bone steak we had medium rare. It was thick and juicy. If you come into Artsy Cafe starving, THIS meaty goodness will certainly hit the spot.

We're used to dining here with no discount and we're already satisfied with the food and its value (as seen in my IG), but this is crazy. Look at the price cut for each dish we ordered last weekend!

BILL SHOCK! Only P365 for everything!!! 😮
(Artsy Cafe doesn't have service charge.)

Here's their updated menu for 2018:

Not only did we get 50% off our bill, M and I both earned 100 points because I referred him to download the app. Lucky him because no one ever referred me so I started out with 0 points. 😛 I just downloaded the app because their ads kept popping on my FB and IG feed.

100 points = P150 e-GC

As of today, here are the rewards you can get if you download the app via referral:
  • 100 points = P150 e-GC at Krispy Kreme, Coffee Bean, Family Mart, and Auntie Anne's
  • 150 points = P300 e-GC at Pancake House, Royce', and Ramen Nagi

Get P150 rewards for your 1st attended reservation with Eatigo when you download the app from my link or sign up with my referral code 'helenblas' 👍 Make sure to download the app/register immediately once you open the link.

I still can't get over the fact that our heavily discounted meal gave birth to a free coffee date at our favorite coffee shop! LOL Thank you, Eatigo, for being awesome to kuripot titas like me. 😂 M is ultimately delighted, may katuwang at bagong best friend na siya when we go on food trips. HAHA

What are you waiting for?! Download Eatigo, STAT! No regrets, just love. Haha 💖


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Monday, May 14, 2018

How I got a Uniqlo Ladurée charm for free!

Cute and dainty stuff always excites me! If you love Uniqlo and macarons - specifically from Ladurée, you'll love this one! 😍

Nope, we're not talking about Uniqlo's UT collaboration with Les Secrets Ladurée, though the shirts for girls are so adorable and I was even tempted to get one in size 150 (AKA the biggest kids' size). Haha 😂

I went shopping with my dad and sisters yesterday at Uniqlo SM North EDSA, and while I was waiting in line at the cashier, I spotted this poster.

Get a free Ladurée lucky charm when you donate kids clothes

The Ladurée macaron charm comes in three colors: green, purple, and pink. They're all too cute! 😋 I know we have a lot of kids clothes at home waiting to be donated, so earlier this morning I went back and brought some to the store.

I donated used kids clothes and got a Uniqlo Ladurée charm! 😊

The lady who assisted me was very accommodating, but there was a slight confusion. The other staff said that they only accepted used Uniqlo Kids items, while Uniqlo Philippines announced on Facebook that they were accepting any kids clothes.

Just make sure they're gently worn, because the clothes will be distributed globally to refugees or locally to people in need.

Let's take a closer look at the Ladurée macaron charm! This charm is so special because of the story behind it.

The Ladurée charms were carefully made by refugee women from Afghanistan who were displaced and have managed to return home and rebuild their lives.

You can donate kids clothes and get a FREE Ladurée charm in the following Uniqlo stores: SM North EDSA, Mall of Asia, Estancia, and SM South Mall. 👍


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Monday, May 7, 2018

Flormar Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick

The products that excited me the most from my last Flormar haul were the Silk Matte Liquid Lipsticks! I have three shades to review and swatch. 💋

Visibly smooth, satin and extremely matte liquid lipstick combined with rich color and comfortable wear

I appreciate that Flormar indicates the manufacturing and expiry dates on the product's label. The Silk Matte Liquid Lipsticks are good for 5 years upon manufacturing, but will last for 18 months from the time you open the product.

06 Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is such as lovely pink! While I haven't seen the real cherry blossoms yet, this will keep me company for now. 😁 I actually had a eureka moment while using this one. One day, I picked my pinkish Happy Skin Lip & Cheek Mousse to use as blush and this liquid lipstick to complete my look. That morning, I was too sleepy to realize that I had been applying this liquid lipstick on my cheeks! I didn't even notice because of its formula and how easily it blended on my cheeks. Haha! It worked though! It gave me a pretty natural-looking pink flush that lasted all day.

Flormar Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick has a very creamy formula that coats the lips with a velvety, powdery finish. It has a smooth finish with visibly less lines compared to other matte liquid lipsticks. It has a sweet scent but no flavor.

08 Dark Violet

I usually like dark kontrabida lipstick shades because they give so much contrast to my pale face. I wanted to like the shade 08 Dark Violet, but after using it twice, I figured it's not for me. It's named dark violet, but it looks more maroon and the color is not true to what's on the tube. It's hard to get the color even, as dark liquid lipsticks are usually patchy. I'm sticking to 06 Cherry Blossom and 10 Tender Terra (my favorite!) below.

10 Tender Terra

This is my FAVORITE nude lipstick at the moment. It's a nude brown shade that doesn't wash my pale skin out. I can wear this alone and it makes my face look alive! It also makes my lips look super smooth. The formula is really easy to blend and work with. I use the doe foot applicator to extend the product beyond my lip line for fuller-looking lips and it works! 👍 This is a perfect shade for everyday wear. It can withstand merienda (hello Potato Corner) and it only comes off with a full, oily meal. I don't mind retouching though.

  • Manufacturing and expiry dates indicated
  • Beautiful shade selection
  • Sweet scent but no flavor
  • Creamy formula
  • Easy to control/blend
  • Smooth finish (less lip lines) 
  • Dries to a velvety matte finish with a lightweight powdery feel (you'll forget you have it on!)
  • Super comfy (you can smile all you want and your lips won't feel like they're cracking)
  • Non-drying
  • Does not migrate to your front teeth
  • Very minimal transferring
  • Can withstand frequent sips from my tumbler and light snacking
  • Very affordable

  • Patchy dark shade (08 Dark Violet)
  • Packaging has no rubber stopper inside so the entire wand is coated with product (you have to wipe the doe foot applicator on the inside of the tube first before using)

06 Cherry Blossom | 08 Dark Violet | 10 Tender Terra

Price: P349
Available at select SM Department Stores and Watsons outlets

Verdict: These are definitely the comfiest matte liquid lipsticks I have used. If you don't want to deal with matte liquid lipsticks that suck the moisture out of your lips (AKA some shades of Colourpop), give the Flormar Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick a try! 😗


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Sunday, May 6, 2018

L'Oreal x Project Vanity Lipstick Party

Yesterday was a very fun day because it was my first time to attend a Lipstick Party! 💄 From my x years of beauty blogging, it's my first time to attend an event like this and I loved it.

L'Oreal and Project Vanity came up with an event where ladies from the PV community were able to try the all 40 shades of the NEW Color Riche Matte Lipsticks. All we had to do was post an honest review on IG, and in exchange, each attendee got to take home 3 lipsticks! YAY! 💖 I realized that the last time I owned a L'Oreal lipstick was in 2011. LOL! Time for me to discover the brand more. 👍

  1. Luxurious application: Gives the most luscious experience with its Jojoba oil component for a smooth glide
  2. Lasting Rich Matte Color: Made of spherical powders to fill in and conceal lip lines for the full color in a swipe for up to 6 hrs
  3. Comfortable Everyday Wear: Made from light scattering gel to give the pleasant lightweight feel without drying the lips

I was able to try a lot of shades that day! I initially wanted to swatch ALL 40 of them in order (super OC), however I wasn't able to do so since a lot of ladies took turns swatching but it's okay. I narrowed my swatches down to my top 3 picks instead. 😉

288 Mont Blanc | 247 Hinted Blush | 212 Red Valentine

Hinted Blush

Red Valentine

My top 3 fave shades are Mont Blanc and Hinted Blush (both so perfect for everyday wear), and of course Red Valentine (which is not really red but a blooming bright pink).

With fellow lipstick lover Krissy 😍

I can't wear pale pinks because they make me look ill, and I've finally mastered which kind of pink looks great on my skin tone and Red Valentine it is! 😀


I also spotted the darkest, most kontrabida shade of Color Riche Matte - Vin De Fantasme! Also, my camera wasn't able to take it in detail, but I love the new packaging of this lipstick line. The tube comes in a textured black design that resembles leather with a gold center. So classy!

Vin De Fantasme

Definitely not your everyday lipcolor 😈

#TheRicheMattes vs MAC

They had us test a Color Riche Matte shade vs MAC Ruby Woo (a worldwide bestseller). It took me 3 passes to get the swatches above. For a matte lipstick, the one from L'Oreal had an unbelievably smoother glide compared to MAC at 1/3 of its price. Each MAC lipstick costs P1,050, while the Color Riche Matte costs only P350.

What made the event extra special was how generous L'Oreal was to the PV community. Some ladies even got to take home an additional lipstick - the limited edition Color Riche Cannes Red Carpet Lipstick! It came in a luxurious velvet packaging. OMG! 😭😍 I have one and it's the most beautiful tube of lipstick I currently own.

Super happy to be part of The Project Vanity Community. 😊 Do join to stay updated on the latest kikay news. 💋


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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Shopee Haul!

I've been hearing about Shopee on Facebook but I didn't really pay attention because I thought it was just like another online store (like Lazada). 

On a side note, I like Lazada though because I was able to buy Unilever PureIt during last year's sale (and got to save P1500 from the mall price) and a spanking new Imarflex Air Fryer from their recently concluded Birthday Sale. I got the air fryer as a Mother's Day gift! 😍

Anyway, back to Shopee! I attribute my Shopee addiction to Tellie. It was from her Shopee haul post that I first got interested because I'm into both useful and useless things. LOL. I browsed and browsed and got caught deep into the Shopee web.

Haul #1: Gifts from M (so this isn't technically my haul)

M knows I'm into cute things so he got me these from random Shopeeng moments:
  • The DIY purple drawer is so cute! It's currently resting on my bedside table.
  • The self stirring mug is genius and so lazy. I can now eat my oats in a fun way. It also saves me money since I'm motivated to just bring sachets of coffee/hot chocolate/milk tea/wheatgrass/oats to work instead of buying from our office pantry.
  • The pill & vitamin organizer water bottle is supposed to be a genius idea, but water will seep into the pill box during washing. It's also not leak-proof. Plus points for the cute and innovative idea though.
  • The flashlight/taser is so handy! It goes well with my anti-rape whistle (below). I hope I won't ever have to use them, but they're nice to have. The taser I haven't tested whether it's effective. I have no willing volunteer/victim. 😂
  • The ocean bag dry pack in pink is waterproof and definitely useful for our next beach trip!

Haul #2:

I learned from Tellie that most stores ending with .ph are based in China. That means the orders will take a while to be delivered. This order took 10 days to arrive.

I only wanted a metal mixing palette since I wasn't able to find one when I went to Divisoria. I found this heart-shaped metal mixing palette with spatula (P134). It's marked as stainless steel but when I did the magnet check, it sticked so it's not really stainless. It doesn't bother me though since I got it for cheap and I only intend to use it when mixing my lipsticks. I got 3 silicone wrap seal covers (P78 each). They're cheaper in other stores but I was trying to reach the P350 minimum purchase threshold to get P100 off my shipping, so I got them from the same store.

Tip: Shopee advertises free shipping for purchases of P500 and up, but it's not really free. The most they'd waive is P100 off the shipping fee, which is not bad. This order from came from China, but I only paid P20 shipping fee for it. Sometimes, they have promos where you can get the "free shipping" at P350 minimum purchase, so if it's not urgent, then wait it out.

Silicon food cover in action! It doesn't tightly seal the cup/bowls but it will do.

Haul #3:

More butingtings! This order took 3 weeks to arrive. I can't remember the exact prices of each item when I purchased them because I just made pasabay all these from my sister's order to make her reach the free shipping threshold. This shop literally Divisoria at your fingertips. I love it! However, upon writing this blog post, they seemed to have had a price hike for ALL items: hair donut (P41), silicone nipple cover (P45) so I can finally wear my bralette, squishy cat (P38), and waterproof apron (P38) for my mom.

Haul #4: king_market

AKA my favorite haul. The tita in me is ultimately thrilled with my purchases from this store! I exceeded P500 but my shipping fee was still P140 (ANG MAHAL!), but I can't complain since my order had 2 large items and 1 tiny item. Plus, I bought a pair of magnetic lashes once and paid P155 shipping fee for a tiny freaking item. Hence, I must not complain.

I've always wanted a shoe rack but I didn't want to buy from the mall because it's expensive. Enter Shopee the lifesaver! I got this DIY shoe rack with 9 levels (not 10 as indicated in the box) for only P399! I read reviews and checked out the photos of other buyers. Most were happy with their shoe racks but some were angry since their box came with missing parts so together with my order was a prayer that may my shoe rack be complete. It worked. It's DIY so my dad helped me fix it and we were done in about an hour or less. 😀 I chose pink polka dots and it's so cute!!! My shoes now finally have a home and I was able to finally throw away my old shoe boxes.

A week after I received my order, this shoe rack went on sale for P305. Che! Happy parin ako!

This anti-rape whistle (P88) is my new favorite keychain. It doesn't really match my favorite ALT New York Bag but it's useful so I'm bringing it with me everywhere. I commute to and from work, and my work sometimes ends late in the evening so this is a must for me. The alarm is 120 decibels loud so if anyone's following you just click it to attract attention. The only con here is the manual whistle; it's useless. Heh.

Couch coat reversible washable sofa cover (P308) is another useful find since our sofa is old and torn. Now we can accept visitors. HAHA 😂 This one's bitin though so I'll need 1 or 2 more. I had to bring it to the laundry shop first since it smelled like it came from the factory when it arrived. Downy helps since now it looks and feels soft. 💖

That's the end of my Shopee haul (so far). Whew! Now I'm not that addicted anymore. But Shopee has already replaced Divisoria in my heart. 😃

Have you been Shopeeng lately? Share with me what you got in the comment box below! 🛍


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