Saturday, January 12, 2013

Make Your Room Smell Like Starbucks!

Everytime I walk into Starbucks, I've always wondered how great it could be if I could have the same aroma of freshly brewed gourmet coffee for our entire house. Just the scent itself is enough to put a smile on my face.

Now, I am no longer wishing. Instead, I'm already spraying this Zen Zest Choco Cappuccino Kitchen Fragrance all over our house (and not just in the kitchen)!

Zen Zest Kitchen Fragrance in Choco Cappuccino
Banish pungent cooking odor from the kitchen with this frothy favorite. The delicious blend of fine mocha and creamy choco hazelnut guarantees an appetizing ambiance.

This was the crowd favorite during the Zen Zest Diva Off, and until now, I still can't get enough of it. Our house now smells like coffee, with a sweet, chocolatey kick!

Another home fragrance from the same line is this Zen Zest Cabinet Deodorizer, which smells too good to be just used inside the closet. Like the Choco Cappuccino Kitchen Fragrance (which I don't just use in the kitchen), I also love spraying this Cabinet Deodorizer in the bathroom because of its fresh, floral scent.

Zen Zest Cabinet Deodorizer with Iris Peony and Freesia Blossom
Eliminate unpleasant smell in enclosed spaces with this sweet floral concoction. Spray cabinets and closets with the bouquet of peony, iris and freesia blossoms to maintain the clean and crisp scents of clothes and linen.

We've all encountered clothes in the cabinet that smelled kulob, especially if they've been stored for a long time because we don't wear them often. This is the handy solution from Zen Zest - just spray once or twice a week to keep your clothes smelling bagong laba for long.

These home fragrances from Zen Zest are affordable at just P250.00 per 250ml bottle. Other variants available are Anti-Mosquito (perfect in warding off dengue causing mosquitoes) and Anti-Tobacco variants (for smokers).

If you want your house to smell like the Christmas that was, Zen Zest also has these Christmas-inspired fragrances.

Zen Zest Room Fragrance in Christmas Spirit and Winter Wonderland (P99.00)

Christmas Spirit smells like fresh pine trees, while Winter Wonderland smells like peppermint candy canes! I think I'll go for Winter Wonderland. How about you?

Next time you drop by Zen Zest, do check out their great range of home fragrances!



  1. MMM that Chocolate- Coffee smell one looks SO good!! It will make me crave those two items when I smell it hahaha

    1. Exactly! I am in love with the scent. :)

  2. How long does the smell last?

    1. In an enclosed room, maybe about half a day or so. In the living room with open windows and everything, just a short while. In the kitchen with open windows, just enough to take away any lingering amoy ulam, fishy or meaty smell.

  3. Wow, these would be great replacements for Lysol and scented soaps on drawers..haha. Would tell my mom about this. =))

    1. Lysol would still be good because it kills germs, but this one from Zen Zest smells really fresh. :D

  4. These are my obsessions lately!! ^_^



    1. Same here! Never been fond of room sprays until I met these! :D

  5. Replies
    1. Make your room smell chocolatey as well! :)


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