Saturday, December 31, 2011

Juan Time is Pizza Hut Time

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you're as excited as I am for 2012. Before the year ends, I'd like to share with you all Pizza Hut's newest advocacy: "Juan Time". Perfect for ushering in the new year. Curious to know more? Read on!

Hate Late? Hot On The Dot. "Juan Time". Pizza Hut never runs out of creative ideas to promote awareness and spread the love for pizza! Pizza Hut's New Year Pre-Countdown, which was held yesterday outside the Smart Araneta Coliseum, aimed to unite the 7,101 islands of the Philippines in one time. Hence the word play "Juan Time".

This event was momentous and and timely, as we prepare for 2012 to come! Pizza Hut partnered with Discovery Channel and the Department of Science and Technology to share with us the importance of following the Philippine Standard Time to avoid unsynchronized and confusing time. With this campaign, gone will be the days when the notion of "Filipino Time" equals to being fashionably late. Now, it's all about punctuality - and we can all achieve that if were are following Juan Time.

This giant Timex watch showed the exact Philippine Standard Time, which we synched our timepieces to.

Throughout the years, Pizza Hut has helped reverse the negative connotation of Filipino Time and has upgraded it to "Juan Time" which is synonymous to punctuality and productivity. "Juan Time" is Pizza Hut Time. Pizza Hut hates late, and promises us that delivery will always be hot on the dot, with a near perfect score of 99.8% of on time deliveries.

International beauty queens Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup also took part in this celebration by sharing with us the importance of having Juan Time and leading the countdown to the grand fireworks display.

“Pizza Hut is Philippine Standard Time or Juan Time. Dapat iisa lang ang reference natin ng oras para lagi tayong on time. If we all have the same time, there is a better chance for us to be punctual in our commitments.” -Venus Raj

“Time is a resource that is very important but oftentimes overlooked. In order to reach our personal and professional goals in the coming year, we have to be more conscious of our time and to use it productively. One minute wasted is one minute gone forever.” -Shamcey Supsup

With the "Juan Time" advocacy, we hope that this new year, we will all set our minds to always being on time so we could have a better chance of reaching our goals.

To cap the event, a breathtaking display of fireworks lighted up the Araneta Center.

Since we had to leave in a while, my friends and I decided to have a quick dinner at Pizza Hut, of course. We were all craving for pasta.

All pastas served with garlic bread!

Spaghetti Shrimp Garlic & Mushrooms
Spaghetti sauteed with shrimp and mushrooms in garlic-butter sauce.

This is by far, my favorite pasta to date! I love how spaghetti veers away from traditional tomato sauce. The garlic-butter sauce smelled so good. Since I love shrimp, choosing this pasta as my order was a no-brainer. They were also generous with the mushrooms. I will definitely order this again.

Aglio Olio
A generous serving of spaghetti sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, anchovies, and fresh basil that packs a light spicy taste.
Add On: Chicken Strips or Shrimps

I wasn't paying attention to the menu so I did not know it was spicy, but not too spicy - just right! I love how light this pasta tasted. As for the add on, they could have added more or bigger pieces of shrimps though.

Thanks for the grand time, Pizza Hut! What a great way to end the year. :)

Pizza Hut is home to the country’s Pinaka-Pizza, serving awesome food with fast and friendly service. For more awesome dishes, check out Pizza Hut’s website, dial 911-1111 for deliveries in Metro Manila, or like Pizza Hut Philippines on Facebook.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

It's the last few days of the year; time flies by so fast, don't you agree? I'm loving the cool weather we're having now. I wish this would last all year round, but my skin does not agree with me. My skin type has always been like this: oily around the face, and dry all over the body. I always have to use thick body butters because lotions just don't do the job for me. Lately, I've been experiencing super dry and itchy skin around my legs (and whole body, for that matter) due to the cold and dry weather we're having now. During these times, even body butters are not enough, so what I did was I turned to my trusty all-around miracle bottle of Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil.

I've listed below my experiences with the use of the Sunflower Beauty Oil.

17 Miracles in 1 Bottle
  1. Softens and lightens underarms - This was the main reason why I bought the Sunflower Beauty Oil in the first place. I use this every night and I can see results! My underarms look brighter and it has a smoother texture. However, some chicken skin are still there. I don't know what to do with them. :|
  2. Lightens dark under eye circles
  3. Lightens dark spots and pimple marks
  4. Under eye moisturizer
  5. Prevents and diminishes the appearance of stretch marks - Although I can't see the difference in my existing stretch marks around the hips, this can help prevent new ones from forming. (Stretch marks are best treated while they're new (red/violet in color). Once they've turned white, they're hard to remove/lighten.)
  6. Softens feet soles, knees, and elbows - My sister and I have cracked heels, and this also helps make them disappear.
  7. Removes stubborn makeup - I use this to remove makeup on my eye area (eyebrow pencil/powder, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner). It makes makeup removal a breeze! Although I personally do not use waterproof mascara, my sister does and she loves how the Sunflower Beauty Oil lets her take off all the stubborn mascara with ease. No pulling of eyelashes here!
  8. Overall body misturizer - This was what I was talking about a while ago. Due to the weather we're having now, the skin all over my body has been dry as a desert. It itches and feels very uncomfortable. After bathing at night, I use the Sunflower Beauty Oil all over my body (from neck down). It instanly hydrates my skin and is easily absorbed without any scent or sticky/greasy feel. I love it!
  9. Moisturizes dry hair ends
  10. Softens the cuticles - I get hangnails quite often, and I use this oil to prevent them from forming.
  11. De-frizzes hair
  12. Adds shine to dull hair
  13. Relieves itching and inflammation caused by insect bites - Have I mentioned I am a mosquito-magnet? I get bites every so often. When I do get bitten, I wash the part with soap and water (if possible) and rub this oil on the affected area. The itch might take a while to subside; don't expect this to relieve itching in a snap.
  14. Nourishes and conditions eyelashes - This goes with #7. After you remove mascara with this, this also moisturizes your lashes.
  15. Lightens dark lips - I don't have dark lips, but I try this since I am curious. The lip balm I am currently using has sunflower oil in its ingredients, so this sure is harmless to use on the lips. It does not leave the lips looking glossy (like lip gloss and other oils do). It gives lips a subtle sheen which gets easily absorbed, with no scent or flavor.
  16. Soothes skin after shaving
  17. Relieves itchy scalp

*For #2, #3, and #4: I do not use this on my face and eye area because I have a separate moisturizer and eye cream, and I still feel uncomfortable using any form of oil on my face.
*For #9, #11, and #12: I'm not sure how this Sunflower Beauty Oil works for the hair since I have not tried it yet. I also don't use oils/serums in general on my hair since I commute and I don't like any more dust/dirt/pollution sticking to my hair.
*For #16: I don't shave.
*For #17: My scalp is not dry and itchy hence I don't use it for that area either.

Only one con, and I am not sure if only I have this problem, but the oil somewhat spills around the container when I use it, and my bottle always feels slippery. Just my OC-ness talking over there, but it's no biggie.

Would I repurchase? Yes, and how I wish there were bigger bottles of this!
Price: P129.75 for 50ml
Available in Human Nature's website, leading supermarkets (like Rustan's and Shopwise), Landmark Department Store, Beauty Bar, and thru dealers.

Have you tried this product yet? If yes, how do you find it? :)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Snoe Glam Jam in Crush

Happy Monday, everyone! This Monday was an unusually peaceful one. No traffic, and the train I rode while going to work did not even fill up. People are still on vacation mode, and so am I. I still can't get over the holiday season - today I am wearing mild smoky eyes for work (Good thing I got the brown palette; it's so versatile!). Tomorrow, red lips, perhaps? Holidays are a great excuse to get all out when it comes to fixing ourselves up.

The review I'll share with you today is something cute and bright! It's Snoe's Glam Jam in Crush. This is actually the only cheek stain in my kikay kit right now. I think cheek stains are so handy this holiday season (and beyond) since they last all day without the need to retouch. This will surely last through all those beso beso with relatives and friends during reunions. (Speaking of beso beso, you might want to check out Snoe's Beso Balm as well.)

Crush: This juicy, orange tint will rev up your complexion. Crush tired skin...Say hello to glow!

Back when I was still studying, I would sometimes buy cheek stains (but I never get to finish them). I just loved the idea of having a multi-purpose product for lazy days. The cheek stains I used to buy were in deep purple tints (which is actually pink when applied and blended) and red (which gives a peachy glow to the skin). At first sight, I was honestly intimidated by this bright orange cheek stain! I was afraid it would look weird on me, but having tried it, I can say I liked it a lot!


Swatch (close up)

What I Love About It:
  • I like the gel texture of this cheek stain. It's not runny (unlike liquid ones) and it does not dry up instantly when it hits your cheeks so you have time to blend it evenly.
  • The pot packaging complements the gel texture quite nicely. It looks cute, and you'll clearly see how much product is left inside. (For some with issues regarding this type of packaging, you can always use a spatula or apply using clean fingers).
  • The bright orange tint left a peachy glow on my cheeks. I think this shade will work for both fair and medium skin.
  • The cheek stain lasted all day on my face, and I have oily skin!
  • The product smells pleasantly fruity - like oranges - without being too artificial.
  • No breakouts!
  • It is vitamin-enriched.
  • Since it's a lip and cheek stain, this all-around product can add a hint of tint on your lips.
  • It is affordable @ P129.00 a pop.

What I Don't Like About It:
  • Nothing.

  • Moisturize your skin first before using any cheek stain so you can blend it with ease.
  • Cheek stains look great on flawless skin, and can enhance any red marks and scars on your cheeks. Since I don't have perfect skin, I moisturize and use liquid foundation before putting on this cheek stain for a more flawless and glowing look.
  • As all cheek stains are, it will stain and leave your finger bright orange - but there's nothing good ol' soap can't handle.

If you're looking for other shades of this cheek stain, then you're in luck! Snoe's Glam Jam comes in 4 delicious shades: Crush (orange), Goddess (bronze), Blush (pink), and Scarlet (red).

Photo Credit: Snoe Beauty Inc.

Snoe is available in Robinsons Galleria, Cinderella (in Glorietta 3), Festival Mall, SM Muntinlupa, and SM Valenzuela.

Which shade of Glam Jam do you like most? :)


PS. To see the swatch of Snoe's Glam Jam in Crush when worn, I made this FOTD.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Before it's too late, I'd like to greet you all a Merry Christmas! This year, we spent Christmas visiting our Gua-Ma (grandmother from my Mother's side). She was super happy when we went to her place. I felt kind of guilty for not visiting her more often, which I am definitely gonna do next year. My gift for her this Christmas was simple but super nice - Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil plus some chocolates. I think she could use that Beauty Oil for everything! After visiting her, my family ate an early dinner at Chef Robert. No Noche Buena for us, so better eat good food while we're out. My sister and I introduced this wonderful little restaurant to our parents. It was their first time to dine there, and they absolutely LOVED the food. I won't post reviews anymore on our Christmas dinner, since I have posted 2 already. You may read about them here.
Here's a happy cupcake for you! :) 
How about you? How did you spend your Christmas? I hope you all enjoy this festive season and take time to reconnect with your family and friends

P.S. That cute cupcake was from Love Lots. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash

Let's get intimate this time. Would you go for natural clean or chemical clean down there? I'll share with you this super underrated product that deserves its much needed spotlight!

For years, I've been using feminine washes that are readily available in the supermarket. pH Care, Lactacyd, you name it! Actually, I was fine with using those brands since I did not have any adverse reactions (I've been using those since high school). But since I started reading the label, I've became more aware of the ingredients that goes into the products I use everyday. Most of the chemical feminine washes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) as their main ingredients. But did you know that SLS damages the skin proteins and disrupts the skin barrier allowing ready penetration of carcinogens?

Given the choice, I made the switch from chemical clean to natural clean. You'll get the same clean and fresh feel, but this time you'll be sure that this feminine wash is truly gentle for your skin hence no irritations of any kind. Plus, this one in Chamomile Fresh smells so good.

Switch to Human Nature's natural, pH-balanced, clinically tested feminine wash for your most sensitive skin. Soothing aloe vera and chamomile, natural cleansing agents from coconut and sunflower, and natural preservatives from rice and anise make this the safest and gentlest way to care for yourself.

Aside from the Human Nature Shampoo and Conditioner I'm using, this Natural Feminine Wash is also part of my must-buy list. For as long as this product is available, I'll buy it over and over again.

Would I repurchase? Yes! I did repurchase after using up the small bottle. I'm now halfway through with my big one.
P59.75 for 50ml
P159.75 for 200ml
Available in Human Nature's website, leading supermarkets (like Rustans and Shopwise), in Landmark, and thru dealers.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who Makes You Smile?

My dentist makes me smile! :D

Last Monday night, I set an appointment with our family dentist/orthodontist, Dra. Marife PedreƱa Soriano of Soriano Dental Clinic. My teeth are brittle and weak (from my genes and not too much candy, as I would like to believe). After work, I was actually excited to go to the dentist! (My 10 year old self would gasp in shock when she reads this.) I have had my fair share of incompetent dentists before, and I would not want to name names (unless someone asks me personally). Even if I have a health card as part of our office's benefits, I still choose to go to my trusted family dentist because I can't imagine any other dentist touching my teeth. (Nooooo!) Then again, I'm so thankful and happy that my dentist's clinic is so near our house.

I love how pleasant Dra. Marife's clinic is - so clean and cheery.

Photo Credit: "Inside My Clinic"

On the receiving area is a computer for the customers to use. There is also free WiFi here! Every month, Dra. is updated with the latest magazines like Cosmopolitan, Preview, FHM, Chalk, and lots more. There are also story books for the kids. If you need more proof, check out the pictures here in her site. Very nice, right?

Photo Credit: "Inside My Clinic"

She also has 3 wide screen TVs, one in the waiting area, and 2 inside the clinic (in front of the dental chair). The sound system is pretty good too.

Photo Credit: "Inside My Clinic"

Work Area
Photo Credit: "Inside My Clinic"

Well, back to my main purpose - cleaning and filling of cavities. :( It did not hurt as much though considering 2 big cavities in hard to reach areas. Dra. Marife had a light hand and the procedure lasted for just a few minutes. For filling smaller cavities, I don't know how Dra. does it, but sometimes, it's not painful at all! For the cleaning, absolutely no bleeding gums and sharp objects poking at the crevices of your gums (unlike my previous dentist).

As I was about to leave, I thanked Dra. for another job well done, and Dra. gave me this!

Tooth Cupcake by Love Lots

Thank you, Dra. Marife! You're the sweetest dentist ever. When Baby Daphne has complete teeth I'm sure her Mommy and Daddy would bring her to your clinic. Great start for her, since she would not be scared of the dentist!

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with Dra. Marife in Soriano Dental Clinic, here are her clinic's details:

Tip: If you're commuting, tell the driver to drop you off on "Mercury Pantranco".

Dra. Marife will surely give you the greatest dental care experience without breaking your wallet, I promise!


Healthy Back Bag Giveaway Winner

There are only 2 days to go before Christmas! :) Thank you all for joining my Healthy Back Bag giveaway. For now, I will announce the winner!

Congratulations, Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto!
You win the Healthy Back Bag Distressed Nylon Baglett in Strawberry!

I'll be sending you a notification e-mail in a bit. You will have to claim the prize your chosen The Travel Club branch as this prize will not be shipped. If you don't respond within 7 days, another winner will be picked.

Merry Christmas! :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cranberry Joy

Have you seen the Christmas Bath and Body Range from The Body Shop? Here's a few Christmas gift suggestions for you! Among the 3 variants/scents of Candied Ginger, Cranberry Joy, and Spiced Vanilla, the one that has the most festive look to it is Cranberry Joy (for me that is). Why? Because it's red and it matches well with the poinsettia decors on our Christmas tree.

The Christmas Bath and Body Range is limited edition and is now on sale at 40% off! Perfect for those who will go on last minute Christmas shopping.

Cranberry Joy Lip Balm (P295.00)

The lip balm is enclosed in a tin can, and it can definitely liven up anyone's kikay kit! And 15ml is a lot - it would take me a year to finish this.

Cranberry Joy Hand Wash (P495.00)

Add a festive feel to your bathroom or kitchen with this berry hand wash!

Cranberry Joy Body Butter (P895.00)

This one I love! I use it every night, and it's fresh berry scent never fails to make me smile. :)

Find more Christmas gift suggestions at your nearest The Body Shop store. They have gift items/sets at 40% to 50% off right now, so better run!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Year End Sale: Ensembles | Freeway | Solo

The best time for shopping is now! While other stores go on sale after Christmas when all the holiday rush wanes, we love stores that go on sale before Christmas. ♥

The YEAR END SALE of Ensembles, Freeway, and Solo officially starts TODAY, December 19, 2011, in all stores nationwide! You still have enough time to buy your loved ones fab clothes from these brands. Visit your nearest branch and check out the great markdowns, new arrivals, and holiday deals and promos. Happy shopping!


Benefit Brow Bar @ Greenbelt 5

I'm no good when it comes to taking care of my brows. I have super thin and sparse brows with no shape (and I am not exaggerating). Untouched, it looks like a thin forest. Haha. I guess I'll just leave my issues to the brow experts over at the Benefit Brow Bar. It's inside their boutique in Greenbelt 5, which opened last December 15, 2011.

Draw, wax, pluck, and trim. Angela worked her magic on my brows.



I have never had brows this groomed before! I have tried eyebrow threading in some waxing salons, but they can't shape my brows the way Benefit did. It's just terrific! I feel like I need less makeup and I still look polished. As the founders of Benefit put it, groomed and gorgeous brows light up your look instantly - just like a mini makeover!

Thank you, Benefit and Angela for the superb brow waxing experience!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Contest Time: Human Nature Baby Care Giveaway

This Christmas, Human Nature wants to share with you their latest Baby Care products!

Check out the mechanics here.

My baby niece, Daphne, is an avid user of the Baby Care line. (Auntie Helen who is a dealer got her the complete line as soon as it was launched!) I love how gentle and mild this range is for her. She gets mosquito bites sometimes, which turn into red bumps because her skin is super sensitive. I let her Mommy use the Baby Oil for Daphne's skin, and the insect bite marks are fading, that I am sure of. Plus the Baby Care range smells so relaxing, I want to use it too! :D

I hope you'll all join this raffle. The giveaway ends on December 22, 2011. Winners will be announced on Christmas Day. Good luck!


Snoe Beso Balm

WARNING: Prolonged use may attract the opposite gender and cause intense flirting.

This is no ordinary lip balm. Snoe Beso Balm takes lip care to a whole new level, as it promises to plump, soothe, and protect your lips, while freshening your breath at the same time! Can your lip balm do all that?

It's a Beso Balm because it instantly freshens your breath, so you're ready for beso beso anytime!

INSTRUCTIONS: Use before kissing or whenever you feel like it!

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, Sunflower seed oil, Beeswax, Spearmint leaf oil, Shea butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Menthol, Benzophenone 3, Blue 1 (CI42090), Yellow 5 (CI19140)

What I Love About It:
  • Since I love cooling, mentholated lip balms, then this was an automatic plus in my book!
  • For the "freshens breath" part, the strong menthol scent reminds me of Judge Chewing Gum (yum!).
  • The cooling sensation reminds me of my almost empty LipIce Lip Balm. Snoe's more mintier though, and I prefer it over my previous one since this one does not contain mineral oil, petrolatum, and other chemical ingredients that could be potentially harmful.
  • As for the packaging, I like stick-type lip balms better than those that come in a pot since it's more sanitary. The cap does not come off easily.
  • It is not tinted, so it won't affect the lip color you'll wear. I'm wearing this under my Allue Creamy Lip Color (red shade) as I type, and my lips look so plump and dewy. It's not greasy so the lip color won't slide off.
  • The cooling, tingling sensation lasts on my lips for about 5 minutes after I apply it. My lips feel bigger then, but when I look at the mirror, it's just the same. For the plumping part, I hardly notice the difference. But it makes my lips look so healthy and dewy.

Before & After
(almost the same)

  • I love how this lip balm glides so smoothly on my lips. It feels like butter melting on your lips as you apply it. See its soft texture in the picture below.

  • I also use this at night before I sleep, and when I wake up, my lips are super smooth with less lines.
  • It does not leave a white residue on your inner lips (like other waxy lip balms do).

What I Don't Like About It:
  • The manufacturing and expiry date are not indicated on the packaging.
  • It has no SPF. (Lips need SPF too since it's thin and prone to skin cancer.)

Would I Repurchase? Definitely! Snoe will be coming up with other flavors of Beso Balm soon. EXCITING! :)
Price: P149.00
Available in Cinderella (at Glorietta), Festival Mall, SM Muntinlupa, and SM Valenzuela.

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