Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jump into Summer with #PenshoppeSS16

Spring/Summer is my favorite season when it comes to fashion and beauty because everything is fresh and fun! I can only imagine how amazing it would feel to be lying on powdery white sand, hearing the light rustling palm trees, and absorbing all the cool seaside vibes. International fashion brand Penshoppe unveils their Spring/Summer 2016 collection by playing with beautiful tropical elements, fused with vibrant retro looks in a fun and festive show, and YOU are invited!
Save the Date:
February 2, 2016, Tuesday, 3:00PM at The Palace Pool Club

The fashion event will feature the great reveal of the next show-stopping name to be added to the roster of TEAM PENSHOPPE’s all-star cast which includes Asian pop sensation Sandara Park, It-girl and trend-setter Kendall Jenner, and supermodel Sean O’Pry.


Penshoppe’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection features comfortable oversized silhouettes, high-street sporty pieces and swimwear, funky cropped pants, tops, and more. Each piece is designed to exude a relaxed and youthful cool style, perfect for mixing and matching this season. 

Get a chance to win TWO invites to witness this spectacular event and find out who the next member of TEAM PENSHOPPE is. Just log on to from January 26 to February 1, 2016, and use the official hashtag #PenshoppeSS16 when posting on social media.

Get live updates on Penshoppe by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DIY: Kracie Popin' Cookin' Bento (SO FUN!)

One productive afternoon, my Panda and I bonded over making a complete bento candy form! :D

Say hello to our Cooking 105 experiment that isn't actual cooking. Haha! This one was a gift from our friend Raymond who came back from Japan for vacation. He told me that in Tokyo, Kracie Popin' Cookin' sets were widely available even in the supermarkets. But in another district (which I forgot), this was less common, and he found this being sold inside the toy section. Each box costs around P100.

All instructions were in Japanese, so we had to watch videos on Youtube on how to make these candies.

Initially I was puzzled on how to fold the foil pack into a bento box, but my Panda figured it out. I liked how the foil pack itself is useful - you use it to measure the panda's head and ears (left), cut and fold the bento box (center), and cut the pieces of foil to decorate the broccoli and chicken nuggets with (right).

I am so amazed how these powders (almost all in white) change color upon contact with water, and have varied textures. Imagine - the red one was a jelly candy, while the white one resembled actual cooked rice grains!

You just pour the powder into the designated slot and add water (as indicated graphically at the back of the box).

Most of them have to be mixed and set for 3 minutes (or more, if you like) before you remove them from the tray. No need for refrigeration.

But don't be really is small and terribly cute.

Finished product! Too cute!!! :o Each candy had a sweet and distinct flavor. The onigiri tasted like yogurt candy, the broccoli tasted like apple candy, the chicken nuggets and pasta tasted like orange candy (but with different textures), and the red gummy octopus/sausage (?) was our favorite since it tasted like strawberry jelly candy! :D There are a lot of other sets available, but I feel that this Bento variant is super sulit since there is a lot of variety going on. But if I were to go to Japan, I think I would hoard ALL variants and maybe even sell some to you. HOHO :D

Have you tried Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Candy sets yet? :D


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Monday, January 25, 2016

#CreamSilkTransformations: Spotlight on the #ModernFilipina

I'm so excited to share with you my first event of the year! :D

I've posted a teaser about the #CreamSilkTransformations fair before, and now I'll share with you all what happened during the event held last Saturday at the World Trade Center Tent.

Cream Silk has always been known for helping women go #BeyondBeautiful. This year, Cream Silk inspires the #ModernFilipina in their journeys of transformation to become the best versions of themselves.

During the event, I got to bond with fellow Modern Filipinas, Erika, Liz, and Gen-zel! (Do drop by their fabulous beauty blogs as well!)

Cream Silk Transformations was an afternoon to remember, because it was dedicated to women who have constantly challenged themselves from being good to great. In this event, Cream Silk collaborated with the country’s top magazines (Cosmopolitan, Meg, MEGA, Metro, Preview, and Yes!) to empower the event attendees and equip them with everything they need as they kick off their own transformations. There were workshops and talks, and each activity featured different kinds of transformation - from beauty and fashion makeovers to unleashing one’s inner potential.

The first booth we stumbled across was from Meg. We got curious with all the face charts on display and it looked fun so we all gave it a try. I've seen makeup artists play with these a lot, but it's my first time to try one! This is how I do my everyday makeup: neutral eyes and bold lips. Erika then sketched my hair! :D

When we were done, the Meg team surprised each one of us with a copy of Meg's latest issue and a complete BYS makeup kit! :o WOW! (Thank you so much!)

We then dropped by the Mega booth after for a fashion talk about accessories. Some of the audience participated during the activity, and we all learned more about fashion afterwards.

Mega treated us to a copy of their magazine, plus deluxe samples from L'Occitane!

Cosmopolitan hosted a beauty talk with their beauty editor Merm. Liz and I had cosmos! :>

At the Cream Silk lounge, guests completed the experience through hair transformations. To demonstrate that only Cream Silk can transform any hair problem to beyond beautiful hair, experts assessed hair needs and recommended the best styles to highlight assets.

Then, guests had their hair done in their style of choice to experience their very own Cream Silk transformation.

Since we were waiting for the grand finale of the event, might as well have our hair done. Liz and I waited over an hour for this because of the long line.

Finally! I chose the "World Class Waves" style, but since I had naturally wavy hair to begin with, the stylist didn't use a curling iron on me anymore. The result looked more like a "Beyond Beautiful Blowout".

Hello Liz! I LOVED your hairstyle! :D She wanted a tousled look but got a curly do instead. Baliktad kami. Haha!

The grand finale of the event was the first ever live cover shoot to unveil the new roster of Cream Silk Modern Filipinas. Cream Silk and the top magazines styled and photographed the newest endorsers on stage, in front of event attendees.

Heart Evangelista for Mega

Julie Anne San Jose for Meg

Yassi Pressman for Cosmpolitan

Nadine Lustre for Metro

Coleen Garcia for Preview

Rachelle Ann Go for Yes!
Photo Credit: Ria

All these Modern Filipinas have embarked on their own journeys of transformations and will be on the covers of the publications’ March issues.

To add to the already impressive line up, Cream Silk also welcomed home Pia Wurtzbach, on her first Philippine appearance as Ms. Universe! Pia epitomizes the most inspiring transformation of the Modern Filipina yet, set to conquer the universe. With a beauty that inspires, and the determination to realize her dreams, she has come back to make her positive mark in the world, taking her well deserved walk at Cream Silk’s event.

Thanks for having me, Cream Silk Philippines & Bridges PR!

Join Cream Silk and these Modern Filipinas in inspiring and empowering others to experience their own transformations. Share your own experience on social media by posting “One of my #CreamSilkTranformations in 2016 is to ___________.”

Like Cream Silk Philippines on Facebook for more information.


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Sunday, January 17, 2016

#ModernFilipina, YOU are Invited to the #CreamSilkTransformations Fair!

New year marks new beginnings. A lot of us take this moment to improve - to become the best versions of ourselves. Gone are the days where Maria Clara exemplified the ideal woman. Yes, she is feminine and meek, but now the Modern Filipina is more empowered. She is able to find ways to go beyond beautiful, and transform herself for the better to become the woman she aspires to be. The Modern Filipina is worth admiring; she is fearless and determined to turn her dreams into reality and make a positive influence in the world.

Cream Silk, the number one hair brand in the Philippines, together with the Philippines’ top magazines (MEGA, Preview, Metro, Meg, Yes, and Cosmopolitan), invites you to join and witness the Cream Silk Transformations: Spotlight on the Modern Filipina, a glamorous, empowering, and inspiring activity-filled event this coming January 23, 2016, at the World Trade Center tent.

This is a one-day affair wherein attendees will be able to explore the whole venue, attend a variety of workshops presented by their favorite magazines, and experience their own hair transformations at Cream Silk’s special booth.


Cream Silk believes that every woman can transform herself and unleash her beauty and be the woman she aims to be. The event’s workshops aim to empower the Filipina and equip them with confidence to maximize their assets. Just like how Cream Silk has been designed for the Filipina, to transform any hair into beyond beautiful hair, enabling them to conquer more. Topics include fashion, beauty, confidence building, and hair care, and I personally love attending these kinds of workshops!

Cream Silk will also be introducing a strong lineup of Modern Filipinas, women who embody the traits and characteristics of the Modern Filipina to serve as inspiration, each being on the verge of their own transformations.

For the first time ever, the no. 1 hair brand in the Philippines and the top magazines, bring you the first ever live cover shoot experience. Event attendees will get to witness the transformations of the new generation of Modern Filipinas, who will surely make their mark this 2016.

At the Cream Silk Transformations Fair, you will head out transformed with beauty and confidence to inspire, create, and make a mark in the world. Doors open at 2 PM.

Like Cream Silk Philippines on Facebook for more information on how to win special invites to this event. See you there!


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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

YiLinker Shopping + Haul

I consider myself as a shopper with a purpose, so I don't usually go walking aimlessly in the mall. I'll be there when I have to buy something, but if not, I'd rather stay home. Time is gold! :D However, online shopping makes things so convenient. Now, I don't even need to step out of the house!

I introduced YiLinker to you before, and now I'll be sharing with you my shopping experience!

You can either shop via web or download their mobile app. I prefer the mobile app since it's more convenient! Like, I can shop even while lying down. (Ugh, that sounded so lazy. But you get the point.) Also, if you use the YiLinker app to purchase any product worth P500 and above, you get P500 discount on your next purchase!

Also, there's the daily login promo! The app is very easy to browse and navigate. There aren't a lot of items yet, since the site is still quite new. This site connects buyers and sellers in one place, so if you want to sell your products here, you may want to get in touch with them!

Here's my shopping cart! I bought a rose gold Casio watch for me, a W5 Smart Watch for my Panda (SURPRISE! if you're reading this. Haha), and a Hanabishi Electric Oven (for my future LOL) last Saturday morning.

Shopping here is easy, fast, and convenient. They offer free shipping within Metro Manila and accept payments via COD. I ordered these last Saturday morning (January 9), and 2 out of 3 items (Casio and Hanabishi) arrived on Tuesday (January 12).

I also joined their Hovertax Hoverboard promo, no purchase necessary. Just create an account and join the e-raffle!

And here's my haul!

Hanabishi Electric Oven HEO-17R (P2,639.34)

It's not everyday you buy an electric oven online. But I love how convenient the setup is. Had I bought this in the mall, I would've spent on taxi money or gas, plus parking fee, and food (in case I get hungry). YiLinker made me realize I can skip all those. I'm excited to try baking this 2016. I only hope to make a decent cake. Haha!
Casio Vintage Women's Rose Gold Stainless Steel Strap Watch (P1,949)

My other watches have retired, and I'm currently using my 2-year old Ice Watch in blue, but I can't be sporting  blue watch everyday, so I got one in a more neutral color and style. I just adjusted the strap just now. I'm very happy with this purchase!
W5 Smart Watch (P660)
Update: The W5 Smart Watch arrived last January 15, a day after I emailed YiLinker's customer service to follow up on the item, since the seller ignored my message.

This watch looks simple and sleek, but the pedometer and calorie monitor isn't the best one in the market. Better go for mid-priced ones instead of this one.

Also, while looking around, I spotted my Asus Zenfone Selfie being sold at the best price (P11,875) so far. I got mine for P11,995 last November, and it's still pretty much the same price until now in most stores.

Visit now to start shopping! Like YiLinker Philippines on Facebook for more information.


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