Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jay-J's Inasal: The Filipino Restaurant

I've been going on eating sprees lately; I hope I will gain some weight will all this effort! :) My office mates and I went out one night to have dinner at Jay-J's Inasal in Tomas Morato (Happy Birthday, Sha!). This restaurant serves food with no MSG, which was great as you can taste Filipino food in its naturally delicious form.

Here's what we ordered:

Crispy Crablets (P185.00)

I don't eat big crabs, but I love Crispy Crablets! They're so good, I can eat them as if they were chips. Haha! This makes for a deliciously crispy appetizer. Dip it in vinegar for that flavorful kick.

Inasal Hita (left, P95.00) and Pecho (right, P99.00)

Plain Rice (P29.00)

Gising-Gising (P120.00)

This is a spicy vegetable dish made with coconut milk, chopped vegetables, and a bit of ground pork. Fit for its name as it will surely wake you up with its spiciness!

Pork Sisig (P170.00)

Ah, the ubiquitous dish in Filipino cuisine. If this came with an egg, I bet it would have tasted better.

I love Filipino dishes! :) What's your favorite Filipino food?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Fast-Food Favorite: Tokyo Tokyo

Despite being together for almost 2 years, it was our first time to eat at Tokyo Tokyo yesterday! My boyfriend and I were super hungry and good thing he was craving for tempura! Or else I'd never know how yummy this restaurant was, because I'm not really a fan of Japanese food. Another plus is the unlimited rice. Yey! :)

We went to Tokyo Tokyo in SM North EDSA (Main). I feel that the SM North branch is also cleaner compared to other branches, and I like their chairs/couches better.

9 is our favorite number :)

We had Sumo Remix, which was good for 2. You can choose 2 viands, and we chose Pork Tonkatsu + Prawn and Vegetable Tempura. This meal included unlimited rice for 2 and 2 regular drinks.

Sumo Remix (P259.00)

This is super yummy and affordable for 2 people. I had 3 1/2 cups of rice, and my boyfriend had 4. Haha! :D We liked the Pork Tonkatsu because of its crisp breading and tasty pork meat. We also liked the Prawn and Vegetable Tempura because of the tasty prawns and the unique carrot slices, potato slices, and onion ring with tempura coating.

With a minimum purchase of P150.00, you'll get the Tokyo Tokyo Treat Card. This entitles you to freebies (Sumo Red Iced Tea, 8 pcs. California Maki, and Prawn and Vegetable Tempura) when you purchase a minimum of P150.00 on your 3rd, 6th, and 9th visit.

Tokyo Tokyo Treat Card

Looks like we will be filling this up soon! Next time we'll also order California Maki on the side.

What's your favorite from Tokyo Tokyo?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

King Chef: Feast For A King

Last weekend my sister celebrated her birthday in King Chef. We've heard lots of rave reviews about it, and my family is so into this restaurant! My dad, mom, and sisters go here every Sunday for their dimsum fix during breakfast time, since they have promo rates 3 times a day! One order of their delicious dimsum goes for as low as P48.00 during their promo hours.

King Chef has a very nice ambiance. I like the clean interiors, and it's definitely a good place to spend with your family and friends. They have tables for small groups, round tables for families or big groups who wish to dine in, and also function rooms for events. My baby niece is actually going to celebrate her 1st birthday here in August! I'm so excited for her. :)

A common thing in most Chinese restaurants - pretty chandeliers!

Here's what we ordered:

Seafood with Spinach Soup
(S - P220.00, M - P330.00, L - 550.00)

Steamed Suahe
(Seasonal Price)

We always order Steamed Suahe (Shrimp) when we eat in Chinese restaurants, so this one was no exception. However, this order was a miss since it smelled off and malansa (with a stench/strong fishy smell). We had this recooked and this came back to us smelling like garlic, which was good since it was able to mask the strong smell of the seafood. We think the shrimp served was not fresh enough, but thumbs up to King Chef's crew for the quick response.

4 Kinds Hot Cuts Combination
(S - P420.00, M - P630.00, L - P1,050.00)

Since I'm not a huge fan of cold cuts or hot cuts (for that matter), I just tried a little bit of each. My favorite was the century egg!

Beef with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce
(S - P280.00, M - P420.00, L - P700.00)

The beef in this dish was so tender! I loved how the flavorful oyster sauce coated each piece of beef. The broccoli was also served just right - not too hard so I was easy to chew.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
(S - P190.00, M - P290.00, L - P480.00)

Since we sisters are such rice lovers (or rice monsters), we ordered this in large and finished it all up! Yang Chow Fried Rice is always present whenever we eat in Chinese restaurants.

Birthday Noodles
(S - P210.00, M - P315.00, L - P525.00)

Since it was my sister's birthday, we also had Birthday Noodles! We were all excited to dig in, until we tasted it. This order of Birthday Noodles smelled like the noodles have been stocked up for a long time before it was cooked. You'll know when the noodle smells and tastes old, and this was it. My mom, who's a good cook, took one bite and recognized it right away. We pointed it out to their staff, which they asked whether we would like to have this order recooked or replaced. We asked if it were possible to exchange the worth of the order for dessert (and would just add the additional cost if ever), but the one in charge told us that they would cancel the order, and give us our choice of dessert for free. We were surprised (in a good way) and impressed with their customer service. Something other restaurants must learn from King Chef.

Garlic Burst Spareribs
(S - P220.00, M - P330.00, L - P550.00)

Among all the dishes we ordered, this one was the best, by unanimous decision! We loved the garlic-y flavor, the crisp outer coating, and the juicy and tender meat! This one ought to be their bestsellers. It's that good, I promise!

Steamed Fish Fillet Garlic with Soy Sauce
(S - P260.00, M - P390.00, L - P650.00)

This steamed fish was so soft and tender, even my baby niece of 9 months got to eat and enjoy it. Actually, I don't like to eat fish (ever since a small piece of fish bone got stuck in my throat years ago), but I tasted this and yes, it is delicious!

Mango Sago
(S - P60.00, M - P360.00, L - P600.00)

My sister was craving for this from the time we entered this restaurant. It's cold, sweet, and perfect for our hot weather. The tapioca balls make this dessert more fun. Overall, this was good, but next time we would like to try King Chef's Mango Balls (which is not in their menu and was not available that day).

Even though some of their food were hits and misses that day, we'd still come back to King Chef because of their good service and friendly crew. We'll just order other dishes next time!

King Chef
989 Banawe Street, Quezon City (beside Starbucks Banawe)
(02) 410-4919

What's your favorite Chinese food? :)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Lotion

I am very fond of sweet-smelling body care items, and this is one of the most fragrant body lotions I have tried! I have a bottle of Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Lotion in my office drawer. It's a scent that lifts my mood whenever I feel down or get stressed. It's a happy scent that would surely perk you up. If you are fond of fruity scents, this is the perfect lotion for you. I have yet to meet a person who does not like this scent!

Bath & Body Works says:
"Our Signature Body Lotion takes ultra-pampering to the next level. Now fortified with Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Extract and vitamins C and E, it glides on easily and evenly to condition and hydrate skin. This non-greasy, sheer formula absorbs quickly to leave skin soft, smooth, and beautifully fragrant.

Smooth over body to moisturize and lightly fragrance skin with our original, classic Cucumber Melon, a crisp, fresh scent that evokes the optimism of a dewy summer morning."

Special thanks to my cousin, Lily, for giving me this bottle of lotion. :)

Why I love it:
  • It smells like succulent honeydew melon slices! Heavenly and refreshing, indeed.
  • It leaves my skin soft without making it feel sticky or greasy afterwards.
  • Its consistency is creamy, not watery. You don't need to use a lot of product because a little goes a long way here, so you'd get your money's worth.

What I don't like about it:
  • Some might find it expensive for a body lotion. Bath & Body Works never goes on sale here.

  • You can opt to use this lotion and layer it with Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Mist to stay sweet-smelling all day long!

Would I repurchase? Yes!
Price: Around P600.00 for 236 ml/8 fl oz
Available in Landmark Department Store (I'm not sure with regards to its availability in other malls.)

What product from Bath & Body Works do you like? :)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fanny Serrano Moisturific Gold Lipstick

Fanny Serrano by Fashion 21 Cosmetics has been a strong player in the local cosmetics industry. I read in a magazine that they are also popular in other countries, and that before Fanny Serrano launched this makeup line in the market, he tested these first on his celebrity friends! The first time I had an encounter with this makeup line was when I was in high school when I had my makeup done at their salon for my cousin's wedding. Fanny Serrano's salon in Quezon City of course uses their house brand on their clients. I remember the makeup artist putting on brown eyeshadow on me (that made me look old as I was just 15 then!) but I loved the lipcolor he used on me. It was a pomelo shade but I forgot to take note of the real name of the shade. Moving forward to the present time, I always see Fanny Serrano counters in department stores and have always been curious with their makeup. I have their eyelash curler (which I have been using for years!) and a tube of their lipstick which I'm gonna review here.

Fanny Serrano Moisturific Gold Lipstick is a collection of luxurious, glittering lipstick colors enriched with Vitamin E for smooth, moisture-rich application. The shade I have is in Plush Plum - a plum shade with flecks of silver glitters on it. It's my first plum lipstick as I normally use red lipstick (even during daytime). It's something radically different from the usual lip color I sport.

Plush Plum when worn alone (on broad daylight)

  • It gives a beautiful and rich color payoff.
  • It does not dry out my lips thanks to the Vitamin E in it.
  • It does not bleed or easily fade.
  • The price is reasonable for P299.00.

  • Its thick texture/formula makes it hard for the lipstick to glide on the lips during application so you have to use lip balm first.
  • I don't know if its just me, but the lipstick feels heavy on my lips.
  • It's glittery - not shimmery. Even after you wipe off this lipstick, small glittery residue are left on your lips.

I think this is a beautiful shade to use for a nighttime look. If it were less glittery, I'd like it more.

Here are the other shades available from their Moisturific Gold line:

Got this pic from their website

Will I repurchase? Probably not. I prefer non-shimmery lipsticks.
Price: P299.00
Available in all Fanny Serrano counters (in department stores nationwide).

Have you tried Fanny Serrano cosmetics? What do you like the most from their products? My favorite is their eyelash curler, which I'm going to review soon! :)


Monday, May 23, 2011

Cute & Quirky Earrings from Papemelroti

Going to Papemelroti is always fun and exciting. I'll never know what new cute stuff I'll get to see in there. I like this store because their products are interesting, quirky, and eco-friendly. Remember the clip-on earrings my sister gave me a few months ago? I loved them so much that I had to get some more. I went to Papemelroti in SM North EDSA and got all giddy and excited when I saw a fishbowl full of these treasures on display! I got myself 2 more pairs of their glazed clip-on earrings, and when I went to pay for them, the ladies in the cashier told me that the designs I got were very cute. :> A pair of clip-on earrings cost only P49.00.

I got this design with music notes because it somehow defined something that this close to my heart - which is music! Whenever I'm feeling down and out, I just listen to my favorite songs and sing, and I feel better afterwards. This pair of earrings looks simple and clean when worn. The actual size of these earrings is small (like the button of a polo shirt).

This design is unique which is why I got it. It's not everyday you get to see clock-inspired earrings. I wish the clock were real and working! This also goes well with a plain ensemble and also with my citrine bracelet.

I love these earrings; I can wear them all day without complaints (these do not pinch my earlobes, so they're not a pain to wear). There are many more designs available in store. I'd like to get another one when I visit the store again, and I'll give it to my little sister who's 10 years old. She does not have ear piercings, too, so I bet she'll love these. I hope they make dangling clip-on earrings with girly designs, too!

Have you visited Papemelroti lately? What do you love from their store? :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Soup with Worm, only at Dencio's Tagaytay

I really dislike it when restaurants serve food with hair or any other stuff that's not supposed to be in it. But what if a LIVE WORM was in your dish? What would you do? This post was based on my sister and her colleagues' firsthand experience in Dencio's Bar and Grill Tagaytay.

Date: May 21, 2011
Time: Around 4:00PM

They were a group of 8 who decided to dine in Dencio's Bar and Grill Tagaytay. Part of their meal were 2 orders of Bulalo Soup. When their Bulalo Soup arrived to their table, it was not hot but just in room temperature. They decided to partake in it anyway since they were already hungry. Halfway into the meal, my sister's colleague saw a small LIVE WORM moving in her soup, and immediately called the waiter's attention. The waiter then scooped the worm from the soup, placed it on a piece of tissue paper, and brought it to the kitchen (perhaps to show it to their cook/chef or whoever responsible for that). The waiter came back and apologized for the worm and said that maybe the worm came from the vegetables that was in the soup. Given that the worm was inside the vegetables, it's still not a valid excuse because they ought to clean the vegetables well before cooking and serving it. My sisters' group then decided to just have the 2 orders of Bulalo Soup cancelled from their bill. In a normal scenario, the manager of the restaurant would oblige and just cancel the orders, but not here. Too bad the waiter took the worm immediately, my sister's colleague should have taken a snapshot or a video of it.

The assistant manager of Dencio's Tagaytay, Ms. Galang who was not so magalang, came into the scene and said that their order of 2 Bulalo Soup CANNOT BE CANCELLED because it was already punched inside their system, and kasi bawas na raw yung dish. She pointed out that the restaurant never cancels any orders that are punched in the system. All she can do is either to replace the 2 orders of Bulalo Soup with newly cooked ones OR give them a 20% discount on their Bulalo Soup. Naturally, any customer would not want to be served the same dirty food that was previously served to them. Would you still have the appetite to drink another bowl of Bulalo soup when the previous one served to you had a worm in it? My sister's group wanted their 2 orders of Bulalo soup cancelled, and that was all they wanted! The assistant manager did not oblige and just gave them a 20% discount on their wormy soup.

You think that's bad enough? Read on.

When my sister's group insisted that they wanted the soup cancelled from their bill, the assistant manager kept on insisting that they followed a "standard procedure" for serving their food at a certain temperature, and that it was impossible to be served when the soup was not hot. She kept on stressing the fact that they were following their standard procedure. She also insisted that the worm ought to be dead because they served the soup hot. In the first place, that worm should not have been in the soup. She was arguing with 8 customers who insisted that their soup was served cold and trying to prove herself right. She even told them that they should have complained at once regarding their soup upon serving should there be any problems. It was like she was blaming them for not complaining at once. As a matter of fact, the assistant manager should be thankful that my sister's group were not complaining early on in the meal since they were hungry and they just let it go at first, well, until the worm came up. Shouldn't she be the one who should appease the customers, apologize, and make amends?

The assistant manager also said another statement that made me wonder why she still has her job. She said that the worm might have just fallen down from their wooden ceiling to the soup. WOW. I wonder what kind of training she went through to give those kinds of reasoning.

So there, from the P590.00 their group spent on their wormy soup, they only got 20% off for the 2 orders of the wormy soup, and not even deducted from their entire bill. A total discount of P118.00!

These are the receipts from the said meal.
Note that the second receipt had the 2 orders of Bulalo Soup discounted at 20% off.

Does Dencio's think that the P118.00 discount is enough to suffice if ever the group of 8 got sick because of their dirty food? Is their customer's health that cheap? By the way, I have also read from someone with complaints regarding the Tagaytay branch. His wife's bagoong had a cigarette butt in it! Gross!

Bottomline is, we will NEVER ever go back to any of Dencio's Bar and Grill branches. I hope this gets to the public so they too can be wary of dirty restaurants. I hope this also reaches the authorities so no other consumer can experience the same kind of treatment my sister's group went through.

Just sharing my thoughts,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

L'Oreal Absolut Repair Shampoo & Masque

I was born with naturally wavy hair - not the shiny and bouncy kind! I had coarse and unruly wavy hair. Few years back, I hated it and did everything to make it straight. I've went for hair straightening and rebonding, but the chemicals left my hair stiff and dry. Plus, I hated the look of growing roots that are curly and having pin straight hair below it. Then I decided to have my hair permed for a change - which became a disaster and left me with extra curly locks. After that, I underwent another session of rebonding to get rid of my curly hair. And that was the last thing I did to change the natural texture of my hair. Maybe I'll try coloring someday (just for fun), but now I'm sticking to my natural waves!

After years of abusing my hair, I've been using at-home hair treatments which are widely available in supermarkets. I received this sample of L'oreal Absolut Repair Shampoo and Masque in an event and tried it out for 3 days.

Serie Expert Absolut Repair
The perfect home care treatment to restore health and beauty to chemically damaged strands. With the Neofibrine technology.

How it works:

The Neofibrine Technology with AHA-Lipid Guard reconstructs and deeply conditions with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Bio-Mimetic Ceramide, shine perfecting agents, UV filter for hair, and Magnesium. This provides hair with internal reconstruction and external strength as it works from the hair's core to the surface, delivering the much needed nourishment to chemically damaged hair.

- Creamy repairing shampoo that strengthens hair with regular use.

This opaque cream-colored shampoo cleansed my hair without stripping off its moisture and leaving it squeaky clean. It did its job of detangling my hair and making it ready for the next step, conditioning.

- Rich, creamy masque that progressively brings hair back to regular health.

I used this as a conditioner, leaving it on for 3 minutes. You may opt to leave it on longer for the formula to seep into your strands even more. I love how smooth this made my hair feel after washing it off. This very emollient creamy masque worked to keep my wavy hair less frizzy and more manageable. At the end of the day, my hair still felt soft and smooth compared to when I just used my regular shampoo.

I read in a beauty magazine that shampoo and conditioner are part of the "splurge" items for hair care, because they are like vitamins for your hair. It is important to choose and use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Since my hair is dry and damaged, it needs all the care that it can get. I have yet to inquire about the prices of the L'Oreal Absolut Repair range, as I have seen these on display in David's Salon. I hope it won't bee too pricey! :)

Would I repurchase? Yes.
Price is available upon request.
Available at leading salons nationwide.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Vivian! :)

It's my sister's birthday today! Let's all greet her a happy birthday. :)

Dear Ate,

Happy birthday, Vivian! Here's a cake for you. :)

Red Ribbon Dulce de Leche
Heavenly layers of white chiffon cake with custard cream filling, enrobed in luscious sweetened milk and caramel icing. Wrapped in fine toasted chiffon crumbs and laden with a frosted caramel crystal layer: Gloriously crowned with white cream rosettes and chocolate spirals.

I hope you enjoy your day! Come home early so you could play with Daphne. :D


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful Black Bag from Celine

One night, I was about to go home from the mall after doing my store rounds, when I passed by Celine and had this urge to go into the store because of that 4-letter word: SALE. I wasn't planning to buy anything because I was trying to save up, then a classic black leather-type bag caught my eye among the colorful display of bags and shoes on sale. Then I remembered: I have been searching for that perfect black bag since I started working! Perfect timing to shop because it's on sale or perfect excuse to buy a new bag? I say both! :)

I love this bag because it is very versatile. I can use it as a shoulder bag and as a sling bag. I love the color, too. It is in basic black, but never boring because of its silver detail and striped texture. I like black bags because I can pair it with almost any outfit and it won't easily get dirty even when I commute alot. This bag is very roomy. It has 2 zipped compartments (one at the outside, back of the bag; the other one on the inside of the bag), 2 inner pockets for my mobile phone and other stuff (such as lipstick), a penholder pocket, and a strap to hold on to your keys, you'll never lose them! Best part of all is that from the original price of P1,799.00, I got it only for P999.00! :)

I'm so happy with my new bag! I'll be checking out Celine outlets more often to spot more deals like this. Do you like stuff from Celine, too?


Monday, May 16, 2011

Chill with Buko Pandan Ice Scramble

I never tried ice scramble as a kid. I didn't even know what it was until last year, when I first saw the Icebreaker Scrambles stall at the mall. The orginal ice scramble is colored pink, and all the while I was buying it, I did not know what its flavor was. Banana pala! At least I knew it wasn't strawberry. :)

The recipe of the original ice scramble is crushed ice, sugar, evaporated milk, banana flavor, and pink food color. But have you tried one in buko pandan? It's light green!

This is the mid-sized order. For only P10.00, you get a sweet heat buster and thirst quencher (when it melts). Gotta love the powdered milk and syrup topping!

Icebreaker Scrambles are available in various malls, but this one is from SM North EDSA (Main Building).

Have you tried the buko pandan ice scramble?


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Be A Campaign Hero - I Am!

Last April 29, The Body Shop, Philippines posted this on their page:

I have signed this petition months ago, and I totally agree and support with The Body Shop's advocacy against sex trafficking of children and young people. On one trip to the store, I brought home with me 10 petition forms for my family to sign. I wanted to raise awareness, and I know that my family would be supportive of me. With that, I got my Mom, sisters, housekeeper, boyfriend, and even doctor to sign the petition forms. 10 might not be a large number, but it is also significant because they could further spread the news about The Body Shop's campaign.

Here are some pictures of the petition form:

Your signature REALLY can make a difference.
You may sign the petition forms in store or online at www.thebodyshop.com.ph/stopsextraffickingpetition.

Working alongside ECPAT, this petition calls upon our government to give children greater protection against trafficking. The goal of this petition is to put more funds to the anti-trafficking campaign to improve law enforcement and to provide services to victims.

This petition will be presented to the government to represent a show of hands by everyone who signed this petition and supported this cause.

Yesterday, I submitted the signed petition forms and got a Badge of Honor! :)

This is truly something to be proud of!

You can help spread awareness, too! From May 1-31 2011, bring at least 10 signed petition forms to the following stores and get our Be A Campaign Hero badge: SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Ermita, Glorietta 3, Rockwell, SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria, Greenhills, Eastwood 2, Alabang Town Center, SM City.

I want to share a nice song with you. The Click Five partnered with MTV EXIT to produce a music video to their track "Don't Let Me Go." With a message of hanging on this video aims to raise awareness about human trafficking and the role we can all play in breaking the chain.

Since this is a global campaign, The Body Shop's objective is to join hands with thousands of signatories around the world by taking our petitions to the United Nations. I hope more people sign this petition and support this cause. Let's create a movement and help stop sex trafficking not only in the Philippines, but also the world.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maybelline Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara

Long, beautiful lashes - how I wish I had them. Well, there's nothing a little bit of makeup can't fix! :D My recent mascara is Maybelline's Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara in Black. It's a smudge-proof mascara that promises 85% lashes that lasts up to 24 hours. Let's see if it can live up to its promises.

Maybelline Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara in Black

Step 1: Apply the base coat. This stretches lashes up to 85% longer.

Step 2: Apply the top coat. This seals the length for up to 24 hours.

The result:

From super short and sparse lashes, to visibly longer lashes!

Why I love it:
  • The applicator works perfectly for the mascara's formula, so there's little room for clumps.
  • Unless you layer it on many times, this would not cause your lashes to look clumpy and spidery.
  • It lengthens my lashes, just as it promised.
  • It does not smudge nor flake.
  • It is not waterproof, which makes it very easy to remove. Just use warm water to wash it off!

If you're looking for some volumizing effect from this mascara, then you'd be disappointed because it does not add volume to your lashes. It does its job well in lengthening though. However, I don't know if this will be discontinued soon, because it's not included in the recent issue of Maybelline's Beauty Buzz (online newsletter of Maybelline Philippines). If you love this product, you better buy now thru May 15, 2011. Maybelline is having their Fashion Week Sale, which entitles us all to have 30% off discount on products above P249.00.

I like Maybelline mascaras, and I hope they would bring in and not phase out their non-waterproof mascaras. I prefer this version because I prefer wearing light eye makeup for everyday use, and that I have a hard time removing waterproof mascara.

Would I repurchase? Yes, if it's on sale!
Price: P599.00
Available at Landmark, SM Department Stores, Watsons, and Robinsons Department Stores nationwide.

Do you like Maybelline, too? What's your favorite Maybelline mascara/product? :)


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shakey's Night

Note: Comments to this post were deleted due to Blogger issues. You may repost them if you wish. :)

Here's a classic restaurant all of you have been to - Shakey's! :) It has been around for 35 years, serving us more than just great pizza. My boyfriend and I went to Shakey's Waltermart branch for dinner one night, since it was less crowded than the Shakey's branches in SM. True enough, we were seated immediately on a Saturday night - no waiting in line!

Here's what we ordered:

Mojos 'n' Dip (P91.00)
Shakey's very own deep-fried potato slices breaded with unique seasoning and spices.
Dip them in your choice of Zesty Caesar, Garlic Ranch or Tomato Catsup.

This is a super yummy appetizer to start your meal with! We should have ordered the Basked of Mojos, because this was gone in a few minutes.

Shakey's Special (Large, P308.00) with Extra Cheese (Large, P48.00)
An all-time favorite, loaded with beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, green bell pepper and onions.

This Shakey's Special satisfied our pizza cravings big time! I love how the thin-crust pizza was served generously with tasty toppings. The extra cheese made our pizza extra fun because the cheese stretches into a long string when you bite the pizza slice. However, this pizza was oily and greasy, so eat moderately!

The branch (Waltermart North EDSA) we've been to was nice and clean. The crew who served us (whom I failed to note the name) was a good sales-talker and friendly, too. The only thing I did not like was that Shakey's does not include the local tax and service charge in their menu prices, which can be tricky at times. But all in all, we had a pleasant experience here in Shakey's.

Do you like Shakey's, too? :)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cheap Find: Etude House Eye Pencil Sharpener

Last week, I was looking for a new eyebrow/eyeliner pencil sharpener because my previous one got lost. There were a lot of eye pencil sharpeners available in the department store, but I was looking for one with a cap, so I can sharpen my eye pencils anytime, anywhere, without the mess. When I went to Etude House on whim, I saw exactly what I was looking for that day!

Etude House Eye Pencil Sharpener (P28.00)

It works like a normal eye pencil sharpener, but it's so cute and girly. I love the color, too. It's even cheaper than those in the department stores (which can go for P40.00 to P60.00).

Before and After Sharpening

I'm going to visit Etude House soon; they have the cutest beauty loot! They have a newly renovated branch in the Upper Ground Floor of SM Megamall Building B (across Jollibee).

I can't wait to try their Bubble Hair Coloring Kit and Marble Marble Blusher soon! :)

Which Etude House item do you love most? Share!

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