Friday, July 29, 2016

Superstar Lashes at Stylash Trinoma

Because I missed my guilty pleasure (AKA eyelash extensions), I revisited my favorite eyelash extension salon after over a year of lash rest. What can I do, I miss feeling pretty effortlessly. Haha :D This time around, I went to their Landmark Trinoma branch, because it's the most accessible for me at the moment. You may backread ALL my Stylash reviews here.

Stylash Landmark Trinoma is hard to find! If I didn't ask the guard where it was, I would have roamed endlessly. It's located at the Beauty Lounge. I like the location though, as it's private and quiet.

Lash Growth Cycle & Lash Extension Aftercare (muy importante!)

Our eyelash has a growth cycle every 2-3 weeks, so fallouts are normal (but not desired). You can get a retouch though for as low as P300. Do take note of the dos and don'ts when you get your lash extensions.

Stylash Services

Here, you can choose how many strands, the style, length, shape, and thickness. So there's no generic look as you can customize it to your liking. They recommended me the 10mm length but I insisted on the shortest 8mm strands because I wear glasses everyday. (I am so happy with the result! I can't wait to show you!) They also have brow services and packages to give more bang for your buck. But the most interesting thing I found out was that Stylash now offers Cosmetic Artistry AKA brow and eyeliner tattoos! These are by appointment only, and the prices are definitely lower than their competitors.

Stylash makes use of 100% mink eyelashes and they feel so light, I forget they're there, so I ALMOST rubbed my eyes when I got home that day. Buti nalang almost lang! Their lash menu looks kawawa, they need to change this. Hehe! I found out with this that their colored mink lashes have a softer feel, but I want mine in black all the time.

Stylash Trinoma has a modern ambiance. I like how classy it looks. They have 6 of these beds, and they're very comfy!

Pretty wall :)

Before & After
Superstar | Style: Posh | Length: 8mm | Shape: C-shaped | Thickness: 0.15mm

If you have virtually no lashes like me, don't be afraid to choose the shortest and slimmest lash variant they have. The end result: it will still show and it looks more natural. I do not recommend the 10mm and 12mm length if you're wearing glasses. The lash extensions will keep on hitting your glasses, and they might fall out earlier.

Somehow, they look real and my friend couldn't point out what was different with my face the night I had this done.

And because I washed my face prior to the procedure, I can legitly use the hashtag #NoMakeup here! Well, my brows are tattooed and my pretty lashes give off an instant mascara and eyeliner vibe. I LOVE IT. This review is not sponsored, by the way!

I'm giving this a 3-week lifespan as I've usually experienced before, but I'll definitely update you guys! (I do hope it lasts longer!)

The price of Superstar lashes is originally P1,200 but it's currently on sale at 50% off until July 31 -> P600 (GO HAVE YOURS DONE!) Jessica did my lashes! :)

Instagram: @stylashmanila

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cathy Doll White Heads Cleansing Black Clay Mask

My skin is acting weird lately. I have so many small whiteheads on my forehead, temples, and cheeks. It isn't too visible but when I touch my face it feels rough and bumpy. I checked my stash on what I could try to experiment on my skin, because it's when I'm experiencing skin issues that I get even more adventurous with my skincare. (On good skin days, I stick to my skincare ritual to death, because if it ain't broken, don't fix it.) Then I suddenly remembered having this clay mask sachet from Cathy Doll!

Cathy Doll White Heads Cleansing Black Clay Mask (P129)

I'm so glad that I got the White Heads variant instead of Black Heads. This clay mask comes in a single-use sachet. Yup, use it all up since it's bound to get messy and it dries up when exposed to air. It contains volcanic charcoal stone from Japan so it's meant to suck away all the dirt from your pores. I'm excited already! Haha

The packaging has no English info, but the photos tell me that it's a peel-off mask. Interesting, because I'm used to sheet masks.


It looks like tar! But it doesn't have a scent which I appreciate. I had fun slathering it all over my face. At first, it feels a bit cooling, then it tightens and dries up. I wasn't able to move my face with this on. Wait for it to dry completely, and peel it all off.

Because I have high pain tolerance, I was able to remove this in a minute. It felt a lot like my entire face was threaded, as I saw tiny hairs all over the dried up mask! There were more facial hair than whiteheads. LOL! As for my whiteheads, this mask wasn't able to remove everything, but it did remove a lot. Sometimes, I have this bad habit of picking on my face to remove the comedones AKA future pimples, and this masks removes some of them for me. Yay! The photo above is grossly satisfying, too.

Note that small amounts of mask didn't come off while I was peeling it, so I had to wash it off, and even a small amount can turn the water black as you're washing your face. I toned my skin afterwards and moisturized, because clay masks have a reputation for drying out the skin. As for my oily skin, it didn't feel dry at all afterwards - just balanced.


After removing the mask, there was a slight redness, but my face felt softer and fresher. It's less bumpy, too. Also, it took my face longer to oil up, probably because it's so clean. I like this mask, and I'd repurchase for when I get another bout of bad skin days.

You can backread my posts about other Cathy Doll products, and their launch that happened earlier this year.

Instagram: @cathydollphils

Have you tried Cathy Doll products yet? Which one is your favorite? :D

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Silkamazing at 15: The Skin You Love

I've always had fair skin, but back when I was in my elementary/high school days, would you believe that I sometimes got bullied for being too white? Akalain niyo yun? So anong say ng bullies ko ngayong nauso yung whitening, Gluta, and all. Haha! :D Fair skin is and will always be IN here in the Philippines, such as how a nice tan is trendy in the Western world. While I don't intend to bleach myself, I do commute and go on trips from time to time, so my skin would burn despite the sunblock. That's when I reach for whitening soaps and lotions to even out my skin.

Silka is definitely one of the most recognized skin care brands in the Philippine market. Whenever I hear "Silka", I almost always think of Iya Villania-Arellano with her famous line, "Alagang papaya, alagang Silka!" The brand held a series of mall events to celebrate with their consumers from around the country.

I'm so happy to be part of their Silkamazing @ 15 celebration held at Trinoma Activity Center last Saturday! The brand celebrated 15 amazing years and launched new products at the same time.

There were a lot of fun activity booths such as No Sweat Zone, Singing Bae, and even a photobooth with Piolo and Iya (or at least their standees). Haha! My favorite was the Make-Up Booth - instant retouch! You can win prizes too when you participate in the games.

Joyce Pring was our host during the event. During the afternoon, Christian Bautista, Karylle, and Piolo sang on stage for the guests! :D

Here's a little sharing portion on what inspires me and how I inspire others around me! ♥

Hi, pretty Carizza! ;)

This year, Silka introduces the NEW Silka Premium Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 23 and Silka Moisturizing Soap with Avocado Oil and Almond Milk! This variant is especially formulated with avocado oil and almond milk for smoother and fairer skin. Not to be missed is the lotion with SPF 23 to protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Intended to complement the successful Silka Whitening Lotion SPF 23 with Shea Butter that was launched back in 2013 is the NEW Silka Whitening Soap with Shea Butter. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, with the added protection of SPF 23. The rich, creamy lather of this new soap variant comes in a luscious mild butter scent.

Both variant smells great with subtle differences - Silka Premium Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 23 and Silka Moisturizing Soap with Avocado Oil and Almond Milk both have a bright floral scent, while Silka Whitening Soap with Shea Butter and Silka Whitening Lotion SPF 23 both have a mellow powdery and buttery scent. These products are perfect for Silka's #TheSkinYouLove Campaign intended to inspire every Filipina to be more confident with themselves. With every use of Silka's whitening soaps and moisturizing lotions, Filipinas can achieve the skin they love. Remember, taking care of your skin is one of the best beauty moves you can do!

Silka is available in all leading stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Facebook: Silka Skincare
Instagram: @silkaskincare

Have you tried Silka's newest products? If not, which one do you think you'll like better? As of now, I'm leaning towards the soap and lotion with Shea Butter in it. They smell delicious!


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Thursday, July 21, 2016

#CreateWithCream: Creamy Chicken Adobo is LOVE!

I grew up in a Chinese household where saying "I love you" is awkward or never done at all. Ever since I was a kid, I never heard Mama and Papa tell me that they love me, but they don't have to - I know they do. I think their love language are giving gifts and feeding us. My sisters and I may seem skinny, but we eat a lot! My dad would buy us whole birthday cakes just because. My mom would still prepare our food even if she's busy tutoring my youngest sister. It would be very nice if I could match their love language and make something special for them. ♥

Yesterday was an extra fun day for Panda and I because we attended Nestlé Cream's #CreateWithCream event. The first image that pops up when I think of Nestlé Cream is always fruit salad being the kitchen newbie that I am, but yesterday I got to learn something new. You can add a new creamy twist to a classic savory Filipino favorite to make mealtimes more special!

Now Cooking: Creamy Chicken Adobo

Celebrity chef Rob Pengson did a live cooking demo for us. He's in charge of some of Manila’s finest restaurants: The Goose Station, Hyve and Vyne, Hungry Hound, Niner Ichi Nana, and Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar.

Creamy Chicken Adobo

  • 1 whole chicken, cut into pieces, approximately 1 kg
  • 1/3 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 sachet 8g MAGGI MAGIC SARAP
  • 1/4 cup crushed garlic
  • 1/2 cup oil

  1. In a pot, boil chicken in vinegar, soy sauce, water, MAGGI MAGIC SARAP and garlic. Cook uncovered until boiling. Lower the heat and simmer while covered until chicken is tender but not disintegrated. Simmer for 10 minutes. Strain sauce and reserve.
  2. In a large pan, heat the oil. Pan-fry the chicken until golden brown. Remove excess oil.
  3. Pour in the reserved sauce and simmer with the browned chicken until sauce is almost dry.
  4. Pour in NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream and remove from heat. Serve hot.

Tip: When pouring Nestlé cream into the pan, push the chicken aside first so the cream only touches the sauce. Pour Nestlé cream in slowly and whisk it FAST for it to emulsify.

I learned that the technique of twice cooking the chicken adobo to give it flavor and crisp, then the finishing touch of Nestlé Cream gives it the rich, creamy, delicious twist.

Chef's special: Creamy Chicken Adobo

While the Creamy Chicken Adobo was being cooked, the aroma of the dish was just wafting throughout the venue. Nasaan na ang rice?! :D After the demo, Chef asked if anyone would want to try cooking the same dish during the event. They needed 3 pairs of volunteers, and I wasted no time and raised my hand ASAP. I wanted to make the most out of it and I really wanted to cook this dish together with Panda!

Chef Panda (He's opening a restaurant next month!)

He did most of the cooking, while I did the motivating and cheering...

...and smiling and posing. Hoho! Joke lang, nagparticipate naman ako. :D

Before & After

The chicken adobo already smelled so good in its classic form, but when Nestlé Cream was added to the dish it became even more special. (Just a single addition in the ingredients made such a huge difference!) Our sauce initially had a strong vinegar flavor, but Nestlé Cream toned it down and gave it a creamier and thicker texture. Imagine a mix of savory, tangy, and creamy flavor all in one dish! ♥ When poured over rice, the rich sauce just wraps around each grain. My mouth is watering again just thinking about it.

Here's our own version of Creamy Chicken Adobo! And no, you may not use my shot in joining the #CreateWithCream contest or else I'll report you. :)

Thank you, Chef Rob and Nestlé Cream! We enjoyed and learned a lot. I'm excited to recreate this recipe of Creamy Chicken Adobo at home. When I was telling my sister about the event, she told me that a colleague from her previous workplace always made delicious creamy pork steak for them using Nestlé Cream, too. That's something to try as well! :D

Facebook: Nestle Cream

Have you tried cooking with Nestlé Cream? Feel free to share with me your favorite dish/recipe! I want to learn more and cook more para sa kinabukasan. Haha :D

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash

I am enamored with Belo products. It's one of my favorite local brands! My favorite line from them would have to be SunExpert and AcnePro. A close friend of mine takes Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione with Collagen, and when we saw each other again after a few weeks, she was already fairer than me. (Effective much!) Anyway, I saw the Belo Baby range in Zalora way back when it wasn't available yet in the malls and I grabbed it ASAP. I wanted to see if this can work as a sulfate-free shampoo for me. Also, I figured this would be sooo handy for travel, being a head-to-toe wash!

Just the mere fact that it's a baby product already gives the impression of this being a very gentle product. I like that it's made from 100% certified natural ingredients and 0% harmful chemicals!

This product contains shea butter and sweet almond oil to hydrate. Most importantly, it has no sulfate and other nasties! The cutie Scarlet Snow Belo is the face for this brand. If Vicki Belo uses this for her own baby, then it's bound to be good.

Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash has a very creamy texture. Because it has no surfactants, it doesn't lather AT ALL. Not even a little bit. With babies, this fact is totally fine because they already smell so good all the time. As for me, I find myself using up a lot of product, especially when I use this from head to toe. (I think this bottle would just last me around 2 weeks max!) It enhances my natural waves (not buhaghag unlike with regular shampoo), but my scalp doesn't feel totally cleansed because there's no bubbles. There's build up so I need to use a stronger shampoo once a week. I also use this on my face, and it's so gentle! (Don't skip the makeup remover though if you wear makeup.) No dryness, no breakouts! As a body wash, this one's amazing. It has a baby powder scent, and it leaves my skin really soft, even if I skip lotion. I'm still have mixed feelings whether I would recommend this for travel, because even if it's functional, you need a lot of pumps of product every bath time and if you transfer it to a small bottle, it will easily run out. But for babies, I think this is an excellent product. I like it!

On a side note, I like the Belo Baby Colognes as well; you can use it as cologne and hand sanitizer. But I have yet to buy them because I still have 4 bottle of fragrances in circulation at the moment.

Price: P219.75 for 200ml
Available in leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide

Facebook: Belo Baby
Instagram: @belobabylove

Have you tried Belo Baby products? How do you find them? :)


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