Thursday, February 28, 2013

Solo Summer 2013 Collection

Summer is officially here again! We're all in for a fun and fashionable summer as Solo releases its latest collection, modeled by Derek Espinosa and Ganiel Krishnan, the two grand winners of Solo’s Online Model Search Competition 2012.

 Let's all get to know more about Solo’s new brand ambassadors!

Apart from modeling, Derek, who stands at 6'2, is also a business management student who loves to play sports like basketball, swimming, and running. Derek said what makes him a good model is because of his kind heart and versatile personality. He dreams of becoming a successful businessman in the future.

Ganiel is an outgoing half-Indian, half-Filipina beauty is also talented in the field of music and acting. She's currently studying mass communications at Far Eastern University, and she wants to pursue an acting career in the future.


Solo's Summer 2013 Collection consists of bikinis, tops, and shorts. The collection boasts a fun and bright theme, befitting the vibe of what summer is all about.

This season, Solo incorporates popular trends to its collection such as stripes, color blocking, and Aztec prints.

For colors, it’s a blend of warm hues such as orange, red and yellow mixed with cool hues such as blue and green.

The summer collection is already out in Solo stores nationwide! Make sure to check it out and have a fashionable, fun-tastic summer!

For more information, visit Connect with Solo thru Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram @MySoloOnline. Watch out for the next Solo Online Model Search this coming August!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Belle de Jour Rendezvous: Wellness Work-up

Yesterday was a super fun day because I got the chance to attend the very first Belle de Jour (BDJ) Rendezvous for 2013, entitled "Wellness Work-up". Attending events like this is just one of the many perks of being a Bella. (If you want to be a Bella too, do get your very own Belle De Jour Power Planner 2013 ASAP! It comes with a BDJ Lifestyle Card that serves as your ticket to their events.) I've been a Bella since 2009, and I am planning to be one for as long as the BDJ planner exists. My friends and I were joking on how we were already BDJ veterans (who refuse to graduate), since there was so much new faces that we couldn't recognize anymore. That being said, it's another opportunity to meet new friends who share the same passion as I do.

Belle De Jour Rendezvous: Wellness Work-up

 Ria, Krystle, I, and Ghie - all excited for the event to start!

Spring Up Your Wardrobe with Vania Romoff, Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2013 Designer

Bellas were updated with the latest spring fashion trends with this short talk by Vania Romoff. She's so stunningly gorgeous that we were all speechless after the talk.

Spring 2013 Trends:
  • Black & White (my personal favorite!)
  • Ruffles
  • Kimono Robes
  • Stripes
  • Short suits
  • Tunic/dresses over trousers

Don't Stress It Out with Ducky Villanueva, Professional Counselor & Instructor at John Robert Powers

The second talk was about Stress Management, headed by Ducky Villanueva from John Robert Powers. This was a very empowering segment that taught us how to handle stress.

I found it really interesting when she said that we could use a certain type of laughter as a means to relieve stress from certain parts of the body. We also learned proper breathing techniques, and simple exercises to relax the mind and body.

Here are some ways to beat stress:

A Youthful Fit with Lara Parpan, Editor-in-Chief of Women's Health Magazine

This talk by Lara Parpan, EIC of Women's Health Magazine was very inspiring and real. Lara is a true authority when it comes to advise for healthy living as she really practices what she preaches, and is so fit and toned to boot. In the talk, we learned various tips about sports activities and fitness exercises that we could do. I am thisclose to wanting to go to the gym so I could finally gain some weight (and maybe even curves), but I shall try out different workouts first before committing to one. (A very important lesson I learned that day.)

10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

I've also learned that you don't have to spend a long time in the gym just so you could achieve your desired weight/body. A more effective and efficient routine is one that makes your body exert more effort in just a short span of time (say, 30 minutes). Because of my renewed appreciation for health and wellness, I was savoring every bit of information I read from my back issues of Women's Health at home. Looks like I'll be buying one next month and beyond! Can't wait for the new issue!

During the break, we were served a sumptuous meal consisting of a sandwich, spaghetti, buffalo wings, and a fudgy chocolate brownie. As I was backreading my previous BDJ Rendezvous post, I saw the same delicious food served in the past. I enjoyed it even more this time since I was so hungry!

Of course, Bellas won't leave the BDJ Rendezvous empty-handed as BDJ and their generous sponsors has game and raffle prizes for everyone!
Angel and I

Ria, Krystle, RM and I

Aside from the raffle prize, each Bella took home a loot bag! I think that their loot bags from previous years/events had a lot of nicer stuff in it. Now it's more of flyers and discount vouchers. But this loot bag was just the cherry on top since we all had a great day of fun, food, games, and learning. Nothing can beat that!

I got really lucky yesterday since I won this Garnier gift pack. When I fist peeked inside the paper bag, I though that the boxed one was a moisturizer, but I was so happy and relieved that it's the Garnier Light Eye Roll-On! I've been wanting to try it for ages, and that alone already made me super grateful for this prize. I am also excited to use the GarnierBody LightExtra Whitening Repair Milk Lotion! It has the same fresh, citrusy scent as their face moisturizers (which I personally find too fragrant for facial use but perfect for a body lotion).

Thank you for the fun-filled day, Belle de Jour Power Planner! My Bella friends and I can't wait to attend your next event. :)


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fine Dining at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

This weekend, let me indulge you in some fine food. This was the full course dinner that I had when I attended a wedding reception early this month. (You may check out my OOTD for that event here.) The food was too pretty so I couldn't resist taking pictures and sharing them with you!

Events at Hyatt


Bread rolls, butter

Salad of witloof and pear
Walnut brioche and raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Truffle green pea soup

Pan-seared mahi-mahi, pumpkin mash, dill sauce

Brie-filled chicken breast
Sauteed spinach, cashew nut and creamy polenta

Passion fruit bavarois

As for the beverages served, I wasn't able to take a photo of. Guests had iced tea and either freshly brewed coffee or tea served at the end of the meal.

As for the kids, they were served a separate set of dishes consisting of spaghetti, fries, skewered chicken, and chocolate cake for dessert.

I am used to attending wedding receptions that serve the traditional Chinese dishes, so this was a nice, refreshing change. Initially, I thought that the serving size of fine dining dishes were pretty small, but at the end of the meal, I was so full and satisfied. The dishes look good, and taste even better. Each dish had that beautiful blend of flavors and textures that tickles your palate. If you're planning to host an event in Hyatt Hotel, these are just some examples on how their dishes are a feast to the senses.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Freeway Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection

Even if it has been raining all day, we can't deny that summer is fast approaching! February is almost coming to an end, and we can't help but get excited for our upcoming beach trips! One of my favorite things to do before heading to the beach is swimsuit shopping, and Freeway is here to give us one hot summer with their Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection.

Freeway Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection

Freeway's Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection is about defining a woman’s shape and silhouette. Lines, curves, and cutouts are the key highlights in this collection to emphasize and bring out a sexier and more confident you! Because summer is meant to be fun, the swimsuits come in bold colors such as red, orange, purple, and teal to match the vibrant and colorful feel of summer.

One Piece Exposed Belly Button in Red, Teal, White, and Black (P1,095.00)

Colorblock Piping Maillot in White, Teal, and Black (P1,195.00)

X-front Sporty Top (P595.00)

Colorblock Piping Maillot in White, Teal, and Red (P1,095.00)

Freeway's Summer 2013 collection has a sporty silhouette that enhances and outlines the body. With its range of monokinis, bikinis, and separates, you’ll be looking fabulous and effortlessly sexy while having fun under the sun!

Freeway also has trendy cover-ups, dresses, tops, and bottoms to complete your entire summer ensemble. Make sure to drop by the nearest Freeway store this March for first dibs on their hot summer pieces. Visit to view the entire collection. Connect with Freeway on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter today!

What is your top pick from Freeway's Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection? Mine is the Colorblock Piping Maillot in White!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meiji Apollo in Strawberry and Grape

It's impossible for me to not smile when I'm having chocolates. That's how much I love them! One of my favorites is Meiji Apollo in Strawberry. The first time I tried it was when I was in grade school, and it has been my favorite since then - not just because it's pink. ;) My colleague came back from a vacation in Japan and got me a box of Meiji Apollo in Grape flavor. Amazing!

Meiji Apollo in Strawberry and Grape


I remember we also had the blueberry flavor way back, but it got discontinued here in the Philippines maybe because it wasn't selling as well as strawberry is. When I first saw the purple box, I thought it was blueberry. It turned out to be grapes, which is so unique for a chocolate flavor.

Meiji Apollo in Strawberry

Meiji Apollo in Grape

Meiji Apollo in Strawberry is a classic must-try, while the Grape one is pretty delicious, too. If I were to go to Japan, I'll make sure to hoard chocolates! They have all flavors imaginable there, especially their Kit Kats (which I will write about real soon).

What is your all-time favorite chocolate? I have lots and it would be hard for me to list them all down. Haha :D


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Eyeshadow Block

Aside from fabulous clothes, Forever 21 also carries a wide array of cosmetics and beauty tools! While this Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Eyeshadow Block was given to me by my cousin from Canada, we also have it here in our local Forever 21 stores for a little over P100.00.

Love & Beauty by Forever 21 Eyeshadow Block

About the Product:


  • It's nice to know that the cosmetics from Forever 21 are not tested on animals, and are cruelty-free.
  • Manufacturing date is indicated on the packaging.
  • Packaging is simple but it doesn't look cheap.
  • You get 4 nice neutral shades of eyeshadows in one space-saving, slim, and compact eyeshadow block.
  • The first and second shade works well in brightening up my eye area, while the darker ones give definition.
  • It's very affordable, as Love & Beauty products are generally inexpensive.

  • The shades aren't that pigmented.
  • It has fallouts when used with an eyeshadow brush. Plus, each strip of eyeshadow is quite narrow so if your brush is wide, it can mix with the color beside it. Finger application with this one yields to better results.

I'm liking the first, second, and last shade from the eyeshadow block. I don't know how to work with the third one. :O This one is just nice to have, but not really a must-have. I won't be repurchasing, as I could get nicer, better quality eyeshadows if I just add a few hundred pesos. The cosmetics from Forever 21 are all cute but I don't know if the quality is all good (could be comparable to E.L.F., maybe?).
Have you tried Love & Beauty cosmetics from Forever 21?

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