Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crystalline Skin Body Treatment at The Spa Trinoma

If you're fond of going to the spa and having massages, then you'd know that The Spa is like the HG (Holy Grail) of spas in the metro. Each branch of The Spa had a unique look and feel, and their Trinoma branch had a safari theme. Aminst the urban jungle that is the North, The Spa was the most tranquil and relaxing place to be when in Trinoma.

Since I'm excited (too excited, to be exact) for my beach trip that's planned next month, I availed the The Spa's Crystalline Skin Body Treatment for glowing, super smooth and healthy skin.

About Crystalline Skin Body Treatment:
Achieve total skin brilliance from this rejuvenating full body treatment! Skin is renewed and polished with a natural gentle scrub rich with the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. This treatment renders a smooth, brighter complexion and a youthful healthy glow. Your spa journey is completed by The Spa’s relaxing massage which also uses Pevonia Botanica’s one of a kind massage oil which delivers the latest technology in massage oil in the cosmetic world. Rich in nourishing extracts from Safflower and Geranium oil- giving ultimate skin nourishment and repair while Vitamin E gives powerful anti-oxidants as it also hydrates.

  • Executive: P1,900.00 (Regular), P1,600.00 (Member)
  • Suite/Villa: P2,600.00 (Regular), P2,300.00 (Member)

Duration: 90 minutes
  • 30 minutes for the body scrub
  • 60 minutes for the full body massage    

I was booked at 2:00PM in the afternoon, and I arrived 1:30PM to shower and make use of the steam room. No need to bring anything aside from yourself, as The Spa has towels, bathrobes, slippers, toiletries, and disposable underwear provided. After the initial preparation, I was served with their well-loved ginger tea. I've talked about my love for teas before, and this one from The Spa is worth coming back to. It has that kick of spice and the right level of sweetness to it, and I just loved how it tasted.

I was then led to a treatment room where I had my body scrub. For the Crystalline Skin Body Treatment, The Spa uses products from Pevonia Botanica. I loved that the scrub smelled clean and refreshing, and it was gentle yet thoroughly exfoliating. My aesthetician covered all bases from my shoulders down to my feet. I am used to DIY body scrubs at home, and it was such a pampering treat to have my scrub done by pros. After 30 minutes, I rinsed the scrub off in the shower area inside the treatment room, and I so loved the results! My skin all over my body felt so soft, smooth, and supple. It has never been this healthy (and to think that I had flaky skin on my legs and my waist area). The sides of my waist which had always been dry and darker than the rest of my body for some reason was noticeably fairer and smoother, and so is my lower back.

Photo Credit: The Spa

After my scrub, I was led to the dim yet cozy waiting area where I had another serving of their steamy cup of zingy ginger tea. (I could drink their ginger tea all day.) I was then led to a private safari-inspired tent for my head-to-toe massage. One hour of blissful shiatsu massage (with lotion) was so relaxing, and it melted all stress and muscle soreness away. If I could just sleep right there after the treatment, I would. The Spa's massage therapists are good like that. My skin looked more radiant right after, as if I had a good night's sleep. (It must be also the effect of the face massage, which gave me a rosy glow on my face, even without any makeup on.)

To cap off my first experience in The Spa, I had just a polish change (P150.00) since I'm still scared of manicures and all the cuticle pushing that might occur. I chose a blood red shade since I have this obsession with red nails (and red lips, for that matter). My nails are short, and they were just filed a little bit before the polish was applied. Red nails never fail to make me feel so ladylike.

It's nice to treat and pamper yourself every once in a while. I've never been fond of spas before, but since I've had my first The Spa experience, I can say that I'm already looking forward to my next visit. I'm curious on how their other branches look like, too!

Have you tried any treatment from The Spa? Which one do you suggest I try next?

The Spa Trinoma
Level 3, TriNoma Mall, North Ave, QC
Tel Nos: 900-8809 / 900-8818 / 0933 3861800

Mon -Thur 12nn – 10 pm / Fri – Sat 11am – 10 pm
Last call: 8:30pm



  1. Red is LOVE! Haha! The place looks nice ha! But it's too expensive for me. Hahaha! In the past week, I had 3 massages while I was in Cebu. The masseuses there are really good (for the spas we went to) and only cost me like 30% of the price you just had. :P

    1. I know! Red just looks so beautiful. Wow! Would love to try that too for the fraction of the price. ;)

  2. I've been to The Spa and have tried their express facial. Though they're a bit expensive compared to other spas, it's worth it naman talaga :)

  3. I love The Spa! I've tried their express facial before and although it's a bit more expensive than the usual spas, it's all worth it :)

    1. I haven't tried their facials (or any facial anywhere), but their body treatment is so worth it. :)

  4. kelangan pa po bang magpa book, kahit na may gc ka? thankyou po :)


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