Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Review: 16 Brand Eye Magazine in 01 Everyday

One of the cutest things I got from Althea Korea is the 16 Brand Eye Magazine! It went viral on social media for being innovative - imagine being done with your eye makeup in just one (or a few) swipes. But does it really work?

Cutest eyeshadow packaging 😍

I usually throw away eyeshadow boxes or makeup boxes in general after I'm done taking pictures of them, but for this, never. Just look at it! 💖 

Turn the cover to reveal the product. The eyeshadow itself is small though, with only 2g of product.

I bought the shade 01 Everyday where the bright color is coral (?) as written on the box and the dark color is brown. It doesn't look too coral to me, which is good! As of the moment, this is the only shade available in Althea. Also, be careful when buying this online since there are a lot of fakes being sold for less than P100. Be wary with fake makeup; there's always a risk of infection or irritation since you don't know what's in it.


When you gather product onto the brush, it's a must that you tap it several times first since there is a lot of fallout. (You wouldn't want them ending up on your cheek.) Just swipe it from the inner lid to the outer lid. Since the brush is rectangular, I can only start swiping from this point (see photo above).

After applying the product, I just blend it out more using my fingers. You can also use an eyeshadow brush but I'm lazy. Haha! Sometimes, I skip using the brush that comes with the palette and just use my fingers when I want to do another eyeshadow look. This eyeshadow is quite pricey considering the size (2g) and the color selection (with just 2 shades), but I think it's still a good buy because you can use it everyday. It lasts all day too despite me having oily lids. I commute to work, and sometimes by midday I feel really haggard, so I splash my face with water before refreshing my makeup, and this eyeshadow ALWAYS stays intact and lasts until evening. Also, I end up using this more often vs my bigger eyeshadow compacts because as I said, 01 Everyday is really perfect for everyday use. 💛 I like it so much, I even repurchased another one to give to my BFF.

Price: P540
Available at Althea Korea

DISCOUNT ALERT! I'm sharing with you a 20% discount on your first order at Althea. (You're welcome!) 😉 Free shipping from Korea straight to your doorstep (not post office YAY!) on all orders P999+!


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Monday, September 17, 2018

My Althea Birthday Shopping Spree!

Althea Korea gifted me with USD 100 worth of shopping credits last month for being an August baby/Althea Angel. 💖

Now I don't usually post photos of my pambahay look, but I couldn't resist taking a selfie with my HUGE Althea mail! 😍

Hello, K-beauty babies!!! 💖

Since I'm practical, I decided to just buy products that I could actually use every day. I think I have too many makeups in my stash anyway so these are more on skincare, hair care, and body care items. 😀

Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Shampoo (P440)
Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack (P300)

These ones are way cheaper in Althea than mall price (P625 each). Time to pamper my hair because it's getting unruly and I don't know what to do with it anymore. 😂 Hopefully, this will help!

Banila Co Clean It Zero Original (790)

Again, it's cheaper to just buy from Althea than in the mall (P945). I've been using micellar water for years now, so I'm excited to switch things up a bit by using this cleansing balm. Plus, I don't have to buy cotton pads for this.

COSRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion (P1,035)
COSRX Salicylic Acid Gentle Cleanser (P375)
COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (P190)

Most COSRX products are cheaper in Althea vs Watsons, while surprisingly there are a few of their products that are cheaper in Watsons vs Althea. You really have to canvass well. Of course I did my research and decided to get the best deals I could find in Althea. 😊

Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner (P390)

I've been super curious about Etude House's Soon Jung line. This toner seems so mild and harmless. Let's give it a try!

Natural 100 UV Mineral Sunkill RX (P540)

A sunscreen in loose powder form! So interesting. 😍 This comes in only 1 shade though, so I hope it's a match.

The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil (P150 each)

It's cheaper to buy this in Althea than the mall (at P225 each), unless there's a buy 1 take 1 promo in store. Finally, an eyebrow pencil that matches my microbladed brows! My hair is black so my makeup artist sister matched 06 Dark Gray on my brows and it looked perfectly natural. I never, ever would have thought that I needed a gray brow pencil, but here we are. I still don't feel the need to pencil in my brows every single day at work since I can still rock the #WokeUpLikeThis kilay because of my tattoo, but when I do full makeup, this is a must to look more polished.

Nine Point Perfume Hand & Nail Cream (P80 each)

These babies have already been repurchased since my last Althea haul. I bought more as backup and gifts. My favorite hand cream brand is still L'Occitane, but this one's a close second. It's huge at 60g, and as of now I'm halfway through with my first tube Marry Me, which is inspired by Lanvin's Marry Me.

Boom De Ah Dah Rose Body Lotion (P230)

Just because I needed a body lotion. Not too stoked with this one though. It's huge at 500ml but it has a very strong rose smell that may not be pleasing to everyone. I still have a year to use it up since it expires November 2019. I can decant and put in a small jar to use as hand cream, too! #TipidTips
Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow in Rose Flower (P510)
16 Brand Eye Magazine (P540)

And lastly, a little something for the BFF! 😍 These two are also repurchases from my last haul. Not happy with the Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow this time around - the stem inside the flower is broken so it's not aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't affect the product's performance though, but I still get OC about it because it's not perfect. 16 Brand Eye Magazine is super nice though, and I will review that soon! 💛

DISCOUNT ALERT! I'm sharing with you a 20% discount on your first order at Althea. (You're welcome!) 😉 Free shipping from Korea straight to your doorstep (not post office YAY!) on all orders P999+!

Tip: Pay online to get your orders faster. I didn't pick COD this time around, and my order got to me in just 4 days. I ordered August 20 afternoon, and got the package at August 24. Awesome job, Doora Logistics! 👍

I checked out my COD transaction July 25, and my package arrived August 6 with lots of followup on my part. That was 12 days. NinjaVan is in charge of COD transactions in the Philippines, and they also mishandled my parcel. I think my package was opened because some of the items were not properly bubble wrapped. Althea would never ship out items like that. 👎 So no more COD for me.


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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Review: SilkyGirl Magic BB Cushion SPF 50/PA+++

When it comes to BB Cushions, one brand always comes to mind and that's Laneige. I have one in my stash which I bought last year, but I haven't gotten around on reviewing it because I do not get the hype. I initially liked it, but even the Pore Control variant which is supposed to be matte does not have a matte finish, so a setting powder is always in order. It has a strong scent, and it also made my face itch, so I ended up not bothering to review it. If that is the best BB cushion in the market, then I'm disheartened to even find a better one. Much to my surprise, this one from Malaysian drugstore brand SilkyGirl performed even better - at least for me! This is my new HG BB Cushion, and I can't wait to tell you more about it!

While I wasn't expecting much from SilkyGirl's packaging since they've always had simple-looking ones, but the Magic BB Cushion had a classy look and feel.

SPF 50/PA+++ | Brightens
Hydrates | Oil-control
Long-wearing | Fragrance-free
Formulated for Asian skin 

The batch code and manufacturing date are printed both on the base of the compact and the box. It contains 15g of product, and is good for 12 months after opening the product.

The box states that it has an improved rubicell puff, but I cannot vouch for that since it's the first time I'm trying the product out. The pro aspect of the puff is that it's firm yet soft to the touch. It applies the BB well, and I always get an even finish while just patting it all over my face. This is a first!!! With the past cushions I had from Etude House, Tony Moly, and Laneige, I never really learned to work with the rubicell puff so I just use my fingers to blend the product. The con aspect of the puff, it's kind of sharp on the part where the top and the bottom part of the cushion is sealed, so I started by using it with caution especially when using it around the eye area. It's not SHARP in a way that it will wound you, that would be exaggerated, but it's not as smooth as it should be, so it still needs further improvement.

The product itself is sealed on the box and on the cushion. 👍

Shade: 01 Natural Light

01 Natural Light has strong yellow undertones, and initially I thought this would be too dark for my skin. Apparently, it turned out to be my shade. This BB only comes in 2 shades though, and 02 Natural Medium is not actually darker, but it has a more pinkish undertone that yellow.

SilkyGirl Magic BB Cushion has a medium to heavy coverage while feeling light on the skin! It blurs my pores and cancels out redness instantly. I notice this the most whenever I use this after my workout where my skin is most reddish. Just a few dabs of this BB, and my skin looks even in a pinch! It gives me perfect-looking skin everytime. I also like that it has no fragrance and it's not tested on animals.

This BB cream lasts for around 6 hours before I have to blot my oily face. After blotting, no need to retouch because it still looks fresh.

Wearing SilkyGirl Magic BB Cushion alone 👌

Without BB vs With BB


Price: P675 (Super affordable for its quality!)
Available at SilkyGirl kiosks nationwide

They're also on Buy 1 Get 1 sale on selected items too until the end of the month! 😉

FB Page: Silkygirl.Ph
Instagram: Silkygirl Philippines
Silkygirl website (main): http://silkycosmetics.com/


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Sunday, September 9, 2018

SilkyGirl haul - new products for 2018!

SilkyGirl is a very underrated brand here in the Philippines. Their packaging is always simple without much frills, they don't have much ads, but when you get to try their products out, they're actually pretty nice for a drugstore brand. All my past SilkyGirl reviews were focused on lippies, and just recently they sent me new products to try.

SilkyGirl Haul! 💖

SilkyGirl Magic BB Cushion (P675) is available in 2 shades: 01 Natural Light (yellow tone) and 02 Natural Medium (pink tone). This BB Cushion is completely matte, has medium to full coverage, is not tested on animals, and deserves a separate review since it performs even better than Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion, at least for me. SUPER EXCITING! 😍

SilkyGirl Skin Perfect Liquid Foundation (P329) is their more affordable face base and it comes in 4 shades (01 Light, 02 Natural, 03 Medium, 04 Tan) so you're likely to find a close match for your skin. This one's on my to-try list after I review the Magic BB Cushion. 😉

How cute are these SilkyGirl Shimmer Duo Blushers (P329)! Each blush compact comes with a soft brush you can actually use (and not toss in the trash). Each blush compact comes with 2 shades inside which you can use on their own or mix for a unique pop of color. Available in 4 shades: 01 Cheeky Peach, 02 Blushing Pink, 03 Rose Petal, 04 Sunny Glow.

Have you tried SilkyGirl products before? Do share with me which one is your favorite, so I can also check it out! 💋

FB Page: Silkygirl.Ph
Silkygirl website (main): http://silkycosmetics.com/


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Get a L'Oreal lipstick charm for FREE!

L'Oreal Paris Philippines is giving away cute lipstick bag charms! All you have to do is vote for your MATTE.💄

Lipsticks not included, okay? 😜

Step 1: Share this post on Facebook and answer the question: What's your favorite lippie, SOLID or LIQUID lipsticks and why?
Step 2: Once done, show the shared post to L'Oreal's Makeup Artists in the following counters:
  • Watsons North EDSA DS
  • Watsons Megamall DS
  • Watsons Mall of Asia DS
  • Watsons Mall of Asia 1 PCare
  • Watsons Makati DS
  • Watsons San Lazaro DS
  • Watsons Fairview DS
  • Watsons Cubao DS
  • Watsons Dasma DS
  • Watsons Clark DS
  • Watsons Sta Rosa DS
  • Watsons Manila DS
  • Watsons Marikina DS
  • Watsons Bacoor DS
  • Watsons Pampanga DS
  • Watsons Southmall Premier PCare

It's SOLID for me! 💄 They're easier to apply and less likely to dry out my lips. I think I'm slowly getting over liquid matte lipsticks and going back to the basics. Feel free to backread my full review of L'Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipsticks and also the Project Vanity Lipstick Party where I first met these lipsticks.

Tip: Heart Evangelista likes Hinted Blush and Rich Merlot. Take note when you go lipstick shopping! 💋


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Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Skincare Shelfie [2018]

It's been a while since I did a skincare routine post. These are the products I'm currently using. 😊



For my makeup remover, I'm using Simple Micellar Water.  I used to think that all micellar waters are the same. I've used up Maybelline, then switched to Garnier because the formulation is almost the same but for some reason Garnier is cheaper. Simple is the third micellar water brand I've tried, and I like it the most because it's very gentle but powerful. It doesn't have alcohol and perfume in it, yet it removes my makeup fully with no dryness or irritation. It contains skin-brightening Niacinamide and also German chamomile extract to relieve inflamed skin and calm sensitive skin. I know micellar water brands claim to not need rinsing after, but I always double cleanse.

For facial cleaners, I alternate among three Althea brand exclusives: Contour Cleanser (though this one is not for dry skin as it's a tad drying) and Real Fresh Skin Detoxers AKA 10-second wash-off packs that also double as bubbly facial cleansers. I use the Rose variant during the day, Green Tea at night.


I have this (bad) habit of opening several bottles of toners just to try them out. 😑 I'm trying to correct that now, and as of press time I only have 2 left (Swanicoco and Althea). Good job, Helen!

Swanicoco A.C Control Care was from my Althea Trouble Breaker Box last year. I'm just using it up because it's expiring soon. I've used up 2 bottles of Snow Pore Minimizing Toners already, it's my cheapie thrill. It feels so minty on my skin, and it really prevents breakouts from even happening. Shiseido White Lucent Luminizing Infuser is super GOOD but expensive at P3,950 for a full-sized bottle. Althea Primer Water is not like all my toners; it has a thicker consistency (almost like an emulsion), and it feels so hydrating. I like using it during the day and I apply it using my hands in a patting motion. Sometimes, I sneakily skip moisturizer when I use this.

Serum & Eye Cream (THE BODY SHOP!)

Say hello to my first (brand) love! 😍 I haven't been blogging much about them since all I do is repurchase my favorites and that would feel repetitive to write, but right now, I'm still using The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil shower gel, Olive body butter, Strawberry Lip Butter, etc... and of course these babies!

The Body Shop's Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum ALWAYS works for me and never fails to make my skin better. It's a skincare investment at P1,895 for a small bottle, and I'm praying for a flash deal to happen again this year so I can hoard this good stuff. Haha! Whenever I religiously use this at night, even just once a day, I am able to maintain clear skin even if I wear makeup every day. Whenever I stop using this... HALA! Basta, it keeps my skin clear and healthy. The Vitamin E Eye Cream I just got because it was on sale then. I never expected it to work wonders, but one day after I used it, I was told na "lumiit eyebags mo". OKAY, SOLD!


I currently alternate between these two from Althea and The Body Shop. I use the Althea Fixer Cream on cold(er) days and nights because it has a thicker formulation. It's also what I use whenever I plan to wear my Fenty Beauty foundation since that foundations needs a heavy duty moisturizer to work. I discovered The Body Shop's Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream from my friend Monica. She LOVES The Body Shop, too! She gave me a sample of this moisturizer in a tiny pot, and I liked it enough to buy my own tub. (That's the power of sampling!) I got mine at 50% off a few months back when they did a moisturizer swap deal. 👍 This one's 100% vegan, and contains no mineral oil and paraffin. It's made for normal to combination skin, and I like how it's instantly absorbed by my skin. It's a gel cream, but sometimes it feels warm on my skin and I don't know why, but so far so good, no breakouts. Since it's not exactly made for oily skin, do not expect oil control from this product. It also has a strong fragrance to it. For me, this is an okay moisturizer, but I don't think I'll be repurchasing just because I'm into trying out new products.

So that's the rest of my 2018 Skincare Shelfie! Whew. Care to share yours? 😉


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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Althea Haul

I always love reading and writing about Althea Korea haul posts. When I became an Althea Angel, I was gifted with a welcome gift plus some shopping credits to buy more pretty stuff for review. 💝


One note though is that I promise to give unbiased reviews, so I'll start here. I checked out my order July 25. My order arrived in the Philippines on August 1, but it only got to me on August 6 since the local courier (Ninja Van) that handles COD transactions for Althea here in the Philippines caused the delay. My parcel was mishandled too: pink Althea plastic with holes that seemed like rat bites, flattened box, and my eyeshadow was not bubble-wrapped (?!). Althea would never ship out an item unprotected, so I have a feeling that my package was opened. Thank goodness nothing was broken or missing, but it gave me a mini heart attack. Next time, I'll just pay online via Paypal. I won't be doing COD anymore, unless another more trusted courier takes over COD transactions.

Now let's move on to happier things AKA makeup! 💄

I've always been curious about this eyeshadow! 16 Brand Eye Magazine went viral, and I see a lot of FAKES over at Shopee and Carousell. NO TO FAKES! If the price is too good to be true, it's fake. This authentic one is quite pricey considering it only has 2 shades in it, and I could already get a decent drugstore eye palette at the same price, but I'm a sucker for cutesy packaging so I had to have this. 😂

I had another case of "I know I don't need another lipstick but how can I resist" the moment I knew Althea was selling this type of lipstick. Kailijumei from China has the original concept of the flower jelly lipstick, but I got this one from Glamfox because it's more convenient for me to just buy from Althea. Isn't it just so pretty? 😍 It reminds me of Belle's magical rose in Beauty and the Beast. 🌹

I'm going back to being a good girl and wear my SPF everyday. I just turned 29 (!!!) and would love to not prematurely age because of the sun. My skin is oily, so among all the sunscreen selections available in Althea, this particular one from Innisfree called me because NO SEBUM. 👍

A bestseller in Althea! 💚 I reviewed this before! You can backread here. 😁 It's priced at P245 in the mall, but only P180 in Althea. Don't worry, Althea guarantees authenticity or 200% refund when proven fake. I got this one for M since it's his go-to moisturizer.

Althea only had around 4 hand cream brands in their website during the time I ordered, and Nine Point seemed like the best deal. It had a lot of good reviews, and for it's size (60g), it's such a steal. I chose Marry Me (insipired by Lanvin's Marry Me) and Lavender Floral (because I need relaxation in my life). I was excited and half scared to try them because what if they ended up crappy... but the quality was actually great! 😲 I tried a cheap hand cream from Mumuso (a China brand) once and it dried up my hands (!). This one's not sticky at all and it hydrates well. Good job, Althea and Nine Point. I shall hoard these as backups and gifts. 🎁
but I got it for free as GWP during Althea's 3rd birthday 🎂

During Althea's birth month last July, they had amazing promos every week. The final week was also the grand finale when they launched the newest shade of the Althea Petal Velvet Powder in a limited edition Pink Lavender shade. SOOO PRETTY! I made my purchases reach the minimum amount of P1,800 just to get it as a gift with purchase. The pinkish purple tones counteract sallow skin, just as how a lilac blush makes one look more youthful. Super happy to have this powder in my stash.

Althea Petal Velvet Powders originally came in a translucent shade,then #23 Warm Beige. This one's the third shade! I'm thinking maybe they'd come up with a green one too in the future to counter redness. Sounds good? 😉

DISCOUNT ALERT! I'm sharing with you a 20% discount on your first order at Althea. (You're welcome!) 😉 Free Shipping from Korea straight to your doorstep (not post office YAY!) on all orders P999+!


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