Thursday, August 25, 2016

Haul + First Impressions: Fairywhite | Tamanu Skinaid | Hairegen

Just yesterday, I met my friend Jessica at DeAntonni Hobby Cafe. We used to be classmates during elementary, and now we're both into skincare and makeup. She brought a couple of skincare products from Okala Quality Research and Development Enterprises for me to try. The company was founded by her mom, and now they're working together to grow their brands even more. How cool is that to have a mommy that's so passionate with beauty, she even created her own skincare products! :D

If it's your first time to hear of the brands Fairywhite, Tamanu Skinaid, and Hairegen, that's alright as I'll walk you through them. (It's exciting to discover local brands!) I believe their presence is much stronger in the provinces, but you can find their products at most Mercury Drug Stores and also in Unimart Greenhills.

Here's my haul + first impressions:

Fairywhite Lightening Soap (P120)

While we were discussing about the products, Fairywhite's packaging caught my eye the most because it's so girly. (Even the bar of soap is pink!) With the sheer amount of whitening soaps in the market, what sets Fairywhite Lightening Soap apart is the combination of pearl powder, rosehip oil, and argan oil it contains. These ingredients are premium, hence the price. (My first impression - my what a pricey soap bar! If it's expensive, it has to work.) I usually have apprehensions using soap bars because I'm a shower gel kind of girl, but Jessica told me that she has been using this soap since high school both for her face and body (and she does have good skin), so I did the same. For the first time since I started blogging, I'm not afraid to use a soap bar on my face! So far, so good, my skin felt soft afterwards! (I will do a separate review together with the BB Lotion in the coming days.)

Fairywhite BB Lotion (P985)

Fairywhite does have a separate BB Cream for the face, and I have with me the BB Lotion for the body. It's my first time to try something like a "body makeup". I've used lotions that give an instant white effect, but this one's different in a good way. It has a peach tint, not white, so it blends in more naturally with your body and has less chance of looking ashy or fake. (It makes me excited to wear shorts and dresses this weekend! Gusto kong maachieve yung Sandara effect wherein even her legs are glowing.)

Tamanu Skinaid (P300/6ml, P530/12ml)

This couldn't have came in a more perfect timing. I don't have scar problems, but my Mom recently got injured by glass and had to have stitches, and she was concerned with the potential scarring. I'll let her try this and document the progress. Also, it a natural antibacterial oil that can also be used to treat a bevy of skin problems ranging from pimples, insect bites, wounds, to even eczema, burns, and more.

Note: This product is made from Bitaog (Ball Nut), so if you're allergic to nuts, do not use this product. 
Hairegen (P1,395)

This one I need. My hair at the top of my scalp started thinning late last year even if I've already stopped chemical treatments. Compared to other chemical brands wherein maximum time of usage is just 2 weeks then you'd have to stop, you can use Hairegen Antimicrobial Treatment Oil as often as you like. This product is natural and contains essential nutrients to help make the scalp healthier and the hair roots stronger. If this helps my current thinning/falling hair situation, I will definitely repurchase!

For more information, LIKE Fairywhite, Tamanu Skinaid, and Hairegen on Facebook.

Have you tried these brands before? If not, which one are you curious about? :)


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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Beauty Lab Whitening Review

If you're into skin whitening, but find conventional soaps, lotions and glutathione to take a while before showing its effects, I have an amazing discovery for you! Just yesterday, I went to Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss Lab White located at Bonifacio Stopover. It would take me a LOT just to go to Fort, but for the love of beauty... Alam niyo na yan! ;) 

Beauty Lab Whitening is a new whitening care special shop which offers systematic and effective treatments, products, consultation, and care. It's like a one-stop skin whitening shop which delivers instant results - meaning you can return to baby skin in just 1.5 hours. Curious? Read on!

Beauty Lab Whitening is a new specialized skin treatment facility perfected in Seoul by South Korean skin expert Suaviss that uses an innovative skincare technology to stimulate our body's natural production of collagen. (Collagen is the main structural protein found in the human body, and is literally what holds our cells together. As our body's collagen slowly breaks down, we get wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. We become more susceptible to sun damage and blemishes, and acne tends to scar or last longer.)

To address these skin concerns Suaviss uses Red Light Collagen Therapy, a new kind of skin care technology that is widely popular in Korea. Several treatments have been clinically proven to boost skin elasticity, firmness, diminish wrinkles, and lighten skin tone.

I went there on a Friday afternoon and it was peaceful since everyone else were at work. The place was clean and well-lit.

Suaviss products are all 95% organic. The products on the top-most shelf aren't for sale since it's what they use for their in-house treatments, but the rest are home care treatments. (The peg of the display looks similar to Korean beauty boutiques we have here!)

I found an interesting skincare line by Suaviss that caters to people in their 20s.

Body wash that reminds me of The Body Shop's mini shower gel bottles.

Also, some beauty bundles so you could save money!

Prior to the treatment, I was given a questionnaire so they could assess how long I could spend time inside the R-630 machine - 10 to 15 minutes maximum.

Before treatment (SO EXCITED!)

But first, let me give you a room tour! Beauty Lab Whitening currently has 2 treatment rooms, so booking your appointment is highly encouraged. (In case you'll have to wait, there are a lot of restaurants at Bonifacio Stopover anyway. Hihi pagkain nanaman!)

There's a vanity table with a full length mirror on its left. On the table are some Suaviss products, and my favorite here is the Suaviss Colmado Blueberry Cleansing Milk. It took my makeup off in just a few swipes and it smells so good! Amoy juice! :D It's a no-rinse formula, perfect for lazy nights.

My favorite of course was the R-630 equipment! It looks like a giant ref, and it was quite intimidating to think that I'll be inside it but this was what I came here for. Beside it is a room with a bed where they'll be doing the full body scrub.

There was also a changing room where you could leave your things; don't worry since you'll be the only one using the room.

Now on to the procedure!

Step 1: Exfoliating

For the first part of the treatment, my entire body (including my face) was given a thorough exfoliating with the use of a volcanic ash pack while lying down. This is the gentler way to go, but equally effective as the conventional gritty scrubs we're used to. This step removes all the dead skin cells to improve skin tone, texture, and absorption of products. This took around 45 minutes and doubled as a massage.

Step 2: Preconditioning Ointment

After rinsing off the scrub, I dried my skin with a towel and my therapist applied a light white cream all over my entire body. It has a strong whitening effect that restrains formation of melanin cells which affects your skin tone. It also improves the skin tone as it moisturizes and whitens.

Step 3: Equipment Treatment R-630

The R-630 Collagen Light Facility is basically a machine that activates the body's cells to produce more collagen. It has 630mm wavelength lamp made by Cosmedico, Germany. (Knowing that it's German-made made me feel a whole lot safer!) It is inspired by NASA's technology used by astronauts to heal wounds faster in outer space. (SO COOL!) This technology is also used by athletes to help heal injured muscles quicker. The ray therapy uses the strongest and safest light in human history. This machine delivers light energy deep into the skin to aid rapid and effective delivery of whitening treatment substance. Recommended time in the machine is 10 minutes for better absorption.

Think of it as a reverse tanning bed. If a tanning bed offers you UV rays and skin darkening, this one gives you red light that produces collagen and even aids in skin whitening!

You have to be naked inside the machine, of course. I was allowed 15 minutes inside the machine. It wasn't painful, but it was warm inside. I initially wore goggles but took them off halfway since my eye area were already sweating. (Goggles aren't required, they're used just to protect your eyes from glare. But the light itself has no bad effects on the eyes unlike lasers.)

After going out of the machine, I drank water. Haha :P

Step 4: Post Conditioning Ointment

The last step protects and relaxes your skin.

After treatment
(It was late in the afternoon when I finished so the lighting was not as bright.)
My skin was a bit reddish immediately after the treatment, but it subsided after a few minutes when my body temperature normalized. 

The immediate effects I noticed were smoother and plumper skin! My therapist mentioned to me that my face was experiencing dryness again (while I thought it was oily), and I know it's because of the anti-acne products I'm using at the moment. After she was done with the facial, my skin felt so smooth! The Red Light Collagen Therapy also heals acne! I had a newborn pimple on my right temple prior to the treatment. It was painful to touch and it's going to be a huge one when left unattended, but now it has amazingly flattened.

As for my entire body, my skin was already fair to begin with, but it was taken up a notch. I had a few uneven parts due to swimming and outdoor activities earlier this year (aka tan lines on my shoulders and shorts marks on my thighs.) They weren't totally gone, but they have improved and evened out. I think 1 or 2 more sessions will do the trick! The dull yellow tones around my limbs and abdomen were a shade lighter after the treatment. Also, my torso used to experience a bit of flakiness due to dry skin, but now there was none at all! Overall, this treatment has made my skin more radiant and healthy.

There is no downtime for this treatment, and you can undergo your next one after 48 hours.

After the treatment, you won't need to purchase any home care product, since the treatment itself is already effective. (I also appreciate that they're not hard-sell with their products.) I admit that it's pricey but it works. I think the effect will be more pronounced on morena skin. Also, Beauty Lab Whitening is the only place here in the Philippines to offer Red Light Collagen Therapy. I'm still amazed, and I can't wait to go back!

Whitening Solution Full Body Treatment
  • Regular price - P5,000/session
  • Gold (5 sessions) - P19,500
  • Diamond (8 sessions) - P27,000
  • Platinum (10 sessions + home care product) - P33,500

Whitening Solution Facial Treatment
  • Regular price - P2,500/session
  • Gold (5 sessions) - P11,000
  • Diamond (8 sessions) - P14,000
  • Platinum (10 sessions) - P16,000

Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss Lab White
Address: Unit 304, 3/F, Bonifacio Stopover, 31st Street cor. 2nd Avenue Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Telephone: 546-4601
Facebook: Beauty Lab Whitening PH
Instagram: @BeautyLabWhiteningPH

September 1, 2016 UPDATE: Just yesterday, I had my second session done, and was given a discount code to share with my readers and followers! :D If you want to try this service too, just mention the code BLWHELEN10 and enjoy a 10% discount! ❤ Call 546-4601 to book your appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Taiwan’s Best Brands at TriNoma!

How was Quezon City day for you guys? My sister was happy because she had a long weekend, and there was no traffic DAW. While poor ol' me traveled 3 hours just to get home from Fort. (I hate that place. Haha! It would take me a LOT to make me go there - such as good friends I met for lunch a while ago and an interesting NEW beauty lab I'll be reviewing tomorrow.) When there are events in the North, I am ultimately thrilled!

This weekend, mallgoers will once again be treated to a wide selection of high quality products from Taiwan’s best brands at the third Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone, happening at the TriNoma Activity Center in Quezon City on August 19 to 21.

Led by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and in partnership with the Taiwanese government, the Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone is an interactive product showcase featuring brands that bear the Taiwan Excellence seal, which assures customers of the products’ superior quality.

Over 140 products from 54 Taiwan Excellence-accredited brands will be offered at the Experiencing Zone. The wide range of products covers needs for Information and Communications Technology, Home and Living, and Sports and Leisure. This includes STRIDA’s durable bicycles designed for convenient and reliable urban transport, SH-RD’s protein cream that avoids hair damage and promises softer and shinier hair, and FECA’s storage products that help in maximizing the home space. 

Performances, fashion shows, games, and raffle draws are lined up to keep shoppers entertained while exploring Taiwan Excellence products. Customers can also watch out for surprise gigs from favorite bands such as Silent Sanctuary (August 19), Callalily (August 20), and Up Dharma Down (August 21).

There will also be booth tours and brand presentations to educate consumers on how the featured products can complement their lifestyle. Selling booths from brands such as Tatung, MSI, FECA, and Asus will be available, while generous discounts from brands like Kymco, MSI, Pacific, Tatung, Tern, and Thermaltake will be offered on-ground.

Don’t miss out on the latest gadgets, home appliances, fitness gear, and many other treats from Taiwan Excellence-approved brands and head to TriNoma on August 19 to 21!


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tried and Tested Anti-Acne Products Under P350!

I've had a bout of bad skin days (think: whiteheads on my entire face), hence I wasn't confident enough to write about makeup and skincare during the time being. They didn't show up much on photos, but my face felt really bumpy all over. I did a makeup and skincare detox, and overhauled my skincare regimen geared towards anti-acne. Now, I'm back and the bumps are finally gone! I'll share with you the products that have saved my skin during the process. Icing on top is that everything is P350 and below - all Asian cosmetics, too!

Operation: Save My Skin!

Cathy Doll Foam Cleanser (P18/6ml sachet, P299/100ml tube)
Origin: Thailand brand, Made in Korea

First up would be cleanser. I was initially saving these cute sachets for travel, but my skin needed everything "anti-acne" so I used them one after the other. Each sachet lasted me for about a week, which gives ample time for a proper review.

Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum + Foam Cleanser has 6 functions as indicated in the packaging: anti acne, for sensitive skin, oil control, brightening, spot remover, and tea tree serum. It contains tea tree leaf extract and apple extract (which has anti-acne, anti-aging, and skin brightening properties). Both cleansers are white and foamy with just a mild scent, but I find this variant to give me a thorough, squaky-clean finish.

Cathy Doll Aura Whitening Serum + Foam Cleanser has 6 functions as well: whitening, bright toner, anti dark spot, anti blemish, soft & smooth, and glutathione serum. This one contains apple and papaya extract. It gives my skin a really soft feel afterwards, which was nice!

Between the two, I found the green one to give a more thorough cleanse, while the pink one leaves my skin soft and supple. I'd recommend them both depending on your skin concern. (For now, I'm leaning towards the anti-acne one because it's what I need. Plus, it was out of stock when I wanted to repurchase it at SM Makati.)

Check out more Cathy Doll products here. You may also backread my reviews. :)

Celeteque Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner (P75/65ml)
Origin: Philippines
I had a love-hate relationship with this toner in the past. That's why it took me months just to finish the tiny 65ml bottle. It has a strong alcohol scent and it stings my face where there are wounds (self-inflicted ones from picking comedones/pimples). The first time I used it months ago, my face felt so dry that I ignored it afterwards. When my skin felt hopeless, I reached for it again and WOW now I love it. When I use a gentler toner, my skin would feel soft but not totally clean. This one show me all the dirt that was left on my skin after cleansing by turning my cotton ball into a yucky yellowish shade (probably from the makeup I wear). As long as I moisturized right after, there was no more dryness. I believe this aided my skin clearing process, and I'd repurchase as it's now empty.

PS. I only use this at night. Ain't got no time for a long skincare routine in the morning!

Origin: Philippine brand, Made in Thailand
I've already done a review for this way back 2013, and fast forward to 3 years, I still go back to this one whenever I need it, and it always works. I used to have tons of cute little deluxe samples of this, which I distributed to my colleagues so they too can experience this little wonder. I love this moisturizer because it's gel - the perfectly light texture for my oily skin. It contains my skin's BFF, salicylic acid, so a few weeks into using this, the bumps are gone. This doesn't leave my skin soft and plush though, just normal, but I love it because it heals!

PS. I also use this only at night, as makeup doesn't adhere to it smoothly. Also, salicylic acid makes my skin more sensitive to the sun. Read more Celeteque reviews here!

Ellana Supreme Blend Loose Mineral Foundation/Concealer in Cheer
(starts at P350 each for the refills)
Origin: Philippines
Last but not the least is my all-time favorite local makeup brand - Ellana Mineral Cosmetics! I never believed in mineral makeup until I tried Ellana's way back 2014 - since then, it has been my go-to powder because I never ever break out from it. (This brand caters to combination, oily, and even acne-prone skin!)

I visited their website just recently and I'm liking the makeover. Anyway, I have 2 types of powder with me. Chai Tea Latte is my exact shade match and it makes me look poreless! I use this more often compared to Cheer (which is the concealer version of Chai Tea Latte). I only get to use Cheer for my dark circles, and sometimes I skip it when I'm too lazy to open another jar. LOL

This one is the state of my Chai Tea Latte pot. It's the second one I'm about to empty, and it used to be filled up to the brim. Each refill packet 6g costs only P350, and it lasts me so many months, I lost count. (Next time, I'll count so I can inform you guys!) Ellana is promoting love for the environment so you can purchase either just the refill or if it's your first time to try this product, you could get the refill + empty refillable jar for only P499. I love it!

Hope you found this post useful! :D


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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why I'm Taking Glutathione + Its Hidden Benefits

The questioning looks I get from my friends when I start talking about Glutathione is why I even bother taking it, since I'm already fair to begin with. Let me tell you, there is more than meets the eye.

Glutathione is very common here in the Philippines. We can find it in all forms - those who are more conservative would opt for topical application via soaps and lotions, but admittedly the faster way to skin whitening is glutathione entering the body via ingestion or IV. So many rumors surround it though about its effects on one's body. Many are hesitant to take it for fear of experiencing negative effects such as gastrointestinal pain and skin allergies, but I can share with you a brand that I trust since 2013 - SnowCaps! (I've reviewed it way back during 2013, which you may read here.)

I won't try anything that would be a potential health risk, so before trying it out, I did heavy research and found it to be extremely interesting. Glutathione nourishes the liver, and the only side effect it's supposed to give is its skin whitening effect. (That's like a win-win situation.)

In an effort to inform the Filipinos on what we really need to know about glutathione, VIDA NutriSciences teamed up with Kohjin Life Sciences to let us in on the undiscovered health benefits of glutathione earlier today at a press conference held at Hotel Jen. (Kohjin is the Japan-based glutathione supplier of VIDA, and is FDA accredited.)

Kohjin Life Sciences members Mr. Yusuke Sauchi, Ms. Hitomi Ito, and Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Associate Professor Dr. Wataru Aoi gave us interesting insights about its importance, its depleting level in our bodies as we age, and its hidden benefits.

Glutathione is naturally present in our body, but external factors such as stress, pollution, and vices deplete it, hence the need to supplement.

Also, another little known use for glutathione that I've learned today was that some of the Japanese take it before a drinking session, and it has showed a significant decrease in hangover symptoms.

Benefits of Glutathione:
  • Lightens the skin
  • Keeps a flawless complexion
  • Maintains a healthy liver
  • Detoxifies our liver and body of harmful toxins and heavy metals from what we consume
  • Boosts immunity versus deadly diseases (AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and cardiac arrest)
  • Helps keep our physique in shape
  • Improves male fertility by providing the needed nutrients for the sperm

Even Alden Richards is a fan!

Filipinos can now be more confident to make informed choices as VIDA and Kohjin collaborates to further common knowledge, break myths, and raise awareness about glutathione.

I'm taking glutathione again not merely for skin whitening, but for overall health and wellness. I've made a comprehensive review before, so I'm expecting the same level of results. But to help you spot an original SnowCaps product, you may refer to the photos below. Make sure to purchase from authorized sellers only.

Expected time for results to show would be 6 to 8 weeks, but based on my experience before, effects were noticed by other people in as early as 2 weeks.

Price: P1,495 per box (30 capsules)
Available in the following locations: Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, Generika Drugstores, SouthStar Drugstores, Three Sixty Pharmacy, Rose Pharmacy, LCC Bicol, 360 Pharmacy – Cebu, NCCC HB1- Davao, Metro Gaisano Pharmacy, Landmark – TriNoma and Makati, Carlos Super Drug – Lucena City, Evercare Pharmacy – Cebu, R8 Drugs Distributor – Sta. Cruz, Manila, Marzan Pharmacy - Sta. Cruz, Manila, Multifirst – Bambang, CuraMed – Baguio, CitiDrug

Have you tried glutathione before? How has it worked for you? Also, if you have any questions about my experience with SnowCaps, feel free to ask at the comment section of this post. (My previous post's comment section doesn't load properly anymore, due to the number of responses.)

Instagram: @snowwhitening


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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Review: Photobook Philippines Softcover Photobook

I wanted to give Panda a thoughful present, but I'm currently supporting my own education so I have to be more resourceful and creative. :D

My friend spotted an awesome deal that felt too good to be true months ago at Metrodeal. I could get a 40-page 6x6-inch softcover photobook from Photobook Philippines for only P20! I immediately did research and found it to be very legit. I read mixed reviews at first with regards to the shipping process, as some said they picked it up from the post office (qué horror), and others had theirs delivered straight to their doorstep. Despite the slight apprehension, I went ahead and bought 2 vouchers for P40 because I had nothing to lose (in case I end up not using the vouchers).

During my one week vacation from language school, I finally had the time to compile our photos - way back from our trips from 2014! I've always wanted to do something like this - a scrapbook perhaps, but I'm no good with arts and crafts at all. It was a tedious process gathering photos and arranging them by date that I felt tired (but happy) by the time I finally finished my book!

You can download the Photobook Designer software to create your photobook, or you can also do it online. It's a huge file, so I just copied it from my friend because I'm not techie and I have no patience. Haha. The software is very easy to navigate. You just choose a background, drag and drop your desired photos, and even add frames and stickers.

I uploaded my 2 photobook files on the afternoon of July 1. My photobooks arrived on 2 separate dates - July 5 and July 7, and they were delivered straight to my address! :D YAY!

I uploaded it twice because on my first book, I just clicked "Check Project...", and the software warned me of some low-res photos that may look blurred upon printout. I didn't click "Check Proofs...", so there were 3 minor spacing issues which I overlooked. On my second photobook, I made sure to fix those. :D

My photobooks arrived in perfect condition! They were wrapped in thin plastic and inserted inside a cardboard envelope. I also have coupons which I can use on my next photobooks, but they expired mid-July. Boohoo.

My photobooks were sturdily bound, and the pages were printed using FSC certified upgraded 190 gsm E-Photo matte paper. It's durable and long-lasting. The pages aren't too soft and glossy, and they don't retain fingerprints. The outcome of the overall colors were a bit darker than how it looked on the software. Other than that, my photobooks are how I envisioned them. I love them! :D

I won't reveal everything, but here are some shots from our Bangkok trip, candy making at Made In Candy, Coron trip, and random date pics! I love how you can put unlimited photos per page.

I only paid P20 for each photobook + P250 shipping fee via DHL. P270 per photobook is an awesome deal! :D The delivery was also swift and hassle-free. My orders came straight to my doorstep in less than a week considering they were shipped from Malaysia. (The only catch here was you can't combine shipping since you can only use 1 voucher code per photobook per shipment, but it's no biggie at all.)

The best part is, I spotted this deal again in Metrodeal just NOW, as I was checking my email. Get your vouchers! Super sulit siya, promise! (This is in no way a sponsored post, but I'd promote it to death. P20 lang siya eh!) The deal will be up for 1 day and 11 hours from now. :)

Are you excited to make your own photobook now? :D


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