Friday, October 28, 2016

Nutrawell Collagen (Now Available at Generika Drugstore)

I had a mid-week beauty break when I attended the launch of Nutrawell Collagen at Dusit Thani in Makati last Wednesday. If there's anything I'm passionate about, it's skincare! I'm all for products that will help me combat any signs of aging.

Off-topic trivia: The oily skin I used to curse when I was a teenager now seems to be a friend since I'm 27 and I don't have wrinkles yet. (This is what I think the only "pro" there is when it comes to having oily skin.)

Anyway, today's post will be about a new brand of collagen (health supplement) in the market that is exclusively available at Generika Drugstore: Nutrawell Collagen with Astaxanthin & Hyaluronic Acid Powder Drink. It's made in Japan and is certified as organic under the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), the highest certifying body of Japan.

During the event, photos of Elizabeth Hurley and Robert Downey Jr. were shown to us. They're both 51, but they're the ultimate #AgingGoals. They look so youthful! Of course, it helps because Hollywood stars have all the resources to maintain their beauty. But how about us mortals? :o

Did you know that at the age of 25, the production of collagen in our body starts to decrease gradually?

As prevention, we have Nutrawell Collagen! It's an age management dietary supplement that stimulates the skin to look radiant, vibrant, and youthful. It promotes beautiful skin by restoring its moisture, elasticity, and smoothness.

Do you ever envy a baby's skin? It's super soft, right? :D That's because they have an abundance of collagen, and we lose it as we grow and age.

Compared to other collagen products, only Nutrawell Collagen contains Astaxanthin that helps protect the skin from UV rays and skin-damaging free radicals.

Do you like the look of healthy pinkish skin? Astaxanthin is the answer! It's actually a naturally occurring reddish pigment that belongs to a group of chemicals called carotenoids. It's present in certain algae and causes the pinkish color in salmon (my favorite food in the world) and other seafood. (This plate of salmon maki is the only thing I ate during the event's buffet spread. I can ignore red meat and just live on this and I'd be so happy!)

Another tip which I've read from the internet is to drink carrot juice regularly. It's very high in beta carotene as well and could work wonders in giving you a healthier appearance.

I've tried a sample of Nutrawell Collagen during the event and it had a mild vanilla flavor. You can take it on its own or mix it with any food and drink. (I'm thinking of blending this into milkshakes!)

Nutrawell Collagen contains...
  • 5000mg of marine Collagen* that rejuvenates skin firmness and radiance
  • 60mg of Hyaluronic Acid that helps prevent osteoarthritis, cataracts, infections, and skin dryness
  • 70ug of Astaxanthin that helps protect the skin from UV damage
    • It is a powerful carotenoid anti-oxidant that helps promote eye health. It also aids in preventing cancer. Based on research, Astaxanthin is a potential aid in cardiovascular health by possibly lowering down triglycerides, raising good cholesterol and improving blood flow.
  • Elastin that helps the skin remain elastic
  • Biotin that boosts skin, nails, and hair health, plus it also helps to ease eczema and dermatitis
  • L-Cystein that can lighten one’s complexion
  • Vitamin C that is an anti-oxidant which helps the body strengthen its tissues, keeps the heart healthy, and boosts the body’s ability to produce and repair collagen

*5,000mg is the optimal dose of Collagen that the body can absorb. Anything in excess will just be excreted by the body.

The best time to take Nutrawell Collagen is before bedtime, as the body starts to repair itself while at rest or sleeping. (And though unrelated, the best time to take glutathione is right after you wake up, because glutathione levels are lowest and oxidative stress is highest during daytime.) Nutrawell Collagen is recommended for both men and women ages 25 and up.

The barrier I've always had with consistently taking any collagen supplement before is the fishy-vanilla-milky taste that comes with it. I already have problems taking fresh milk alone, because I hate the taste of milk. Nutrawell Collagen tasted surprisingly light so for the first time, I might be able to finish my box by consistently taking it for 2 weeks! ;)

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Your New Favorite Day of the Week: Wingstop's #WingItTuesdays

Nobody really likes Mondays, so Wingstop gives us something to look forward to the next day with #WingItTuesdays! :D When you're busy hustling (with all those deadlines, meetings, and events), nothing beats getting some downtime with some friends and family over a no-fail (chicken) meal to share and enjoy.

From September 20 until November 29, Tuesday will now be your favorite day of the week, because you can now purchase 20 pieces of Wingstop's highly addictive Batter-fried wings worth P799 for only P499!

Enjoy the hustle and satisfy your wings cravings with the #WingItTuesdays promo!

Every Tuesday, you can choose 4 of your favorite flavors for every 20-piece order of Batter-fried wings. Whether you plan to enjoy their mouth-watering wings all by yourself or share them with a few lucky buddies, Wingstop wants you to get at it, stat. ;)

The #WingItTuesdays promo is valid for pick up, dine in, and take out in all Wingstop Philippines stores. Dare to wing it because nothing lasts forever.

TIP: Set your alarms for every Tuesday until the end of November today so you won't miss out on your flavor fix. :D

For more information on the #WingitTuesdays Promo and for a listing of Wingstop’s store locations, visit, LIKE Wingstop Philippines on Facebook, and FOLLOW @wingstopph on Instagram.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

I have a new addition to my skincare routine, and though I don't want to profess love at first try for skincare products, this one's an exception since it works amazingly even from just the first use!

My skin usually feels oily, but sometimes when I get a facial (no pricking involved) or have my makeup done, the pros always tell me that my skin's actually dehydrated (especially around the cheeks), hence its rough texture. The reason why it feels oily is because it overcompensates for its hidden dry state. Also, I'm prone to getting whiteheads. Whenever I don't wear makeup, I look sick sometimes because my skin tone is uneven and dull. Because of that, I always have to at least have a light layer of powder on to look presentable. Let's see how this Chinese-inspired mask will help my Chinese skin. :D

Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask (P1,195)
Brightens. Evens. Revitalises.
100% Vegetarian


Noteworthy ingredients in this mask: luffa (to exfoliate and heal the skin), kaolin (to clear pores of dirt and oil), sesame seed oil (to moisturize, reduce scars and rashes), shea butter, salicylic acid, menthol, ginseng root extract (to tone and stimulate the skin), and rice extract (to soothe inflamed skin).

This unique blend of ingredients all have common benefits for the skin: moisturizing, anti-aging, and healing. The ingredients are also known to make spots fade and calm the skin. Hence, the more even appearance.

The glass jar is simple, but heavy and with a premium feel. I do not advise toting it around during travel. You can transfer the mask into a smaller pot for convenience. It also comes with an inner lid to protect the product. This mask is good for 12 months after first use.

How to use: Cleanse the skin and pat dry. Smooth an even layer of mask onto the face, avoiding the eye and lip area. Apply to neck and décolleté if desired. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off in circular motions to gently exfoliate.

The box says use 2 to 3 times a week, but since this mask is gritty, 1 to 2 times a week is enough. The mask has a combination of round and long scrubs (that looks and feels like loofah to me). It has a bright fragrance that has been blended with strong Chinese herbs (hello, ginseng), which smells rather medicinal/floral but I'm fine with it. The mask feels really cooling and soothing. It didn't harden/solidify, and it was easy to wash off. It's not messy, compared to clay masks I've tried before.

When I washed it off, I couldn't believe my skin's state. It was so clean, pure, and most importantly, even! I've been having bad sleep lately, but the mask banishes all signs of haggardness away. 

After masking

Closer look

My pores were noticeably smaller, and my skin looks bright and even. That's just after one use, guys. With consistent use, this mask promises reduced skin imperfections and a more renewed appearance. I can't wait! (And yeah, I'll be skipping makeup for now!) :D

I've always liked using sheet masks, but they're either hit or miss. Sometimes, I see instant results, but sometimes they just make my face feel wet and moisturized with no extra oomph! Also, the excess essence I always just tend to wipe off with tissue since my skin is unable to absorb everything, so there's wastage. With this mask, you get only the amount of product you need per usage. And a jar will last you months. I did the math, if I were to buy my favorite fancy hydrogel mask at around P150 per sheet, then I could just buy 8 pieces of that. As opposed to The Body Shop's mask which for sure will last more than 8 uses. In the long run, it's value for money - as long as you get the perfect variant for your skin type.

If you're curious with The Body Shop's range of Expert Facial Masks, you can get your FREE sample here (until November 2, 2016). You will need to take a skincare consultation test to know what mask fits you! 

The Body Shop challenge you to #DareToMask and WIN a full-sized mask!

What's the craziest thing you can do while masking? 

Share on Instagram and you might be one of the 3 winners of Recipes of Nature Facial Mask! ;)

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Instagram: @thebodyshopph


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Monday, October 24, 2016

Fairywhite Soap & BB Lotion Review

Today's review will be about a skin lightening duo I've recently discovered: Fairywhite. I've used a lot of whitening soaps, so I'm curious on how this one can be different from the previous ones I've tried. Also, the BB Lotion is an interesting concept. Body makeup, anyone?

You might have come across these products at your local Mercury Drug Store branch or in Unimart Greenhills. The products are locally-made with slightly higher price points due to the premium ingredients they contain.

Fairywhite Lightening and Moisturizing Soap 90g (P120)
with Pearl Powder, Rosehip Oil, and Argan Oil


From the time I've started blogging, I've always been hesitant with using bar soaps on my face, regardless of the brand. It's just that I've always found them drying, and that they leave my face feeling tight. Not this one, though! When this soap was presented to me, I found out that even the owners use this one on their face AND body. (However, I do not advise using just 1 bar of soap both on your face and body. I wouldn't want to use the same bar that I've used on my feet also for my face. Get 2 bars, instead! Hehe) Anyway, I used this one exclusively on my face for days until I accidentally dropped it while I was showering. It's a soft soap, so a bit of dirt stuck to it and I just used it on my body since then.

Pearl powder helps treat acne and stimulate collagen regeneration. Rosehip oil in its pure form can burn the skin, so skincare products need to have just the right amount/dosage for it to work. This ingredient can correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, all while reducing scars and fine lines. Argan oil is a natural skin moisturizer.

This soap my face clean and soft, but never dry and itchy. It has a very light fragrance and it's non-irritating. I also didn't break out from it. If you're going to use this soap exclusively for the face, it can last you months, so in the long run, it's not expensive. When you use this on your entire body, it will probably last for 1 month. When used on the body, it feels squeaky clean while rinsing, but it's not drying. My skin looks healthier and brighter after weeks of consecutive use, but it didn't give me any drastic whitening effect. It's fine though, since I'm just aiming for healthy-looking, even skin. For travel, I prefer to bring this kind of multipurpose soap bar to save space and avoid spills.

Fairywhite Lightening and Moisturizing BB Lotion with UV Protection 100ml (P985)
Perfect cover for the whole body


First impression: Body makeup? What a vain little thing to have. It's quite expensive, too! But I realized that it can help bring back confidence of those who have dark spots, skin asthma scars, and other body blemishes.

Fairywhite BB Lotion also has rosehip oil and pearl powder, but what makes this special is its peach shade. Other instant whitening lotions come in just a white lotion/cream form, so they have the tendency to look ashy on dark skin. This one blends better and looks way more natural.




It feels a lot like a BB cream for the body and I love it. It makes my skin look lit from within! And it never feels sticky or greasy. I love using it on my arms during sleeveless days. For my dry legs, this tends to make the flakes visible so a trick I learned is to first apply a bit of body butter first for a healthy sheen, then top it off with the Fairywhite BB Lotion. It blends faster and more seamlessly this way, and it always looks natural! Fairywhite BB Lotion is my favorite thing to use whenever I wear shorts and dresses. But my killer combo is Veet Hair Removal Cream (1 to 2 days before) + body butter (I love the ones from The Body Shop) + Fairywhite BB Lotion for glossy, perfect legs!

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2017

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) is giving us Christmas feels as early as yesterday! They've opened The Giving Town Christmas Fair at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5 to launch The Giving Journal 2017.

As the Christmas season approaches and a new year draws near, CBTL reminds us that life is not what we amass for ourselves, but how we can share our gifts, talents, and time with others.

Everyone who dropped by got an early glimpse of the new journals and more! There were so many worthwhile advocacies to discover and support, arts and crafts to make, and some game booths even gave out CBTL treats!

Upon entering the venue, I was given this Giving Town Bingo card. The tasks were easy, and you'd have to roam around the entire venue to finish it.

The Giving Town Map

Part of the challenge was to look for the 4 Giving Icons. These icons are found on the 4 covers of the 2017 edition of The Giving Journal. They are graphic representations of how CBTL commits to giving back to the community, through promoting goodwill and social responsibility.

I got to give Harold, Hope in a Bottle's mascot, a huge bear hug! He's bigger than me! :o

I love these large Giving Journals! Which color do you like best? :>

We also had to doodle and decorate our own CBTL cup. I really can't draw, but I tried my best. Haha :P

More booths upstairs! My friends and I joined the Beat the Record game, wherein you'll have to unscramble 3 words/phrases under 2 minutes. The top 3 fastest ones will get GCs, but I got the consolation prize (free holiday featured drink voucher) so I'm still happy! :D

These are the holiday featured drinks:
  • Double Chocolate Strawberry Ice Blended
  • Double Chocolate Strawberry Latte
  • Winter Dream Tea Latte

Once the bingo card has been completed, you automatically get a headstart for your Giving Journal 2017 - AKA 2 free stamps!

Each stamp card consists of 12 circles with corresponding purchased drink assignments. All 12 stamps must be accumulated in one stamp card to claim the journal. A box of CBTL capsules earns the customer two stamps, while any CBTL Single Serve Beverage System purchase automatically allows a customer to claim the 2017 Giving Journal.

You can start collecting stamps TODAY, October 22, in all CBTL stores nationwide.

For 2017, the Giving Journals come in 4 colors (rose, turquoise, purple, and teal) with the central theme being the cup that changes lives. The Giving Journal is a useful planner and a medium for generosity where you can begin writing the beautiful story of your own Giving Journey.

Through the 2017 Giving Journal, you empower scholars by giving them the gift of education through the Real LIFE Foundation, the Giving Journal's beneficiary since 2011.

I got the 2017 Giving Journal in rose, and I bet this one will get sold out quickly. It's so pretty! ❤

The 2017 Giving Journal is leather-bound and has a soft feel. For a change, I'm now using a minimalist journal.

Let's see what's inside!


CBTL coupons for 2017:

CBTL regulars will love these monthly treats!

Each month of the year begins with a sketch that symbolizes the various commitments of CBTL.

Each month also features an advocacy with their partner organizations.

Monthly view

Weekly view (with alternating lined and blank pages)

My favorite sketch

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and He will show you which path to take. -Proverbs 3:5-6

I noticed that this year's edition isn't as colorful as the previous ones, so I think I might color the monthly sketches! :D

There are several notes pages at the back.

Surprise! There are 3 Wingstop coupons valid for the entire year.

At the back, there is a pocket plus some stickers.

This one's my first CBTL planner, and I find it simple but nice. It inspires us to brew our best year yet by becoming the best version of ourselves, making a positive difference in the world, and living a life full of love and service for others. :)

Which color of the 2017 Giving Journal do you like best? :D

For more information about the 2017 Giving Journal:
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