Sunday, February 19, 2017

Benefit POREfessional DUPE at Half the Price!

Céleteque is undeniably famous for their skincare. My favorite has to be their AcneSolutions products, which I still use until now. They came out with makeup a few years back, and being a skincare brand, they've marketed their makeup as skin-friendly. (All their products are dermatologically-tested and hypoallergenic.) I'm loving their Matte Lipsticks, and because it's safe for the skin, my lips won't get dark with it!

Over the holidays, the brand sent me their newest makeup releases which I was very excited to try! I've had enough time to try most of their products, so do watch out for a series of reviews in the coming days! One of the products that instantly caught my interest was the Céleteque DermoCosmetics 24-Hour Photoready Matte Primer because of it's tone and texture, which reminded me very much of Benefit's POREfessional Face Primer. (I was pleasantly surprised with this, since I was expecting it to be white or colorless.)

The Céleteque DermoCosmetics 24-Hour Photoready Matte Primer (P825) helps your makeup look flawless for longer, thanks to its silky weightless formula that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines and reduces shine for a smooth, flawless look.

The packaging is very basic and simple. This is the case for their entire makeup range, but I wish it could be more informative. (Well, at least it has the manufacturing and expiry dates printed on the tube.) The tube comes with a slim nozzle, and because of the product's texture, it doesn't spill.

It contains 4 key ingredients:
  • Polymethyl Methacrylate to minimize pores, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Silica for oil control and to give your skin a silky-soft and matte look and feel
  • Dimethicone and Dimethicone Crosspolymer, which work together to form a protective barrier on the skin and helps your makeup last longer

Let's see the primer in action! I've used it side by side with Benefit's POREfessional to compare.
Céleteque vs Benefit

Both primers come in a nude shade which doesn't really alter your skintone. Céleteque's primer initially is harder to blend compared to Benefit's (which has a smoother glide), but once it's completely blended and settled on the skin, the finish is the SAME. The ingredients of both primers are kind of similar, only Céleteque has added Marula oil into the mix for hydration.

When worn:

bare skin, with Céleteque primer, with Céleteque primer + powder 
bare skin, with Benefit primer, with Benefit primer + powder

During my wear test, I did half of my face with Céleteque and the other half with Benefit. I topped them off with Céleteque DermoCosmetics CC Micro-Hydrating Powder in Light Porcelain (which is my exact shade match). With both primers alone, there is no drastic difference. Céleteque's primer instantly mattified my skin post-sunscreen, and my skin felt velvety smooth. After 5 hours, the side with Benefit was starting to get shiny especially around the nose and cheeks, while the side with Céleteque only had slight sheen and my makeup still looked intact. (I asked my sister to confirm which side was shinier, and she had the same feedback as I did.) Both products didn't break me out. Overall, Céleteque's primer is a nice dupe of Benefit's POREfessional primer at half the price! 😊

Price: P825
Available at all Watson's stores nationwide

Facebook: Céleteque Dermo
Instagram: @celetequedermo

Have you tried Céleteque's DermoCosmetics products? :D


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Sunday, February 12, 2017

I wanted a trim, but the stylist had something else in mind

When I got home, my sister teased me of having a Breakover Makeover. I rolled my eyes at her as an instant response. I was actually contemplating on getting a haircut, since it's been over a year since my last. When it comes to haircuts, I'm lazy like that. It's because no one really notices if I get one since my hair just curls up once I wash it. LOL! I promised to drag myself to the salon once I land a job offer, so here I am! 😂

I initially just wanted a trim, since almost ALL the stylist I've had before refused to cut my wavy hair short since it'll just puff up and be all difficult to style.

Plus, I've lost weight recently (something I am sad about), so long hair makes me look tired. I went to Bench Fix Salon Trinoma again after a long time, and my stylist for the day was Ronald (or Roland). (I'm terrible with names! 🙉) I asked for a trim and for them to use a diffuser to dry my hair so it would end up with a curly finish. He showed me via hand gesture that he would cut about 3-4 inches off my long hair and cut off the V-part of my layers at the back, and just give me soft layers. Okay! But it somehow ended up being around 7 inches gone - shoulder length!

Aftermath. I thought I was in trouble. It's been ages since my last shoulder-length hair, and I used to hate this length because it will get all frizzy and flyaway. They never used the diffuser on me, but they tried to blow dry my hair wavy. And yup, I got them flyaways. I wasn't stoked since I know I'll just like my hair for a day, but it turned out okay. I realized that my hair wouldn't get nasty flyaways, since it's all wavy to begin with. Haha. The first week, I felt like a lion since my hair did rise to the occasion, but I think it grew a bit and now it's easier to work with. I just use my favorite sea salt spray and scrunch away.

This is how my air-dried hair now looks like, after a long day at work plus one event. The length is just right, after all. Haircut just costs P350, which is pretty cheap. 😉 

So far, I've never had the same look whenever I have my haircut done at Bench Fix Salon. These photos are from when I was 23, 24, and 27. (I'm done with bangs!) 😛 And as you can see, I like documenting my haircuts like so. Which one do you prefer? 💛

bench/ Fix Salon Trinoma
Phone no.: (02)9013643 to 44


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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Penshoppe Capital at UP Town Center

Penshoppe has just opened their newest store yesterday at UP Town Center and it's HUGE! 😮 I usually shop at their stores in Trinoma and SM North EDSA, so I was stoked to find out that their newest and biggest store will be at UP Town Center, which is also close to my place. Aptly dubbed Penshoppe Capital, this 800-square meter fashion haven will be your new favorite shopping destination!

The store has an edgy yet minimalist layout with white walls, floors, and ceiling. It also has giant LED screens playing the brand's latest campaigns in place of display windows.

"One of our biggest considerations when designing Penshoppe Capital is to make it a destination," shares Jeff Bascon, Penshoppe's Brand Director. "In order to do this, we need to create a unique shopping experience. That’s when we thought about playing with space. The store is laid out in such a way that shoppers can easily move from one section to the next and allows everyone to have a clear view of the brand’s offerings at a macro perspective."

Allow me give your a visual tour of Penshoppe Capital! 😁 I love how the store is arranged. It allows you to move around and explore their various lines, from fresh drops to classic favorites like essential shirts, to everyone's favorite DenimLab pants, and more!

Trivia: My sister works for Penshoppe and she's handling the ladies' bottoms, so I get updated regularly on their new styles. She's also my stylist/enabler. Whenever she tells me about Penshoppe's new culottes, joggers, and/or Power Stretch jeans, I always end up buying them. HAY. 😆

This has to be my favorite section of the store! I never liked wearing jeans ever since I began wearing jogger pants a few years ago. Joggers feel like soft pajamas that I can wear outdoors and I love them to bits, but they're not on trend anymore. When I first tried Penshoppe's Power Stretch jeans, I knew I found the one. LOL. They're not even jeggings! They're just awesome-fitting pairs of jeans that are really soft and stretchy, and they move with you. I think you can even do yoga in them. (I LOVE THEM!)


Fresh Drops

All Day Classics

Penshoppe has very good and well-made classic pieces which you can wear at work and during relaxed weekends. These versatile pieces definitely give a bang for your buck! The store's layout is fresh and is at par with international clothing chains. Penshoppe Capital will be the one place where anyone can go to see everything that the brand offers at a specific time.

Now, it's time for my #PenshoppePicks! 😍 I made it a point to arrive the store early so I can shop my heart out.

Early birds Kim and I were able to grab the loveliest embroidered bomber jackets we have ever seen. My sister already has the blue and pink one (with Sakura embroidery at the back!!!), so I went for the black one with pink dragons on the sleeves. I swear, when I got this in my size, I felt like a winner already and I was ready to go home...

Joke lang! Gusto ko pang mag shopping. Haha 😆

This timeless white button down is exactly what I've been looking for, for the longest time! I almost bought one from Uniqlo, but the fabric was a bit sheer. This one has just the right thickness so it's not see through! 😉 I can wear this at work, during the weekend, in church, and the list goes on! It also comes in other colors which I am so tempted to get. But for now, it's white!

Dresses and shirt dresses! I love Penshoppe's dresses. A few years back, almost all of their dresses are big for my petite frame, or maybe I was too skinny back then. Now, I find their dresses to be very flattering! I love this olive sleeveless one with a thigh high slit! It also comes in navy blue and black.

I don't usually layer like this since it's hot here in the Philippines, but the caption is very me. Pretty good at bad decisions. LOL

The store is launched together with the brand’s 2017 Spring-Summer collection, which is composed mostly of functional yet trendy pieces that are perfect for making the most out of your summer. With fashion inspired by the free spirit of music and arts festivals, the new collection features a myriad of summer staples that are given a fashionable update by mixing muted and neutral tones with subtle intricate details and dynamic tropical prints.

"Our goal with our Spring Summer 2017 collection is to remind everyone of the true spirit of summer. The looks we have are young and carefree yet functional, flattering, and undeniably trendy. These are the kind of clothes that allow you to go more places and do more of the things you love without having to worry about how you will look like."

Go on, try it on! 👕👖👗

I was able to finish shopping early, so I was able to escape the line! 🎇

Thank you, Penshoppe! 😗
 Thank you also, Beauty Lab Whitening, for my glowing skin. Hihi.
(I just had my 3rd session done a few days before this event.)

After shopping, I was finally able to visit the Coachella-inspired setup just in front of Penshoppe Capital. It was a night of music and fun games. But my favorite part was just food and chill. Lazy me! 😀

Karabella peanut butter milk shake - made from Carabao's milk! YUM! 😍

Ice pops! 🍧

Cotton candy for everyone! 😋

DJ Tom Taus in the house!

Tattoos 😎

Cool souvenir photos! These were automatically printed from IG, when you post with the hashtag #PenshoppeUPTC 👍

Thank you for the fun night, Penshoppe and ARC PR! 💋💋💋

For more information:
Facebook: Penshoppe
Instagram: @penshoppe
Snapchat: @teampenshoppe


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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet in #7 Dollish Beige Rose

I've always been a fan of the clean makeup look. I currently have a routine of using CC powder as base, a hint of peachy blush, nude eyeshadow, and a natural lipcolor for work. For days when you can't be bothered, I have found a lippie that does the trick and won't quit 'til it's time to go home! I received this Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet in #7 Dollish Beige Rose from Tellie when we met up late last year. Dawn also has one in So Grapefruit! 💋 (Thank you, Tellie!) 😘

Peri's Ink Velvet comes in 10 long-wearing shades, and they all have a soft, whipped cream texture. This shade I got in Dollish Beige Rose is part of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

This product claims to have a high color payoff, and the texture helps in creating the gradient lip effect. It contains marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, organic jojoba oil, olive oil, and arnica extract to keep the lips moisturized, even with its velvety matte texture.

The packaging is so cute! It looks like a mini ink bottle. Hihi! It comes with a doe-foot applicator for easy application. To blend it, I sometimes use my pinky (but it stains).


Dollish Beige Rose is a pinkish "my lips but better" shade to create that innocent, doll-like look. What's amazing is that once the product sets, you're left with a lip stain that will last ALL DAY. No joke. Sure, the velvety part will wear off when you eat lunch, but it wears off evenly, and you're left with a pretty pink tint on the lips.

This arm swatch wouldn't even come off even when I used micellar water and soap on it!

When worn:

Just applied

After 7 hours!

Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet ceases to feel hydrating and cushy once the creamy layer wears off, but it wears off beautifully. There's no need to retouch, but if your lips start to feel dry, you can just wear lip balm on top of it and you're good to go. 😉

Tellie bought this in Korea, but I saw this being sold in Althea for P370, just in case you're interested! 💋


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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Cathy Doll Geisha Iroka Eye Color Mousse in #1 Unubore

Time for another makeup review! My longtime readers will know how I love to just play with lipsticks and be lazy with eye makeup. Hehe! 😀 The most I'd wear are neutral eyeshadows, but over the holidays, Cathy Doll sent me their Golden Gift Box, which contained the Geisha Iroka Eye Color Mousse. It had a very strange texture, which enticed me to give it a try. (I've reviewed another product from their Geisha range, which was the Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte, and I was impressed with it!)

✔ Compact shimmer molecule
✔ Soft texture
✔ Sparkling color
✔ Perfect blend of 2 colors

Despite the colorful box, the eyeshadow came in a simple black pot with a clear cap for easy shade identification.

Upon opening the screw cap, the product itself is protected by a thin plastic film. (Even if you remove the plastic film upon first use, you don't have to worry about it getting messy since this one's in mousse form.)

The shade #1 Unubore comes in the precious gold + jade green, which is described as charming and futuristic. It looks really cool! The two colors are blended well and they complement each other.

Because of the gritty look, I didn't expect it to have a super soft texture. (Almost in between cream and powder. It's so unique!) I almost touched the pan on the jade green side of the pot. Oops! 😅 The pan was quite shallow though, but since it's very pigmented, a little goes a long way. With this type of product, I prefer to just use my fingers for easy application. Blending is a breeze, too!


Jade Green | Precious Gold | Combination

I WOWed at the swatches! 😮 They look like foil shadows. Pigmentation is definitely awesome.

When worn:

Because I'm not used to rocking loud eyeshadows, I just used the combined shade sparingly to add shimmer to my eyes.

I finished the look with Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach. It was commute day so I didn't want to look flashy, but for nighttime events, I'd do the more dramatic eyeshadow look. 😉

Price: P450
Available at Cathy Doll kiosks/stores:

I'm happy with my newfound liking for colored eyeshadow. Hihi! Will try to be more adventurous with makeup this year!

Instagram: @cathydollphils


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