Thursday, April 28, 2016

LUX Soft Touch

Since my last visit to the House of LUX last February, LUX body wash has been a mainstay in our bathroom. I've just used up my favorite LUX Love Forever Perfumed Body Wash (with a sensual fragrance that lingers hours after I bathe), and now I'm reaching for something more moisturizing but just as fragrant as well. I need it, because my skin is in it's post-sunburn peeling state right now.

Just by seeing the packaging alone, Lux Soft Touch already gives of a very soft and feminine vibe. This variant is crafted with the fine fragrance of delicate French Roses plus Silk Essence for softer skin.

LUX Soft Touch Moisturizing Body Wash
(P55 for 100ml, P120 for 250ml)

After using LUX Love Forever which looks very RED against my white bath puff, seeing LUX Soft Touch's baby pink body wash on it was a visual treat in itself. I always use my LUX body wash with a bath puff, since a coin-size amount will be enough for your entire body that way. This variant has a more gentle and softer floral fragrance. I didn't take notice of it first, because I almost always veer towards bold scents and even makeup, but LUX Soft Touch smells so good, so pleasant. It reminds me of spring, when flower buds start to bloom. It's a beautiful scent; it makes people want to lean in closer just to take a whiff.

LUX Soft Touch Perfumed Soap
(P19.50 for 50g, P39 for 100g)

I've been using body wash for so long, so it's quite a nice surprise for me that you can get such a nice-smelling soap for less than P20! It's also one of the loveliest soaps I've seen. Just look at the floral details. Unlike generic bar soaps, LUX Soft Touch doesn't leave my skin squeaky dry. I like this one a lot so I placed one in the kitchen and another one in my closet to ward off any kulob smell. (It works!)

LUX is available in leading department stores, supermarkets and drugstores nationwide and online via Beauty MNL, Zalora, and Lazada.

Giveaway alert! Do you want to win a LUX Soft Touch gift pack? Follow @LuxPH on IG then post a selfie and answer why you love having fragrant skin. Use the hashtags #BatheWithLux and #LuxSoftTouch. Giveaway duration is from April 28 to May 28, 2016. LUX will select 20 winners! ♥

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dry Skin? Heal It with Vaseline!

It's so hot. I usually don't like stating the obvious, but every single summer we would get reports that temperature has hit a new all-time-high record. The difference is that now we'd get that report everyday. Almost every new day is the hottest day of the year.

I used to think that my skin would just dry out during the relatively cooler months, but now it's starting to dry out just the same. My recent lifestyle change must have been a huge factor, since I commute to and from Makati during weekdays for school. (School is love, but the commute is qué horror.) In school, it's a sudden temperature drop due to air conditioning. At home, it's so hot so I end up turning on the air conditioner earlier. There is a difference though with how I treat my dry skin though. During colder months, I use a body oil under my body butter at night. Now, I want something lighter but just as potent and healing. During summer, I can't use anything sticky and heavy. I JUST CAN'T.

It's very timely, because a huge box made its way to my doorstep.

Vaseline sent me a kit with leaves inside! :o I usually just see this "leaf comparison" in their TV ads, but it was interesting to see it in person. My inner geek got excited with the idea of a science experiment!

These leaves have been inside the box for days! The leaf without Vaseline Petroleum Jelly wilted and dried out.


The leaf with a coating of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly looked normal but shiny. Take note, these leaves were plucked at the same time!

Last April 8 to 10, Vaseline took the ultimate test to showcase and prove the healing power of Vaseline. They mounted a live billboard along C5 using real leaves! Half of them were covered with Vaseline Jelly, while the other half had none. After three days, the difference was visible. The side that was coated with Vaseline Jelly remained vibrant and moisturized, while the other half dried out completely. If Vaseline can keep a leaf vibrant and moisturized, imagine what it could do to dry skin! (Get a glimpse of the live billboard here!)

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

In 1859, New York-based chemist Robert A. Chesebrough created a wonder jelly, a do-it-all product that can heal burns, rashes, chapped skin, cuts, bruises, and more. A few years later, this wonder jelly was labeled Petroleum Jelly, which is now an important staple in all households because of its healing properties and outstanding skin benefits, and which is also the very ingredient that is now present in new Vaseline body lotion. 

Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion
(P70 for 100ml, P126 for 200ml, P225 for 400ml)

I like the scent of Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion; it smells sweet. It's rich but non-greasy. My legs are perpetually dry, so this one's a pleasant addition to my body care routine. The new Vaseline Lotion now has micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly that works deep from within the epidermis to bring back lost moisture and heal dry skin from within. Take the Dry Skin Test know the condition of your skin!

My Skin Index Test Result reported a total score of 45.5, which meant my skin is occasionally dry. (My legs are flaky, and let's not talk about my heels.) There were two recommendations, and I'm happy to have the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion! It absorbs fast and keeps dry skin healed for 3 weeks! :D

My baby tub of Vaseline Lip Therapy at home won't be lonely anymore! :D Vaseline Lip Therapy isn't part of the kit, but it's a gift from my former colleague who went to the US. It's SO cute, right?


This summer, have all the fun under the sun! Just don't forget the SPF + these Vaseline lotions to heal your skin! Care to share what your Vaseline favorites are?

Facebook: Vaseline

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Oxygen x Billboard Launch

What happens fashion and music collide?

For Summer 2016, well-loved local fashion brand Oxygen has collaborated with Billboard, the world's premier source for trends and innovation and music. Oxygen has always encouraged people to make a statement, and this collection aims to help today’s youth to experience, discover, and celebrate their passion for music and fashion. 

To launch the Oxygen x Billboard collection, they held a huge event last week for everyone at the Trinoma Activity Center. 

There was a pop-up store where people could get the full range of Oxygen's collab with Billboard on the spot! Aside from that, there were other fun activities as well.  

Music booths, anyone? 

There was also a freedom wall wherein you could show the world how music makes you feel. My word for that would be "ALIVE"!

There was also a photobooth that automatically prints the photos you upload on Instagram (when you use the official event hashtag as caption). Photos are forever my favorite keepsakes!

But my favorite booth is this one! And I think a lot of people will agree with me. It's such a cool and creative setup for photo-ops! :D  

The highlight of the evening was a fashion show which showcased the must-have pieces from the collection. The Oxygen x Billboard collection features items for everyday use, including graphic tees, pullovers and accessories like caps and bags. The designs, which take heavy inspiration from the rock and hip-hop genres, come mostly in black and white - save minimal pops of color here and there for select items - and scream of New York street fashion.

I'll be sharing with you Oxygen x Billboard's Top 20 Style Trends:  
Street Style
Cool tees and trendy jeans, these pieces are key for that effortless, on-the-street look that everyone is going for today!
All in Black
You can never go wrong with wearing black! Need we say more?
Slit Tops
The latest trend to hit the metro, show off a little leg, or those awesome liquid leather leggings, with these cool slit tops!
Pumping Graphic Tees
Raring to make a statement? Artsy graphic tees are all the rage nowadays!
Monochrome Pieces
All the whites, greys, and blacks in your wardrobe are still on-trend, plus, they go perfectly with each other!
Ripped Denims
Whether acid wash, black, grey, or blue, distressed jeans scream cool and casual.
Can’t deny it, cotton pullovers are comfy, cozy, AND trendy, no matter the season.
Cutout Boots
Quirky cutout boots are a funky way to level up any of your outfits!
Pops of Color
A little bit of bright yellow, blue, red or green, never hurt anybody. And they’re a great highlight on an all-black ensemble!
Oversized Tees
Love to dress comfy? Pair an oversized tee with your favorite denim shorts for that effortlessly breezy look.
Statement Caps
There’s no better way to declare your favorite statements than to wear it on your head.

White Sneaks
The hottest trend today, even Hollywood celebrities are digging it, white sneaks totally go with any of your daily wear.

Jersey Number Shirts
Jersey shirts are the hottest new things! Out of the baseball pits and into your closet, these babies are the greatest addition to your wardrobe staples this season!
White Cotton Shirts
Perfect for summer, white shirts are easy to wear and easy to pair with anything!

For bottoms there are 3 more trends that are actually mainstays even in our closet at home: 
  • Slim Silhouettes (skinny jeans to emphasize and elongate the silhouette) 
  • Pegged Boyfriend Jeans (the more styled up cousin of the "boyfriend jeans", only this one's made for ladies so it's bound to have a sexier fit and look)
  • Culottes (dress it up or down, your call)

Lastly, 3 beauty pegs to go with your Oxygen x Billboard pieces:
  • Messy-But-Not Tresses (Love your waves, ladies! "I woke up like this" hair that's stylishly messy yet not too untidy always works.)
  • The Brush Up (Classic and very James Dean-esque, this hairstyle can apply for men and women who adore the unique style of the 50s.)
  • Fresh Faced (No to heavy make-up. It’s all about looking natural this summer!) 

The Oxygen x Billboard Collection is now available at all Oxygen branches nationwide.

Facebook: OXYGEN™
Twitter: @oxygenclothing
Instagram: @oygenclothing


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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Le Petit Soufflé

The Body Shop's media launch was held in Le Petit Souffle, which was a French Japanese Cafe I've been wanting to try for the longest time. I needed that extra push though, since I live in Quezon City and going to Makati just to eat sounded like a huge deal of effort to me. Going to the event was like hitting two birds with one stone, since I got to spend time with a brand I like and I got to try a new restaurant as well.

I'll be sharing with you the dishes I tried during the event!

Honey Citrus Salad (P285)
Citrus segments, garden greens, tobiko, candied walnut with lemon honey dressing on the side 

The Honey Citrus Salad was good and refreshing! I'm not the biggest fan of veggies, but finishing the entire plate didn't feel like a chore. It's a nice mix of tangy and sweet.
Just Mac and Cheese (P395)
Macaroni with Sharp Cheddar, Mozarella with shimeji crimini, and hungarian sausage 

Just Mac and Cheese came with a huge serving, and is definitely for sharing. They didn't skimp on cheese, so I loved this one! It's a heavy, filling, and delicious dish. 

Mille Feuille (P250)
Thousand leaves of puffed pastry with guanaja and matcha mousseline 

The description was so enticing and exotic! Mille Feuille was so lovely to look at, I almost didn't want to touch it. Just look at the lovely plating with the fresh strawberries and chocolate powder! However, it was hard to eat since the texture of the pastry was firm but gets crumbly when I try to fork several layers all at once. I devised a strategy - to separate each layer of pastry, so I fully enjoyed it even if other people gave up. It would have been better if the pastry were a wee bit more delicate. Taste-wise, the sweetness level was just right.

Iced Matcha (P100)

Iced Matcha was meh. It tasted just like the plain old steeped matcha tea(bag) with ice. I had to ask for syrup and milk to improve it, and when I added those to the drink, it became just the way I like it.

Le Petit Souffle
Address: 3/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, 1210 Makati, Philippines
Store hours: Mon-Thurs: 11:00 - 21:00, Fri-Sat: 10:00 - 22:00, Sun: 10:00 - 21:00
Phone numbers: 09178418032 / 09153999588 / 5034282 / 7185681
Facebook: Le Petit Souffle


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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

If you are to rule over your own planet, how will it be like?

I faced this thought-provoking question as I received an invite to The Body Shop's event last week. It got me quite curious since they didn't reveal what they'll be launching. I had so many answers in mind, and so many questions as well.

Brace yourselves for a long photo-heavy post, as I share with you what's new and what's up with The Body Shop!

Each one of us certainly wants to have a better world, but how do we actually define better? Is it a cleaner world, a peaceful city, or greener surrounding?

The Body Shop has always been famous for being a cruelty-free brand with their mantra Beauty with Heart. They are the pioneer of using Community Fair Trade ingredients in each of their products, which are directly obtained from poor farmers and not middlemen suppliers.

It was my first time to go to Le Petit Souffle at Century City Mall, and I loved how the place is like lush and tranquil garden. Food was awesome and so photogenic, too, so they deserve a separate food post. :) 

The Body Shop has always believed that business can be a force for good and change. The new Commitment, entitled Enrich Not Exploit, embraces the bold ethical principles from which The Body Shop was built. The Body Shop is celebrating their 40th anniversary this May, and they've set a significant goal to be the world’s most ethical and truly sustainable global business.

Enrich our People
  • Double our Community Trade programme from 19 to 40 ingredients and help enrich communities that produce them
  • Help 40,000 economically vulnerable people access work around the world
  • Engage 8 million people in our Enrich Not Exploit Commitment mission, creating our biggest campaign ever
  • Invest 250,000 hours of our skills and know-how to enrich the biodiversity of our local communities
Enrich our Products 
  • Ensure 100% of our natural ingredients are traceable and sustainably sourced, protecting 10,000 hectares of forest and other habitat
  • Reduce year on year the environmental footprint of all our product categories
  • Publish our use of ingredients of natural origin, ingredients from green chemistry, and the biodegradability and water footprint of our products
  • Develop an innovation pipeline that delivers pioneering cosmetic ingredients from biodiversity hotspots and which helps to enrich these areas
Enrich our Planet
  • Build Bio-Bridges, protecting and regenerating 75 million square metres of habitat helping communities to live more sustainably
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of our stores every time we refurbish or redesign them
  • Develop and deliver three new sustainable packaging innovations
  • Ensure that 70% of our total product packaging does not contain fossil fuels
  • Power 100% of our stores with renewable or carbon balanced energy
  • Reduce by 10% the energy use of all our stores every year

One of their initiatives I admire was them making use of air pollution and turning them into plastic packaging for their body butters. It almost sounds too good to be true, but they've done it! Instead of creating more plastic waste, they've turned waste into something good.

In line with how they want to brighten up your day and add to the peacefulness of the night in your world, The Body Shop has also launched two new skincare lines.
Drops of Life

The Body Shop is proud to have a "no retouch policy" in their ads, so what you see is what you really get. To help us achieve the #NoFilter beauty, it all starts with beautiful and healthy skin. The NEW Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Range makes use of red algae extract to brighten up your skin. Their 5-in-1 formula improves healthy brightness, translucency, evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, and leaves skin feeling smooth and supple.
Drops of Light Foam Wash 125ml (P895)
Cleanse and clarify your complexion morning and night with this rich, creamy foam wash.
Drops of Light Pure Translucency Essence Lotion 160ml (P1,295)
Hydrate and enhance translucency morning and night. The first essential step after cleansing, this refreshing gel‑to‑water texture boosts hydration and activates skin for the next step of your skincare regime.

Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum 30ml (P1,895)
Replenish and illuminate skin with this lightweight, fast‑absorbing, non‑sticky serum. It glides effortlessly to deliver efficient brightening whilst leaving skin feeling instantly supple and hydrated. After 4 weeks skin imperfections and yellowness are reduced, pores look minimised and skin looks brighter and more translucent. 

Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream 50ml (P1,595)
Nourish skin with this highly moisturising day cream. Its silky texture melts onto your skin and is clinically proven to significantly reduce the number, size and intensity of dark spots while delivering 24H hydration. Instantly skin texture is smoother, softer and re‑plumped with moisture. After 4 weeks skin is brighter, looks healthier, more even toned and clarified.

The star product for this range is the Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum, which is a lightweight yet potent skin brightening serum. It reminds me so much of Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. I can't wait to review this one!

Tip: If you want to score a bottle of this serum for free, take the challenge and get a chance to be one of the top 3 scorers to bring home the NEW Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum! To join, click this link: The contest ends on April 30, 2016.
Oils of Life
In an ideal world, we'd all get 8 solid hours of sleep per night, but with so much things to do, that seems like a dream in itself. I've heard of Korean sleeping packs before, which are somewhat like no-rinse face masks that you'd apply before you sleep so you'd wake up with a healthy glow. The Body Shop was quick to catch up with their newest product from the Oils of Life range.
Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream (P1,795)
A night time cream to deeply nourish, visibly revitalize and intensely firm while you sleep. We searched the world and selected 3 Precious Seed Oils known for their revitalizing and repairing properties. By infusing them with 7 Powerful Essential Oils into a refreshing yet cushiony cream, we've created an Intensely Revitalizing Sleeping Cream that replenishes like a dream (almost).

A pea-sized amount is more than enough to cover your entire face (and neck even). This one is made of oil, but it comes in an almost gel-cream texture that spreads like butter on your face. It smells really divine and relaxing. I'd say, it's a spa-in-a-jar for your face! Because of its rich texture, this works best for those with dry skin.

Before the program started, I roamed around the venue and spotted these new face masks. My oily skin loved the Mineral & Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask most. It's so soothing! Since it warms up the skin, I could imagine my pores opening up as the clay absorbs all the oil and impurities. Love!

After The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit's reign, here comes the new 2-in-1 Brow Definer. It's a double-ended brow pencil with a natural brown shade on one end, and a highlighter on the other end. The highlighter enhances the brow bone, and it reminds me of Benefit's High Brow. Only this could be the more useful and practical thing to get, since it's 2-in-1. The cap comes with a brow brush, too!

During the program, I learned that there are 1.4 billion people who are still living in darkness, with no access to basic neccesities such as electricity and light. The Body Shop shared with us SALt's cause of bringing light to our less fortunate brothers and sisters by using their innovative saltwater lamps that require no fuel. Let's support movements like this! Imagine, a single saltwater lamp can illuminate a household for years. This can also help the little children to study and attend to their homework for a brighter future.

We were also given a chance to create our own ecosystem! It was fun, and I wished I had brought along tiny humans (like those little Polly Pocket dolls) to put inside.

To answer the question, if I were to rule over my own planet, I'd preserve as much greenery as I can. I'd love for it to be a garden of all sorts - filled with flowers and fruits. I'd create a very efficent road system, so there won't be a need for automobile transportation. I'll also harness the natural power of nature, solar, wind, and water alike. Lastly, anyone caught littering or polluting nature's beauty will be expelled to outer space. Haha! :P
Hello, Doly! :D
Afternoons spent with The Body Shop are always insightful and fun learning experiences. This is one of the few brands I'd brave the afternoon heat and traffic for.

Facebook: The Body Shop, Philippines
IG: @thebodyshopph


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