Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tony Moly Master Lab Mask Sheet

Time for a skincare review! This one will also be a back-to back post about Korean face masks I've tried for the past few weeks. 😊

Mask sheets are my favorite skincare cheats when my skin is feeling and looking blah. Whenever I'm stressed, sometimes my cheeks get dry and irritated and I can't be bothered with layering on skincare products, so I just slap one on before sleeping.

These two Tony Moly masks are pasalubongs from my colleague who went to Korea for vacation. I'm not sure if they're available locally, but they're worth a review!

I have with me 2 variants: Collagen for elasticity and Vitamin C for Brightening.

Collagen - Intensive Moisturizing

Vitamin C - Intensive Brightening

The Tony Moly Master Lab Mask Sheet comes in a paper packaging (unique for a face mask) with foil lining inside. The mask itself is made of very thin cotton. Hardly any essence remained inside the pack, as everything was on the sheet itself. The collagen variant had a subtle scent (close to none), but the Vitamin C variant had an artificial lemon fragrance. The material of the mask is thin but seems durable, but it has an awkward fit on me. The light water essence for both variants feels so good on my skin and it's able to soothe my hot, itchy, irritated, dry, and flaky skin. (Yup, I have those days.) You can leave this mask on for 10-20 minutes, but after 20 minutes, a thick layer of essence is left on the skin yet to be absorbed. I leave this mask on a little longer (I'm not sure if it's bad to do so but it seems to work fine for my skin), but you have the option to pat it for quicker absorption.

Between the 2, I prefer the collagen mask more since it's close to being unscented, but the brightening effect of both masks are similar. I used the Vitamin C variant a day before shooting my bare face for IG. πŸ˜‰

What mask sheet have you used recently? πŸ’›


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