Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Eye makeup for office girls (like me!)

Time for a back-to-back Ever Bilena post! Yesterday, I talked about the P185 Kris Aquino-approved red lipstick. Today, it's all about the eyes. πŸ‘€

Working in the corporate world means neutral makeup, but it doesn't have to be boring. Well, even if I'm not in the office I still wear neutral eye makeup because that's what I prefer. 😁 One of the products above, the EB Advance Lash Define Waterproof Mascara (P225), I have already reviewed before, which you can read here.

I'm not a fan of rainbow-colored eyeshadows, so I like the Ever Bilena Brown Eyeshadow Palette (P175). I got this from an event I attended last year.

The packaging is simple and lightweight. The cover has a transparent part that reveals the shades inside. It comes with a small mirror and a dual-ended sponge-tip applicator.

Swatches of Ever Bilena Brown Eyeshadow Palette

The shades aren't really in the brown family. Most of them are cool-toned taupe shades, but they're neutral enough for everyday wear. The quality is nice, too! All shades have a creamy, velvety feel. It's easy to work with and you can get away with just using your fingers when applying these. The shades in the Brown palette are subtle, but pigmentation is good and the shadows last all day.


Careline Graph-Ink Liner (P165) is another Kris Aquino-approved product! She tested this in one of her webisodes, and was pretty impressed with it. So I bought it. HEHE! I like how Careline (sister brand of Ever Bilena) has rebranded and repackaged their products. Tweetums days are almost gone, and their products are now with a more modern, grown-up look.

The Graph-Ink Liner comes in a jet black shade with a glossy finish. If you like your eyeliner matte, skip this one. As for me, I'm sticking to it because it's awesome in all aspects. First, the felt tip makes it a breeze to apply. Second, it's waterproof. It can last through crying spells (trust me, I've had a lot), and my eyeliner remained intact. The trick is to never rub it as it may come off in flakes. Third, it's easy to remove. Remember film-type mascaras where the mascaras come off in tubes instead of melting off as black tears? This eyeliner is almost just like that. Removal is easy and mess-free. You can just use micellar water; no need for a separate oil-based eye makeup remover. Fourth, it's already affordable at P165 (regular price), but I encountered it at a buy 2 take 1 deal! CRAZY, right? 😍

Careline Graph-Ink Liner, when worn


I hope you liked my back-to-back Ever Bilena/Careline reviews! πŸ’– Feel free to share with me your thoughts below!


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