Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Artsy Cafe, Panay Avenue

First blog post of 2017! I had an unexpected hiatus by mid-December because a lot of things happened. If you're following my IG, you'd know... I lost my grandma 3 days before Christmas, and I can't write when I'm sad. I'm getting better now, so I'll be putting my energy to this blog more starting today.

My dad and my sisters love eating out, and last month we kept on seeing photos of Artsy Cafe (Panay branch!) in our Facebook news feeds. I've been to Artsy Cafe in Maginhawa Street a lot of times, but I never knew they had a branch so near Fisher Mall! 😮 So near our place! Of course, we had to go. Beside this cafe were Komedor and Mandarin Sky Wok (much to my Dad's delight).

Back story: This meal was the fruit of our garage sale one Sunday morning. Reward kasi napagod kami! My sisters and I held garage sales for 3 weekends last month. (Ang sarap mag declutter.)

Cream of Mushroom Soup (P100)

This was my Dad's order. The soup was a bit watery, I could do a better version at home. (Chos!)

Sizzling Gambas (P195)

This one was my order - with extra rice. Carbs on carbs lang! 😂 Shinare ko naman ito with them since this is supposed to be an appetizer, ginawa kong ulam. (Am I the only one who does this?) This one's really good, and the sauce had hints of curry in it. I won't be ordering this regularly though, because it's still oily. Hehe.

Chicken Longganisa (P150)

Unexpectedly good! I don't usually go for longganisa meals, but this one I will order next time. The meat was tender and tasty. Sulit!

Cajun Prawns (P255)

I envied my sister the moment her order arrived. It's glorious prawns wrapped in bacon and covered with white sauce. Ugh. The last time I had this in Maginhawa, it looked kinda sad...

Like this! (I still have a photo on my file, and now I can finally delete it.)

But on my next visit, I'm also thinking of ordering Cajun Prawns, too! Medyo bitin if you're matakaw, but worth it naman.

Chicken BBQ (P175)

This plate of Chicken BBQ, you can skip because there's nothing special with it. I don't like Aristocrat's service (for all branches), but I have to admit that their Chicken Barbecue is better. (I'm still not going back though.)

Mint Calamansi (P70)

We almost always order this refreshing citrus drink on our every visit. It's pricey for a calamansi juice, but it goes well with the food. 😋


Artsy Cafe
Address: 23 Panay Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City
Phone: (02)2469069 ext:525
Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM
Facebook: Artsy Cafe

Parking is scarce during peak hours, so better come earlier. I have yet to explore more of their menu. We weren't able to order desserts because we were so full, but I remember liking their Cheesecake Crumble, which I have tried before in their Maginhawa branch. Can't wait to go back! 💙

Have you been to Artsy Cafe? 😊


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