Friday, June 10, 2016

The Food Club, Revisited!

The most important thing I learned when it comes to eating at a buffet is to SKIP the carbs! No rice and bread! :D HAHA! Panda and I were supposed to celebrate our 10th monthsary at The Food Club this coming Saturday, but we're going to Alviera Go Play so we decided to celebrate in advance! :> (Are you going to Go Play, too?)

This is the 5th time I've been to The Food Club! My last visit wasn't so good because we arrived a bit late, so now we made it a point to start 11AM. Being there on the opening time was great because most of the food were in their perfectly untouched state. (You will see below!)

Anyway, this post will serve as an update to my previous entries about The Food Club. I remember doing a top 5 favorite things to try post, but that one's outdated since they no longer serve lobsters *sniffs*, but they've made the cost more competitive to cater to more clients.

I was hungry so I didn't bother taking photos of ALL sections, but these will thrill seafood lovers. Hihi!

I  asked to be seated near the seafood, but not in the corner because mosquitoes love biting me whenever it's dark. We were so near the glorious sushi bar which made us really happy! IT'S PERFECT! (Omakase is still my all-time favorite sushi place, but we got excited with these, too!)

Let's talk about salmon land over here - OUR FAVORITE! Unlimited slices of salmon sashimi is life. There are cooked versions too for those who aren't into raw salmon.

There's more where that came from. :> This was shot from behind the glass, but it looked so fresh in person!

Deep fried sushi, anyone? :D

The Food Club has also improved by a mile compared to my 4th visit. They used to be stingy with tempura refills (think 10 pieces per refill with a crowd in line for it), so this time around, we charged to this section and got a plate for sharing. I noticed that they refilled it more often now, and even though it was almost 2PM they still had a fair amount of stock.

If you love crustaceans, these ones are for you! I didn't bother getting the crabs though, since the pincers were tiny. The ones I used to have in Coron had HUGE pincers, and that's the only one I want now.

I passed by the dessert aisle early and saw these tarts, and when I came back they had icing and toppings over it so these ones were still naked then.

Also these lovely cakes! (Yes, you can top these over ice cream. Just an idea!)

I noticed most of what we focused on are the Japanese food/seafood. LOL! :D But rest assured, there are a lot more in store for you. I'm not a fan of pork and red meat anymore so I didn't get much of those. There were soups, salads, cheeses, Chinese food, Western food such as pasta and pizza, meat carvings, etc. For dessert there were fresh fruits, lovely cakes, DIY halo halo, kakanin, ice cream, pastries, fondue, and a candy buffet for drinks. As for the drinks, we had all 3 flavors of fresh fruit shakes in pineapple, watermelon, and honeydew melon. They were all good!

So here some of the food we had:

Table for two, please. :>

My "Salmon is Life" plate
Panda's salmon-loving plate!
TEMPURA! We shared this one.
Chinese food!
Ice cream - the perfect ending to seal the deal!
I was trying to be healthy with the orange ice cream. Haha! But really, it's seldom that I get to have this flavor so it's the one I picked. It reminds me of the Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino drink Starbucks used to have. Panda had coffee and vanilla ice cream topped with cakes! SO FUN!

Because I'm maarte, I had to take a selfie while waiting, and I realized I looked so different from 2 years ago when I first visited The Food Club. No more bangs and brown hair! Ano ba mas okay? Sometimes I miss having hair THAT neat, but I was born with naturally wavy hair. This is now my natural hair and texture kaya magulo, pero embrace embrace pag may time. Haha :D 

Our verdict: WORTH IT! :D

Rates (effective June 2, 2016):

*Metrodeal currently has a 23% off voucher deal for The Food Club so you can save while enjoying good food! (And no, this isn't a sponsored post.) :D

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Have you been to The Food Club? :)

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  1. nakakagutom naman! ang sarap huhuhu!! mas okay curly sayo and colored hair :)

    1. I miss buffet! Huhu! Aww, namiss ko tuloy colored hair. :o


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