Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Food Club Manila, Revisited! + My 5 Favorites

Last weekend was my friend Jat's birthday, so we all celebrated it by having dinner at The Food Club. I've been to this place once last January, when it was still on its soft opening. Oh, that time I didn't know the basics of getting the bang for your buck at buffets. I would eat rice, salads, and other filling dishes, but now I've learned my lesson, and I'm back with the tips I got from Our Awesome Planet and an empty stomach after an hour of doing barre3! (Time for revenge! Hahaha!)

I'll share with you 5 of my favorite dishes at The Food Club, AKA the ones I wasn't able to try on my first visit, and I regretted so I went back to try them, and loved them right after. :D

1. Hakaw

I arrived around 5:30PM, since it was supposed to be our group's meetup time. Birthday boy arrived around 6:00PM. (Yey for being early birds!) While waiting, I mentioned that I wanted to have some dimsum first while waiting for the rest, and so we each ate around 2 servings of this as appetizer. Our group arrived 7:00PM, but we weren't a bit sad or disappointed because...

Lesson: The early birds get to eat the most garlic and butter lobsters. No one was minding the seafood station so we got out fill (and refills) of the glorious lobsters!

2. Lobsters

You can eat them as is, or have them cooked in different ways.

If you want them to be cooked in garlic and butter, you can drop by the Western station. Then they'll just deliver the dish to you once its ready.

Photo Credit: Christopher Chan

If you prefer it with sweet chili, you can have it cooked at the Asian station.

Honestly, it's my first time to try lobsters ever. So I was amazed and ate around 2 or more plates of the garlic and butter one. Sooo good! Lobsters taste like a tender "crab and prawn" hybrid. I love it. Haha!

3. Mussels

What I like about The Food Club is their fresh seafood! This one looked so plain, but I had it baked at the Western station. Now it evolved to Baked Mussels with Cheese. I believe they used Mozzarella cheese with this.

4. White wine

This is either a hit or miss. The first 2 glasses I had was light, fruity, and a bit on the sweet side. When I went to the wine station again later that night, they served another brand and the color was bright yellow (like beer!) with a stronger taste. Too bad I forgot to take note of the brand. Oh, they also serve red wine!

5. Ice Cream

What's a birthday party without ice cream? Last time, I wasn't able to try the ice cream since all I ate were those fancy desserts in cups and shotglasses. It turns out, good ol' ice cream does the trick. I think they serve the brand Big Scoop, and the flavors I got were Cheese and Cookies and Cream. Dark Chocolate and Bubble Gum flavors are also really good. They also have sherbets to cleanse the palate, but I wasn't able to try those. I decorated mine with mallows, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and cherry on top to make it look really happy! :D

Birthday celebrants get this cake. If you're too full, you can take this home instead. (Surprise!)

My high school friends! Happy birthday again, Jat! :D

The Food Club: Your Lifestyle Buffet

Unit E Bluebaywalk, President Diosdado Macapagal corner Edsa, Pasay City, Philippines  

For reservations:
  • (02) 736 8001
  • Lunch - P800.00 + 5% service charge
  • Dinner - P1,000.00 + 5% service charge
  • Kids above 3.5 ft. - P580.00 + 5% service charge
  • Kids 3.5 ft. and below - FREE
  • Lunch / Dinner - P1,188.00 + 5% service charge
  • Kids above 3.5 ft. - P600.00 + 5% service charge
  • Kids 3.5 ft. and below - FREE

The Food Club has an ongoing promo: 20% off for the entire month of March. They also have birthday promos, where the celebrant gets to eat for free! Like The Food Club Manila on Facebook for more information. :)



  1. The Lobster made my night <3

  2. Thinking of spending my bday there, too, on May, but it depends on my budget. The place looks great and the food seems sulit because of the lobster and such. Thanks for posting!

    1. Lobsters are only available during weekends, and they do have a birthday promo. Advanced happy birthday, Mona! :)

  3. yummy and I love big scoop ice cream, I want the avacado flavor right now

    1. I love Big Scoop as well. Almost all buffet restaurants carry the brand. :)


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