Friday, June 3, 2016

Something New: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ice Cream Ice Blended + OPEN HOUSE!

Yesterday's event was so fun because I probably consumed around 5,000 calories in one sitting. LOL! Kidding aside, I was grateful to be invited to the launch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's (CBTL) Ice Cream Ice Blended drinks at 26th Bistro! (Yup, I'm a north girl but I was lured all the way to BGC because one particular flavor excited me. Clue: Something MINTY!)

Their hashtag for these drinks is #DiscoverHappiness, and I couldn't agree more. Just thinking of ice cream brings back happy childhood memories. Even up to now, ice cream is able to solve a bad day! I love ice cream even if I shouldn't be regularly eating it because it messes up with my choir voice. HOHO! Besides, it's so hot everyday so ice cream a too lovely treat to miss out on.

But first, the FOOD! 

The Vegetarian
Grilled Chicken Pesto

The Vegetarian and Grilled Chicken Pesto are just some of their newest sandwich offerings, and they sell very fast! I was able to try both, and though I expected to like Grilled Chicken Pesto more because of my bias towards anything with pesto, I surprisingly loved The Vegetarian! It's so good and healthy, it's almost unreal. :D
Cakes! ♥

Chicago Cheesecake

The cheesecake that needs no introduction! ♥ This one is best paired with CBTL's Café Latte, but I'm guessing it would go well with anything just because it's so good. It's tangy and creamy. It melts in your mouth. It's one of my favorites at CBTL, and you have to try it!
Guiltless Chocolate Delight

I can't believe something as decadent and sweet as this can be made guiltless. CBTL surely worked their magic on this one. The health conscious chocolate lovers can rejoice! But then, I still love my Chicago Cheesecake more.

It's time to try the newest flavors of the Ice Cream Ice Blended! I thought they were going to serve samplers first, but no! We were served 3 huge glasses. :o (Panda, where are you?)

Pure Salted Pistachio Ice Blended
Sweet and creamy salted pistachio blended in vanilla. It's definitely a heavenly delight.

The first drink that was served was the Pure Salted Pistachio Ice Blended. It's a bold blend of sweet and salty. If you're into salted caramel things, you might like this one! It's caffeine-free so it'll surely satisfy the sweet tooth of the young and the young at heart! :D
Mint Chip Ice Blended
A refreshing combination of peppermint sauce, chocolate-covered espresso beans and creamy vanilla. A splash of cool in the middle of the day!

Of course Mint Chip Ice Blended is my favorite. I think it has been my favorite even before I tried it. HAHA! But really, among the three new flavors, this one was really a crowd-pleaser! It gives you a jolt of energy + that undeniable refreshing flavor. Don't worry, it doesn't taste like toothpaste. :D I'd order this again!
Cookies & Cream Ice Blended
A timeless favorite enjoyed by all ages crafted with scrumptious cookie bits combined with creamy vanilla.

Cookies & Cream is my favorite ice cream flavor when I was a kid. My sisters and I would get all excited when we find a huge chunk of cookie inside the ice cream. Haha! This flavor is a timeless favorite best shared with someone special. :> This drink can also be enjoyed coffee-free - the perfect treat for my niece on our next mall trip!
Hello, Krissy! :D

You can find the Ice Cream Ice Blended drinks at all CBTL stores. The price range of these drinks are from P165 to P195, depending on the flavor and size. Not bad for something that gives us comfort and brings back blissful memories! :>

Swirl Rewards card holders get an exclusive sneak peek and first tasting of the new flavors of the Ice Cream Ice Blended at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Open House on June 5, 2016 from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Visit a store nearest you to find out more on how to avail of your own Swirl Rewards card and be part of the CBTL community!

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    1. TRUE! Yesterday I tried the coffee-free version of Cookies & Cream Ice Blended, lasang ice cream talaga. I loved it, too! :D


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