Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Eat and Drink All You Can at Sandaya Yakiniku Restaurant

Last Friday was a very long day because I had a 100 item final exam during the morning, 2 events in the afternoon, and a dinner/movie date with Panda! YAY! Panda and I love indulging in good food, our favorite being Japanese cuisine. (He was the only one who successfully made me try sashimi, and now I super love it!) 

We've passed by Sandaya Yakiniku Restaurant in Fisher Mall many times already and have always been curious about their eat all you can promo. Good thing we were able to score coupons from Metrodeal! I think the promo is ongoing until June 3.

For only P355/person, you can have a Buffet Platter includes US Beef Short Plate, Brazilian Boneless Pork Belly, US Boneless Chicken Leg Quarter, Japanese Rice, Miso Soup, Sprout Salad, and Lemon Iced Tea. Just by the sound of it, it looks like a pretty good deal already.

Unlimited lemon iced tea, miso soup, and Japanese rice

The miso soup was really good, but we didn't get refills because this might fill us up. It had to be the meat, para sulit! :D

Unlimited sprout salad AKA toge

The toge was okay, just normal. We asked for only 1 plate of this just to try it. No need for refills at all.

My favorite part was grilling, because Panda cooked and I looked. Haha :D At first, I thought they will add a tray or something, but apparently you cook the meat directly here, so you can't pour sauce on the meat while cooking or else it will drip into the flames. However, you can coat the meat first before putting it in the grill.

Special sauces!

The meats were already marinated, so they taste really good even on their own. The chicken took a long time to cook, so we had their friendly staff cook it for us. Hehe! (That's a tip for you!) Our favorite were the delicious beef slices. It was thinly sliced so it sort of melts in the mouth - so tender! The pork was very good too, even if I don't usually eat pork on a normal basis. The chicken was soft, but nothing really special about it. The catch here is that you can only order a meat refill when you've finished the entire plate. Each of us had 1 plate of meat, and Panda and I ordered our third plate to share. I asked if they can leave out the chicken since it was the last plate we're ordering, but it wasn't allowed. So yeah, we had to finish it all. Haha :P

Our buffet experience in Sandaya Yakinuki Restaurant was pretty nice. The food they served were fresh and of good quality, but the meat served were a bit on the oily side due to the marinate so I had to place them on top of a tissue paper first after cooking to absorb the oil. More oil, more delicious. LOL! But maybe they can improve on that, for the benefit of their more health conscious customers. We'd consider going back here soon (or as long as they have a groupon deal). :D


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  1. Yay! Thanks for the great review as always, Helen! looking forward to meet you someday. I cannot wait for lunch time hahaha got hungry after reading this :D

    1. Aww! Hope to meet you soon too! Hehe :D


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