Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy List II: "Tastes Like Christmas!" Edition

Time for another Happy List! This time, it's all about PEPPERMINT-flavored things. Chocolate, ice cream, you name it... as long as it's minty, I love it. Haha :D

1. Meiji Apollo Feel Mint Chocolate

What we have here in the Philippines is the strawberry-flavored one. Would you believe, when I was a kid, a blueberry-flavored one existed, too? :D

This box of Meiji Apollo Feel Mint Chocolate came all the way from Hong Kong. (Thanks, Panda!) :3 The foil pack feels a bit sad though, since you can't reseal it.

It looks like green tea, but no! It's mint. ❤ The taste reminds me of Andes Mint Parfait Thins, only smoother and more "melty".

2. Lord Stow's Bakery Peppermint Brownies

If I were to bake my dream brownie, THIS would be it. At first glace, all you see is a regular brownie, but when you bite it, you'll immediately have a taste of Christmas with its strong minty kick. It's balanced by the thick, moist, and oh so fudgy chocolate. I can imagine this being served ala mode with... (see #3 NOW!)

3. Big Scoop Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I originally wanted to keep this as a secret, because you might hoard when you find out and leave no stock for me. Haha! I've always seen mint ice cream as a rare and special flavor. It's always sold expensively per scoop at malls. Until I found my dear Big Scoop.

A pint of this Mint Chocolate Chip goodness is just priced at P95. I'm lemming on the HUGE 2 gallon tub at just P400+. You can purchase from Beyond The Flavors Ice Cream House in Banawe. 

4. Dippin' Dots Mint Chocolate Flavored Ice Cream

Who knew Dippin' Dots had ice cream pouches, too? Now if only they had dry ice to go with it, I would have bought home all flavors.

These packets also come in other flavors such as Banana Split (!), Cotton Candy, etc. Each packet is reasonably priced at P100. 

5. Pretty Green Slush from Sandwicheese!

Sandwicheese! by Banapple is located just beside Banapple at Sky Garden, SM The Block. I love their Chicken Pesto Mozza Sandwicheese and this refreshing drink! This Pretty Green Slush is a blend of sweet calamansi, mint, and brewed tea.

Fellow mint lovers, please let me know you exist. :D



  1. Replies
    1. Love it! :3 That makes 4: You, me, Linx, and Tiff! :D

  2. ILOVETHISPOST Helen! Hahaha i love anything mint-choco. That's why I'm excited the holidays are nearing. I'm ready for lots of mint-choco and peppermint-flavored stuff!

    1. Me too, Aya! Sooo happy to find out you're a fellow mint lover. <3 Hihi

  3. OMG!! All these goodies~ hehehe. Omg the mint choco chip ice cream looks so so so so good!~ <333
    Junniku blog!

  4. I'm a huge fan of mint chocolate, too. Before my baker cousin migrated, she used to sell these peppermint brownie squares every Christmas. So happy to see that Lord Stow's offers them. Home they'll taste the same.

    We go binge-buying at Big Scoop, usually during the holiday season din. I get their green tea, dark chocolate, midnight cookies 'n cream, and mint chocolate. :D How I wish all groceries would start carrying Big Scoop na.

    1. I can't wait, Christmas season nanaman! Baka meron ulit sa Lord Stow's! :D

      And I miss Big Scoop Mint Choco! :) So happy to know you love it, too!


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