Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bubble Tea Tomas Morato Soft Opening + FREE Food Tasting

Every Monday to Friday, I diligently eat my baon during lunch break so I could splurge on good food during the weekend. My Panda and I love trying out new restaurants together. We both love Japanese food, and it's definitely not our first time to dine at Bubble Tea.

I  saw on Bubble Tea Restaurant's Facebook page that their newly-renovated Tomas Morato branch is currently on their soft opening, and they're offering FREE food tasting until September 30, 2015 to those who reserve via Facebook message. Hurry! You have to sign up because it's so worth it!

This is the first Bubble Tea branch with a super cute revamped menu. There are many new food choices, too. Upon being seated, the server informed us what free item we will be getting. No minimum purchase required on this food tasting event, but we will be getting 30% discount on the other items in case we decide to order.
Yogi's Poutine Fries (P189 -> FREE)
Crispy fries topped with yummy meat sauce and a layer of melted mozzarella cheese

This order is just like a pasta dish, only the pasta is replaced by potatoes. So sinful! We both LOVED this side dish for its cheesy goodness, so it's something we'll order again.

Shinjuku Wings (P258 -> FREE)
Tasty chicken wings coated with a special blend of spices and Shinjuku hot sauce

I'm not a fan of wings, and the only chicken part I like is legs. For this dish, we both agreed that it lacked flavor and wouldn't survive if it weren't for the separate sauce provided.  The wings were more like "drizzled" and not "coated" with spices and hot sauce. When the server asked us for a short feedback, I mentioned this and he took the rest of what's left of our order back to the kitchen, and came back with this:

AWESOME action. Feedback was immediately taken care of, and we appreciated it a lot. The wings tasted so much better after it was coated with the flavorful sauce.

Caramel Roasted Tea JCC (Medium, P125)
best at 75% sugar level*

JCC actually stands for Japanese Cheesecake Cream. The classic version of this very drink was my favorite. They've recently tweaked it a bit by adding a bit of caramel syrup on top of the cream and decreasing my beloved cheesecake cream. I don't like it this way. Bubble Tea, please add more JCC since this is your drink's unique selling point.

Strawberry JCC (Large, P135)
best at 50% sugar level*

I've dethroned my then-favorite drink to THIS! It's still part of the JCC range, but it's new variant. The strawberry drink itself was sweet but surprisingly light and delicate, with the cheesecake cream on top. More cheesecake cream please!

If you ordered your drinks for takeout, they'll come in this super cute cup! :3

Tokyo Tower (P565)
A towering fusion of flavors and textures consisting of crunchy spicy tuna, ripe mango, kani crab crunch, spicy fruity salmon served on a bed of mixed seasonal greens in balsamic vinegar reduction

The Tokyo Tower looked HUGE on the menu, and for a moment, I doubted if we could finish it. (Of course we could. Hah!) We both love sushi and salmon, and this was a fresh take with all the flavors and textures dancing in our mouths with every bite. Even if this tower of sushi looked really busy with all the things going on around it, it had a balanced taste which we really liked.

Happy date at Bubble Tea Tomas Morato

If you want to join the free food tasting at Bubble Tea Tomas Morato, do message them on Facebook ASAP. Enjoy! :)



  1. something worth a try! i'll tell my friends about this!thanks for sharing! Really nice post. :)

    keep in touch!

    1. You're welcome, Ellie! Do let me know what they give you. I'm curious! :)

  2. Tokyo tower looks amazing!

  3. OMG! Tokyo Bubble Tea is slowly invading the town...Not that I'm complaining. I should try that Tokyo Tower! :D


    1. I'm happy with THIS invasion as well! Yummy e! :D


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