Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Strip IPL Skin Rejuvenation [Brazilian]

A few months ago, I went to Coron. When going to the beach, I make sure to get rid of all traces of unwanted hair (underarms, legs, and Brazilian). I had my underarms lasered last year, so I'm reaping the benefits of having semi-perfect pits until now. (Semi-perfect, since even diode laser is just hair reduction and not hair removal forever.) I use a depilatory cream on my lower legs, since I'm not so hairy there and having it waxed is a complete waste of money since I can do it on my own. As for Brazilian, I don't want to go the DIY route since I'm not a fan of self-inflicted pain, so I just let the experts handle it for me.

It's been a while since I've been to Strip in Greenbelt. Every time I get a wax here, I LOVE the result. I feel clean all over, and definitely more confident during summer for when I wear a bikini. However, hair grows back in a week or two, and if you do the math and calculate the monthly expense of Brazilian wax, it all adds up. I've tried a couple of their (yummy) wax flavors before, and now it's my first time to try their IPL Skin Rejuvenation (Brazilian). IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is used by dermatologists for hair reduction and photorejuvenation, and it's not the same as diode laser. This treatment from Strip is semi-permanent hair reduction + V-Blush (lightening and tightening of the skin). It costs P18,000 per session, but packages are available so you could get more value for your money.

My eyes was covered during the procedure. It started with shaving stray hair. I usually go for waxing or trimming, so it was actually my first time to get shaved down there. I know shaving ought to be the most painless hair removal method, but my therapist had a heavy hand, and I had razor burn afterwards, which went on until 2 days after. At the start of the procedure, I mentioned that it was painful, but the therapist just said that my hair was coarse and that it was normal for it to hurt. (I was definitely not happy with this part.)

The next part was icing (literally with ice, and not cream!) the area to prep it for the IPL procedure. Cooling gel was then applied, and she passed the IPL machine all over the area several times. The procedure itself wasn't painful, it just felt a bit warm on the skin. The "rubber band snapping on my skin" sensation is also a given for both IPL and diode laser hair removal methods, but it's tolerable. Strips makes use of the gradual heating technique, wherein the light heats the skin and the hair follicles, making them fall off in the span of one week, and retarding hair regrowth. Skin is hair-free and smooth for a longer period of time. After the hair removal process, they did the V-blush which makes use of collagen to whiten and tighten the skin around my bikini area. I didn't notice a drastic whitening effect on my first session, but my skin did really feel softer and smoother!

One month after the treatment, regrowth was fine and sparse. But if you skip your next session for 3 months, hair will definitely grow back. So, consistency is the key! For IPL, it takes about 8 sessions to complete the treatment. Imagine not needing to wax anymore. (I like!)

To relieve the skin after the treatment, you can try Strip's Ice Cream! It soothes, calms, and moisturizes the skin.

Try Strip's IPL ACE or StripIce. Call them at (03)9010892 (Serendra), (02)5013997 (Greenbelt 5), or (02)5314083 (Mega Fashion Hall) to know the latest packages offered! For more information, Like Strip Manila on Facebook.


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