Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Daiso Shangri-La Haul

As promised, here's my haul post from the store opening of Daiso Shangri-La Mall. :D This is the 4th time I'm doing a Daiso haul post, and I'm pretty sure there's more to come.

This one is my mature haul. It's the first time I got so excited buying household cleaning stuff. Haha! Each item just costs P88, so my wallet is happy, too!

Orange Wash Dish Washing Liquid 820ml
+ Variety Sponge 8 Piece Set

I got these at a special bundle price of P88. My mom is thrilled. :D

I'm more thrilled with the sponges though. I hate dirty sponges and can't bear touching/using them. Only Daiso can make sponge packaging look so cute. :')

Mold Remover Spray

Something we need for our bathroom to replace our helper with. LOL :p (Please, please work your magic on our tiles!)

Silicone Scrubbing Board

AKA my egg makeup brush cleaner! This one is ALWAYS out of stock, and so I bought another one to either (1) keep as backup, (2) give as a gift, or (3) actually use for laundry. Decisions, decisions.

Magnetic Whiteboard

We actually have a small version of this same board on our refrigerator, but Mom wanted a bigger one. Now we have two!

Clothing Storage Bag

A little something to keep the things under my bed organized.

Cotton Swabs (350 pcs.)

I actually wasn't sure if this was a good buy since I didn't know the price of cotton buds in the supermarket, but I intend to practice playing with eyeliner again, and I need some cotton buds for my smudgy eyes. When I went home, my little sister told me that this was expensive. Oh well! I needed the plastic case that came with it anyway. :D

Waterproof Adhesive Bandage

I got this one on whim when I remembered that we didn't have plastic strips at home. Daiso's stuff are either made in China or Japan, and this one's from Japan so it better be good.

Bourbon Choco & Coffee Biscuits

MY FAVORITE! A trip to Daiso = 1 box! I know I see this sometimes in the supermarket, but here at Daiso stocks of this biscuit are always fresh. Price-wise, it's a few pesos cheaper here as well. I can finish this box in a day, no sharing. I like the coffee biscuit better than the chocolate, but both are really good. I can go on and on, but you have to try this one.

Last but not the least is a gift from Daiso, wrapped prettily in a Tenugui Hand Towel (which they also sell).

Matryoshka Lunch Box & Chopsticks

This pretty lunch box is too cute! It makes me want to bring baon to work everyday or create some sushi to fill it with.
Shelled Chestnuts

When I shook the lunch box, something was inside... Surprise! A pack of Shelled Chestnuts which I shared with Dad.

What's your favorite item from this haul? :D Like Daiso Japan PH on Facebook for more information.



  1. I hate Daiso... Kasi napapagastos ako ng wala sa oras. LOL I bought this makeup brush cleaner from Daiso last month and I was suppose to post a review... But... Voila! Nabura ng sister ko ang photos sa camera. #FAIL xD


    1. Sayang. Try taking another photo of it! :D

  2. I'd use most of the things you bought! Sayang I wasn't able to attend the event. Would have loved seeing you there. :)

  3. Naku...sinusumpa ko pag napupunta ako ng Daiso. Sometimes, I'd just peer in and plan to windowshop but end up with a ton of stuff. My justification is that they are all useful. :)


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