Thursday, September 17, 2015

BDJ x Olay: Moisture That Lasts!

One lovely day, a package from BDJ and Olay arrived at my doorstep. I got this from answering a survey. :D

I loved the pouch that came with. But of course, I was more excited about what's inside!

Something classic, something new.

It contained a small sample of the classic cult favorite, Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream and a big bottle of the new Deep Moisture Body Wash. Since I'm really into body care products, I rushed to the shower to try this one out as soon as I got it...then took product shots the next day.

Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash

About the product:

I love using body wash more than bar soap. The only time I use a bar soap is after hiking, when all I want is to strip off ALL traces of dirt away in a flash. For everyday use, it has to be body wash!

Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash has a thick creamy texture, very different from liquid body washes I've used before since this one's not runny at all. It has a sweet soapy scent and it takes only a small amount of product for it to lather, but you HAVE to use a bath lily with this. Everyday, I look forward to taking my warm, comforting night shower! True enough, it does leave my skin clean, soft, and supple. I skip lotion sometimes and my legs are still shiny and hydrated. While my all time favorite body wash from Olay is the Strawberry & Mint variant (just because anything with mint in it wins in my book), this one places a high second. My skin loves it. :D

Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream

This one is a classic, since my Mom has been using this for YEARS! Yep, she won't try any of the moisturizers sent to me for review, since she's too loyal to Olay. But she does have a point, why divert when you've already found your HG fountain of youth?

Since we have a lot of stocks of this at home, I shared my tube with my friend who loved it the first time she tried it during a makeover session.

Thanks, BDJ and Olay, for the gift of beautiful skin with moisture that lasts! :D

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