Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Daiso Opens at Shangri-La Mall

Daiso opened their 42nd store in the Philippines last Friday (August 28, 2015) at Shangri-La Mall! The location is really nice and convenient. Located at the 5th floor, this is 1st store you'll see when you're coming to Shangri-La Mall from Shaw MRT Station.

Daiso Japan is more popularly known for its 100 yen stores in Japan, but they've innovated and developed items with more variety and quality (which sells at 200 yen, 1000 yen, and so on.) Here, we have items starting at P88, then P188, and P288. 100 yen is equivalent to about P40 here, but considering the logistics and taxes, P88 is a fair price! (I'd probably go crazy when I visit Japan though, and hoard all the cute panda stuff I see!)

I was invited to the grand opening of Daiso Shangri-La, and I'll be reporting to you the steals and deals that caught my eye. The items you see here are just a tiny part of EVERYTHING inside the store. I mean, Daiso really has a knack of creating "needs" you didn't even have prior to entering any of their stores.

Everything you'll see here are priced at P88 each, unless indicated otherwise.

Special buy 1 get 1 bundles are available until supplies last. My favorites were the Orange Wash Dish Washing Liquid + Variety Sponge 8pcs. and the Laundry Detergent + Cushion Laundry Net.

After doing the laundry, you can hang clothes to dry using these extra-secure bright Clothesline with Hangers.

We don't have a household helper since May this year, so I got this Mold Remover Spray for our bathroom.

This Silicone Scrubbing Board helps remove stains from your clothes, but you can use this to clean your makeup brushes! And it's always out of stock so please get one ASAP. You're welcome! ;)

Clothing Storage Bags and Vacuum Seal Storage Bags help you organize your clothes whether at home or during travel.

Did you know that you can buy Women's Apparel (leggings and skirts) at Daiso? :D I reckon if they sold these in plain, solid, basic colors, they will be sold out in no time!

Waterproof pouches like these save the other things in your bag. This one's great to protect your things with too especially during rainy season.

Too cute: Panda Slippers for Children! Wish they had this in my size.

These Bag Hangers are amazingly space-saving.

I'm keeping my eye on these Memory Foam Neck Pillows for my next vacation trip (with a long ride).

Disney knickknacks for kids and kids at heart!

I've been searching for this perennially out of stock Shampoo Hat way back when I was so into eyelash extensions. This one prevents your face from getting wet while you shampoo. So genius!

Adhesive Ear Clean Sticks for the super OC. I was curious but opted to not get them since they're disposable. I want a more durable (and non-disposable) one.

My mom loves these Bathroom and Coreless Tissues! Super sulit. I would have hoarded if only I didn't have to ride the train back home that night. Haha.

Cute panda post-its! Memo & Point Marker Sticky is cute but tad overpriced though for the kuripot me, since I can get similar ones for half the price inside department stores.

What makes this Acrylic Pen Holder not just a pen holder is that it has a tape dispenser attached to it. This way, I'll never lose my tapes. I love it. (I'm so boring! Haha) They also have more exciting ones like Acrylic Lipstick Holders. (Now we're talking!)

I'm a sucker for cute Ballpoint Pens such as these! I have to practice restraint though, since I have 26 unused pens inside my drawer. :o

And now, we move on to the kitchen stuff! Join the bento and baking craze! :3

Best place to buy your Tea and Coffee Filters by bulk is here.

Ever wondered if Japanese moms really make cute bento lunch boxes for their kids? Daiso has all you need to recreate those at home and inspire you to eat healthier, and save money at the same time. Check out the Boiled Egg Mold (Star and Heart), Nori Punchers, Rice-ball Molds, Panda Onigiri Case, Animal Sauce Cases, and Food Picks. The Noodles Dish you can use at home to make regular yakisoba look fancy.

I thought this Heart Sandwich Mold will mark a heart on your sandwich or cut bread into hearts, but this one just removes the crust and sticks the bread edges together. Nooo! It still looks lovely though.

These cute Animal Sealing Clips are for sealing unfinished food and snacks. You can also mark the date when you opened the item so you'll know when to toss it out. Handy... I might get this for my makeup samples/sachets.

Oh, there was sushi too during the event!

Can you resist these? ♥ I recently just learned to eat raw food like sashimi...so hello to my dream platter. My favorite is salmon!

Everyone who made a purchase that day got a cup of green tea ice cream, too! Happy day. :D

By the way, I used to think that local company Japan Home Center and Daiso Japan are the same. (I even blogged about them in the past.) Turns out, Japan Home Center has just been using the trademark "Daiso". Just last August 5, 2015, it was all over the news that the Supreme Court decided that Daiso Japan owns the Daiso trademark and brand here in the Philippines. Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. holds the exclusive sublicense to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept in the Philippines.

Watch out for my Daiso haul post! Can you guess which items I got? :)



  1. My nearest Daiso have lots of goodies. Its just every time i go there i get the urge to buy something even if its not needed :)) the most recent one last few months was a Banana Holder like in Groupon but different design XD

    1. I always see that banana holder! XD Haha!

  2. I never hoarded in the Daisos back in Manila, but omg, over here in Tokyo I constantly want to! Then again, it is from Japan so of course they have a larger variety of items here. The ones in Manila do have quite a lot of stuff, but most of them aren't as...useful, if that makes sense?

    There's actually a Daiso I go to here in Harajuku that has 4 floors! I'm always so excited whenever I go in, haha.

    1. I want to go to that Daiso w/ 4 floors!!! O_O

      Yeah, I see a lot of not so useful stuff here. Some are really quirky though. :D

  3. P88 for a 12-roll pack of bathroom tissues? Wow, that's sulit!

    1. Yes! Super sulit! :D My mom loves it, even the coreless tissue rolls.

  4. Oh noooo I just went to shangri-la last Friday! Sadly I didn't know that they opened one there. Oh well, now I know what stores I could visit the next time I go there. :D

  5. im so excited to go there soon! :)

    1. I miss Daiso! You'll enjoy it there. :D


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