Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend: Saturdate and Food

If there is anything I could do all day, it is to eat! I think my dream job is to be a food tester. Haha. Yesterday, my BF who is my BFF when it comes to eating and I went back to D' Original Maki Haus in Banawe to eat. Since I arrived first, I ordered beforehand so when he comes, the food is ready. I ordered one large order of Yang Chow Fried Rice, and the kuya kept on insisting (thrice) that I order the regular size since I can't finish the large one. I told him that I can, in 2 sittings. XD And I said that I'll be sharing the dish so I really wanted the large one. So there!

Yang Chow Fried Rice (P185.00)

This is so good, you can eat it on its own! Kanin palang, ulam na. This is REALLY our favorite Yang Chow Fried Rice. And this order is good for 3-4...NOT! Haha. The serving is kind of small for its price, but we still like it anyway.

Shrimp Roll (P145.00)

And this is the perfect partner for the Yang Chow Fried Rice, promise!

After our late lunch/early dinner, we went to Trinoma to buy some groceries. I did not buy much, just some crackers (for my office drawer), and these ice creams! Selecta Gold Berry Strawberry was my BF's, and mine was the Caramel Cheesecake (because I was seduced by the word "cheesecake"). We ate this in their food court section after buying it.

Selecta Gold Berry Strawberry and Caramel Cheesecake Extra Creamy Premium Ice Cream (P30.00 each)

THEY'RE SOOO CREAMY! The Berry Strawberry had real fruits in it. But we liked the Caramel Cheesecake better! At first, I saw 3 little chunks of cheesecake at the top of the cup, and I though that was it (no more cheesecake). But lo and behold, the entire cup was filled with cheesecake chunks. LOVE. Comparing this to overpriced frozed yogurts with measly cheesecake toppings that go over P100.00, go for this one instead!

After that, we went to Landmark Department Store just to walk around, and I saw these cute little pink jars with a spatula. I'll put in there my moisturizer samples (since they come in a sachet which is not handy at all). Yey for that! I also got this Bobbie Emery Board since the one I am using is already dull.

Makeup Thing Handy Cosmetic Case (P9.75)
Bobbie Emery Board (P29.75 for 6 pieces)

After doing all the rounds in the supermarket and department store, and crossing over to SM North EDSA, the food we ate already got digested so we went to Paotsin. This was introduced to my by my college friend when we used to go to SM all the time just because we were bored.

A rice meal like this goes for as low as P45.00. Kuripot? Nah. We're just wise spenders. Haha!

And oh, look at this. I used to buy this when I was in grade school! I got the shock of my life when I saw this again (after many years) in Landmark Supermarket and immediately got it. This was part of the groceries I bought earlier, and we ate it after having Paotsin.

Kitty Boy Fruity Cream Cone (P12.00)

This also comes in Chocolate/Vanilla and Strawberry/Pineapple (eww?). I'm so getting the Chocolate/Vanilla next time for me and my little sister.

The 4 little cones and the cream (that looks like a toothpaste)

We took turns making the little ice cream (kuno) cones.

Ice cream for you!

We had a fun day of eating and a little bit of shopping! How's your weekend? :)



  1. Sarap naman ng yang chow! Bigla akong nagutom. Sobrang favorite ko yan eh, kahit yan lang kainin ko masaya na ako hehe. Di ko alam yung Kitty Boy na food, di ko na ata yan naabutan nung bata ako :p Hehe. Ma-try nga minsan!

  2. you made me so hungry! i want to try those cute ice cream!
    btw, i love your mickey lay-out.. super cuute.. my baby likes it too..
    thanks for the follow.. i followed back!

  3. i also eat at paotsin and d' originall maki house. :D i just don't know how to make their stuff look appetizing in pictures LOL! x) i'm not really a good photographer so i don't even try to hehe. :)

    i need to get those creamy coned thingies too! :3

  4. @Gel: Super sarap diba! Try mo yung Kitty Boy, nakakatuwa siya. Haha :)

    @Diane: Sorry didn't mean to make you hungry. :D Haha! My sister did the layout, I did not notice it was Mickey until you told me! :o My 11 month old niece loves Mickey too! She dances whenever she hears to theme song of Micky Mouse Clubhouse. Yey, thanks for following me back dear! :)

    @Sugar: But I love your food posts and it makes me hungry! :D Try the creamy coned thingies just for fun! :D

  5. I love Yang Chow fried rice, but I've never tried D' Original Maki House. =))

    And I used to eat something like that ice cream thing before but it was such a long time ago I can't remember if it's the same thing.

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend. =))

  6. @Jackie: Maybe it's the same "ice cream"! :D I hope you enjoyed yours too! :)

  7. I love fried dumplings with rice. NOw i am craving, i hate you sis!!! gusto ko na mag diet e....btw, i tagged you on my post hope you like it.

  8. @Anne: Sorry sis :> Hehe! You can still eat anything you want but in moderation. That's what my mom told me. :) Thanks for tagging me! Will check your post ASAP.

  9. Caramel Cheesecake?????? Why I din't noticed that in the grocery? Hihihi! I love that Gold series of Selecta ice cream. I'm addicted to Vanilla Almond and Hazelnut Brownie. I will try that one out soon! Thanks for sharing~

  10. @Genn: I did not notice it too until Saturday when my BF told me that he wanted to get the Selecta Berry Strawberry! :D You have to try it!

  11. YUM!!! Ang daming food! I also love Pao Tsin :) My bf always go to Banawe din but I havent tried Maki House yet. You should go to Kim Po Tea House and Lam Tin. Both restaurants serve yummy Chinese food. :)

  12. @Ria: Puro kain ang ginawa namin. Haha! Thanks for suggesting, I will try that next time! :D


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