Monday, July 18, 2011

Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Tip Concealer

When it comes to shopping for concealers, I fail big time. The first concealer I bought was from Maybelline, which was too light for me (but it is still workable). This concealer from Tony Moly, on the other hand, was too dark for me. Haha! But wait, when I mix the both of them together, I get the perfect shade for me. Yey!

Berry Lovely Girl Tip Concealer in #3

I mixed it with my Maybelline concealer to get the desired shade.

And I used it on my sister. :p It made her dark circles less noticeable.

  • It comes in a very cute, compact size. (somewhat the same as e.l.f. concealer's size)
  • The concealer is very easy to blend.
  • It covers dark circles well, but I'm not so sure for the pimples.
  • 3 shades are available.

  • The shade on the packaging is not what you get inside. It appeared lighter on the tube. And the department store lights did not help a bit.

Price: P278.00

I'm getting the hang of mixing makeups lately. This morning I mixed Maybelline BB Cream with the Tony Moly BB Cream to achieve my desired coverage. But for this concealer, next time, I'm getting shade #2!

More Tony Moly reviews to come. Stay tuned! :)



  1. Nice product, hope i can visit tony moly soon,.

  2. @Kingking: Their new store in SM North is nice! Visit them soon. :)

  3. I was looking for a review for this one...finally! :) I'm planning to buy this one, but not yet sure if this is what I'm really going to buy. LOL

  4. @Charlene: Hello there! :) I initially wanted to buy the Tony Moly concealer that came in a pot (it was about P248) but it was out of stock so I ended up getting this instead. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. :)

  5. is the pot concealer better? thanks too for the post! :D

  6. @Charlene: I don't know because I haven't tried it yet, but I asked the BA what she was using and she showed me the pot concealer, but it was out of stock. I already had a liquid concealer so I wanted to try another type, but that did not happen. Haha :D


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