Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend Lunch at Chic-Boy

My dad wanted to try out this restaurant since he loves Chicken Inasal so much, so we went to a Chic-Boy restaurant near our house. Chic-Boy is a really catchy name! It stands for "Chicken at Baboy". It was patterned after its main competitor who also sells Chicken Inasal (even the tables, chairs, and condiment bottles are the same). I think their menu is more diverse though. The branch we went to was in Frisco. Despite the restaurant having 3 floors, parking seems impossible there.

The first floor had no air-con so we went up to the second floor instead. This place is clean and really spacious and can accommodate lots of diners.

House Soup (not sinigang though)

Chibog-Busog Meal: Inihaw na Liempo (P99.00)

This came with unlimited rice. This was my dad's order. The liempo is kind of pale, and I'm not used to that. Hehe.

Chiquito Meal: Hita (P49.00)

Chiquito Meals are served with rice and house soup. The chicken was really small. You get what you pay for, after all.

We also had a whole Cebu Lechon Manok (P210.00) for take out. I was not able to take a picture of it though. The chicken was kind of bland. Since this restaurant is kind of new, they still have a lot of things to improve on. And I hope they do! :P



  1. aw, it's too bad you didn't like the food all that much. i'd heard good things about this place and wanted to try it. oh well. like you said, maybe the people behind it are still getting the hang of things. =))

  2. @Jackie: Maybe its in the branch or we ordered the wrong food. My sister was raving about their Bangus Belly. I'll just order it next time. :D

  3. Been reading a lot of raves about this resto. I wanna try it soon!

  4. @Kingking: Their meals are budget-friendly, too!

  5. My bf and I always to to Chic-Boy West Ave. Try the Cebu Lechon. Its sooo yummy! :D

  6. @Ria: Will do! Thanks for recommending! :)

  7. Hmm..I agree that the food was nothing special. I think this resto is overly hyped..Recently, I went there with my friends and the place and food was such a disappointment. The liempo and lechon we had was too fatty and salty..And naku, the table right next to us were drunk guys drinking hard liquor right there in the resto..Napaisip kami, is this a fastfood place or a beer house? Anyhoo, kudos to your blog Helen! I particularly love your reviews on beauty products :)

  8. @Jenny: Yup, I still prefer Mang Inasal over this resto because their chicken is tastier. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Comments like yours motivate me to be better. Hope we could be friends! :)


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