Friday, July 29, 2011

The Body Shop Earth Lovers Biodegradable Shower Gel in Pear and Lemongrass

Before, I used to be a soap girl. Since good ol' soap already does its job, I saw shower gels as little luxuries that I did not really need, but I would secretly get kilig whenever I received those little travel-sized bottles of shower gels (mostly from The Body Shop) as gifts. The one thing that turned me into a convert was that my bacne got healed after I started using shower gels. Now I don't get them anymore. It must be the soap before which would leave a film of residue on my skin, which blocked my pores. After using up my bottle of The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel, here's another shower gel review! This one is from The Body Shop's Earth Lovers range, probably the most eco-friendly bath product ever created!

The Body Shop says:
Enriched with the goodness of natural herbs and plants to refresh, invigorate, and cleanse skin, the Earth Lovers collection boasts a soap-free base suitable for sensitive skin, and contains no chemicals such as colorants, sulphates or parabens, helping you to cleanse just as nature intended. Stimulate your senses with six different scents to make you feel good whatever your mood.

Fresh and Radiant
Use: Pear & Lemongrass
Ideal as a quick perk-me-up, the fresh aromas of pear and lemongrass will put a spring back to your feet, while restoring radiance to dull-looking skin.

One quick whiff of this shower gel reminded me of a fresh cut flower, like a Sampaguita. The scent is totally clean, fresh, and juicy. I can distinctly smell the pear and lemongrass combo upon pouring it on my hand and foaming it up in my bath lily. I wish mosquitoes will repel from me with the lemongrass scent, but it does not work that way. Hehe. I like that this shower gel is clear and free from any kind of colorants. I have used natural/organic body care products before, and from what I experienced, they do not lather as much as you would like them to. This one, however, produces just the right amount of lather. I use a little more than a 5-peso coin size, and fluff it up using a bath lily, and it can produce lather enough for my whole body.

  • The bottle of this shower gel is made of 100% recycled plastic. Whoever thought that recycled bottles could look this bright and cute? :D
  • The bottle's slim shape makes it very easy to hold.
  • The flip-top cap is more durable than the caps on their classic core shower gels.
  • It has no sulphates, no parabens, and no colorants.
  • It has a fresh and mild fragrance.
  • It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. I skipped using lotion a lot after using this, and my (dry) skin still feels supple.
  • There are 7 variants of this shower gel: 6 of them with mild and distinct scents, and 1 being unscented (for sensitive skin). Choose one for your every mood!

  • Due to its very mild fragrance, the scent does not linger after you take a bath (compared to their classic line of core shower gels).
  • It's kind of pricey for a shower gel.

Would I repurchase? No. I still prefer fruity scents that linger on me (like their core shower gels).
Price: P595.00 for 250ml
Available at The Body Shop stores nationwide.

Beauty products with a conscience are great. Being beautiful need not come at the expense of our environment. The water that goes down the drain whenever we take a shower goes into the bodies of water with marine life in it, and this eco-friendly shower gel respects them and does not cause them harm. I'm looking forward to trying the eco-friendly hair care range of The Body Shop. Stay tuned for reviews on that soon!



  1. I love the smell of lemongrass so this sounds heavenly.

  2. @Jackie: It is, and it adds a very pleasant zing to the normal fruity shower gel. :)

  3. I want to try the basil variant :)

    BTW, the pics in this post are not showing. I've reloaded, but still a no-go...

  4. @Torque: Thanks for pointing it out. I edited the post. Hope the photo shows now. :)


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