Thursday, July 14, 2011

OUCH! Deluxe First Aid Plasters

Remember this?

Image Source: Bid or Buy

It's so nostalgic. I remember buying this alot when I was a kid. Too bad I can't find it anywhere now (and if I did, I'm sure it will be overpriced! XD)

This is not a kikay post, and it might bore some because it's about band-aids. Haha! But these are just so cute to pass up. Normally I don't use adhesive bandages (A.K.A. band-aids) when I get little cuts and scrapes. I just let them be and it heals as it should. But when I saw these cute little bandages, I found myself looking for reasons to use this! Such as my tiny paper cut that's almost healed? Haha. These were given to me as a gift by my lovely friend/semi-sister, La Reina, who came back from her internship in Utah. :)

I love this set! It's so me. Pink, girly, and frilly!

This one is so not me. I'm no pirate nor am I emo. But I'll use this over normal flesh-colored bandages. Haha!

Now I'm still looking for reasons to use this. It somewhat made me look forward to odd, non-serious injuries. HAHA. This is crazy. Thanks, La Reina! :)



  1. ooooohhhh! love! where to get those?

  2. @Charles: These were my friend's pasalubong from US. I've seen cute bandages also being sold in Bratpack stores for P300+ per tin. :D

  3. I used to hoard those OUCH bubblegums together with Nerds, and the gum that looks like a tape measure. Childhood memories flashback~ Those bandages are too cute to even use. Hihihi~

  4. hello! where is that located? i want the skull one :)) thanks!

  5. @MissGenD: Me too! :D Haha! That was Bubble Tape. Our childhood candies are way better than the candies today. :))

    @Charles: I'm not sure if Bratpack has the skull one, but they do have monkeys, cupcakes (yey), and bacon strips as bandages. :) They have a big store in Greenbelt 5 (and they might have complete stocks there).

  6. ang cuuute! i'm definitely going to brat pack! hahahaa ! this can be good for Christmas gifts <3 :))

  7. Those are cute plastic strips. I love the pink ones. Hey, followed you back dear! :)

  8. @Nadine: Hi Nades! :) The band-aids in Bratpack are different brands with this one I featured (because this was just a gift). :) Yeah, these make great gifts. Almost too cute to use!

    @Mrs. Kolca: The pink one is sooo you, too! :D Thank you for following me back. I super duper appreciate it. :)

  9. Cute bandages! I think the skull ones are cool,I guess because my hs mascot was a pirate. lol

    You have a sweet friend. :)

  10. @Yumna: Hello Yumna! :D Yeah, they're unique! And I agree, my friend La Reina is a sweetie. :D


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