Friday, July 8, 2011

Bath and Body Works PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

I remember when I was in grade school that the hand sanitizer craze happened. I don't know if it was just me and my classmates, but we had to own a bottle of Alcogel or Purinse. Whenever the teacher would ask me (or anybody else) to erase the chalkboard, we would oblige and happily rub the dirt away from our hands afterwards using our trusty hand sanitizers! :D

Although I prefer to wash my hands using soap and water whenever possible, there are just times when I can't, especially when I'm out. I love how handy these little hand sanitizers are. They are from Bath & Body Works, and they smell so good!

A powerful germ-killing formula enriched with Tahitian Palm Milk. Leaves hands feeling clean and virtually germ-free.

What we have here are the Twisted Peppermint (from their Holiday Traditions collection) and Fresh Picked Cherries. Between the two, I like the peppermint variant better just because I'm a sucker for all things minty. I also love that it reminds me of Christmas. :)

Do you also hand sanitizers?



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog sissy. I love peppermint too it's a relaxing scent for me.

  2. Hi Anne! I love reading your blog. :) The peppermint one smells like candy canes! Hihi :>

  3. Thanks sis... BTW have we met? you look familiar.

  4. Hi Sis! Sometimes I attend events like BDJ Rendezvous, maybe we've met before? :)


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