Sunday, July 10, 2011

Haircut, The Korean Way

My hair is already overdue for a haircut. As far as I can remember, my last haircut was in November last year. Yikes! It had grown so long and thick, and on some days I can't even leave the house without tying it up in a ponytail. Last Saturday, my sisters and I went to Tony & Jackey in SM North EDSA Annex for a haircut. It was a busy day for the salon, but good thing we did not get wait-listed. Upon writing down our names on the list, the receptionist told us that we could already have our hair washed.

The receptionists and assistants in the salon were Pinoy, and the stylists were Korean. All throughout shampooing, the assistant who was washing my hair sales-talked me like there was no tomorrow about their treatment and haircut package. Since I was pressed for time and had a budget, I declined. I know my hair is wavy and dry, but I did not like the way they would rub it in your face that their treatment would work miracles for my hair. Because for all I know, after several shampoos, the effects of the treatment would be gone anyway. I'd rather settle for at-home hair care. By the way, haircut is at P500.00.

Getting ready for my haircut!

I was given a book with pegs of Korean hairstyles they could copy. Because up until now, I'm still finding the hairstyle that would best fit my hair texture and face shape, I asked the Korean stylist what would suit me. Initially, I wanted to go short, but he told me that long hair would look better for me. My hair is wavy so short hair would make it look fluffy and be harder to manage.

The cut I had was the classic layers, but with a twist. The ends of my hair was trimmed (bye bye, split ends!), but the length was preserved. To lose the bulk of my fluffy hair, lots of layers were added to frame my face. My overgrown bangs (which were already tendrils) were trimmed, but not so much. I have side bangs now, but I wished he could have cut more of it. Next time, perhaps.

The part I liked most was the finishing touch. Remember how our local salons would blow dry our hair straight every single time we have our haircut? Well here, it's different. Since I have naturally wavy locks, the stylist did not force my hair to be straight after the cut. He used a flat iron to create curls at the ends of my hair! I felt all girly and I loved it! :)

Back view of my cut

Just because I wanted to remember who did my hair, I asked for his name and asked if I could have a picture taken with him! My hair stylist for the day was Sean.

If you're up for a different hairstyle, then this is the place to go! I would certainly go back there, but next time I would tell my stylist to give me more bangs so I'd feel more satisfied with my haircut.

Here's a copy of their flyer. They have an ongoing promo for their services.

Here's a picture of my hair now (air-dried). Sorry for the pale face, I was not wearing any makeup when my dad and I went to the supermarket to run some errands. I like how the haircut enhances my natural waves. I can't get that with rebonded hair! I'll be using my curl booster to have it look even more wavy. ^_^

Contact Details:
Tony & Jackey Salon
SM North EDSA Annex
Telephone no.: 4411374



  1. ooh, what brand is your curl booster? is it like a mousse? :)) :D
    -Nades <3

  2. @Nades: Special FX Curl Booster. It's liquid (spray type), but it also has a gel type (which I think I will get when I run out). I got it from SM Dept. Store for P299. :)

  3. The curls look natural indeed!:) You're blessed to have a wonderful experience with Tony&Jackey. Mine is something that I don't want to remember anymore but it's okay. Haha. The branch is at SM Baguio though.:)

  4. cute pictures! just made a salon post too! ;) LOL!

  5. Ooooh, I think their services have become cheaper or maybe that's just my memory failing me.

  6. You're so cute!!
    Haha, nice pic with your hair stylist. :)

  7. nice! :D me likes your new hair <3

  8. @Eunice: Aww that's sad to hear. :( The curls were good for one day! Hehe! My sisters' stylists were also nice and friendly. I noticed that the guy stylists would smile more than the girl stylists. :D

    @Sugar: Thank you! I will check that out! :)

    @Meedge: I think it is cheaper now, too! Except for the haircut (which was P300 before). :)

    @Yumna: Thanks, Dear! :> The pose was very Korean. Haha!

    @Onika: Thank you! :) I'm now shifting from our neighborhood salons to T&J. Hehe!

  9. Helen!! Haha while i was googling tony and jackey hairstyle pictures, I saw your face!! hahahaha.. nice hairstyle, looks good on you! :)

    Anyway, I like tony and jackey too! They did my best haircut ever! haha

    this is Jill V. by the way, (your blockmate) haha

  10. @Jill: Wow! Super nice to hear from you again! :) Thanks so much. Yung curl curl na yun, good for a few hours lang. Di ako marunong gumawa nun sa bahay e. :P Yes, I like T&J too. I will be going back there for sure, next time papacut ko ng shorter kasi di na halata na nagpahaircut ako. How are you doing? :)

  11. Magkano po un gupit ng pang lee min ho style, Un katulad ng buhok nya sa City hunter? Yun katulad din kay justin bieber?

  12. Magkano po un gupit ng pang lee min ho style, Un katulad ng buhok nya sa City hunter? Yun katulad din kay justin bieber?

  13. For how much po yung haircut? Yun katulad kay lee min ho sa city hunter, Yung parehas po kay justin bieber? ;)

    1. P500 yung haircut nila, last time I checked. Yung style depende sa hair type mo at sa look na gusto mo maachieve. You can bring pictures of the look you want, but they have hair look books too in their salons so you can also choose from there. :)


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