Monday, January 30, 2017

Bench Paint Box Frosted Pearl Highlighter

Usually, my sisters invade my makeup kit whenever I have new products to test. I'm okay with it since they give me additional feedback which helps me when I write my reviews. This time around, it was me who "borrowed" my sister's makeup... permanently. Haha! This product has been in my makeup kit for months already. 😁

If not for Andy, I wouldn't have known that Bench has a hidden gem of a product in their cosmetics line. (Yup, apparently Bench also sells a lot of makeup!)
Bench Paint Box Frosted Pearl Highlighter 5.5g (P139)
The smooth texture highlighter that gives instant radiant effect in the areas highlighted.

It comes in a simple chubby pen packaging, which makes for convenient application.

I've been using this so much, but it's just now that I was able to take photos of it. (The product is supposed to look taller than this when it's brand new.)


Bench Paint Box Frosted Pearl Highlighter gives of a nice, healthy, and natural-looking sheen. It doesn't have a too-yellow base unlike typical highlighters; it's more beige with silver micro shimmers so it blends better with most skin tones. It's buildable, blendable, and fool-proof (even for beginners). It took me around 3 swipes for the glow to be visible on my face, and I just use my finger to blend it. It has a very smooth glide and a light, velvety feel, which is surprising for a product this affordable. I actually expected it to feel heavy or have chunky glitters, but this product delivers really well. Staying power is average on my oily skin, but for its price I don't have the right to complain! Plus, I can reapply this one anytime because it's travel-friendly.

I have a newfound interest with Bench's makeup line, so I'll make sure to drop by their store on my next mall trip.


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  1. My first ever lip and cheek stain is from Bench! It lasted me yearssss because you only need a drop :D

  2. Ganda! Reminds me of glossier's haloscope

  3. Hi Ms Helen, this is not related sa review mo.. gusto ko lng sabihin na after looking for so many reviews on different beauty products, ikaw lang talaga yung s tingin kong honest to goodness review. Like seriously! And i hope you continue doing that kc yung ibang blog (well sorry na lng) prang nag aadvertise na lng cla.. i mean wla ng depth kasi puro good things n lng when most reader are up for a real deal. Kya nga nagbabasa ng review e.. sana rin magkaron k na ng search button pra mas madaling maghanap ng mga topics (demanding much). More power sa blog mo! Keep it up! �� - same commenter months ago.. ��


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