Monday, May 16, 2016

Pretty Looks Cashmere Eyebrows

I've had tattooed brows (AKA permanent makeup) for over 6 months, and so far I'm enjoying it! I have "ready" brows when I wake up, after take a bath, and even when I exercise or go for a swim. Hihi! I'd say it's pretty much worth it, but lately I found myself filling it in whenever I do a full-face makeup because it looks a bit light (on the grayish side). This usually happens when a person has oily skin. Even makeup artists can't tell that it's tattoo because it looks natural, but having to fill it in defeats the purpose of me having it done in the first place, so I asked Pretty Looks if I could have it retouched, this session being my third (and hopefully the last in the next 4 years).

My Pretty Looks Timeline:
May 6, 2016 - (Supposed) S3 Eyebrow Stranding retouch turned into Cashmere Eyebrows

Usual Procedure for S3 Eyebrow Stranding:
  1. Clean
  2. Apply Anesthetic
  3. Drawing
  4. Start Procedure
  5. Make Base
  6. S3 Stranding Technique

For Cashmere Eyebrows, Step 5 is omitted, making it S3 Stranding all throughout. This is their latest technique in permanent brow makeup.

I booked a 2:00 PM appointment with them, but as usual, we started late. They let the topical anesthetic sit on my skin, and I started my session at 3:15PM. (All my 3 sessions started late, which is something they can improve on.) I only found out about the 6-point procedure mentioned above as I was writing the review and I realized it wasn't followed when I had my brows done. What I got was the following:

Clean -> Apply Anesthetic -> Start Procedure -> S3 Stranding Technique

The Drawing part was skipped, and you'll see later why it is important and why you should insist on it when you're going to have your brows done.

The procedure was done in an hour. I expected the pain; it was tolerable.

Before & After:
Right Eyebrow
  1. Before - This is the actual result of my S3 Eyebrow Stranding almost 5 months after my retouch. I had it done using dark brown ink. It has lightened, but I still don't have to fill it in on normal days. However, there is no visible stranding effect; it's just solid gray.
  2. Right after the procedure - MY BROWS LOOKED PERFECT! Clients in the waiting area were convinced with this procedure, because my tattoo looked just like real hair. The end result of Cashmere Eyebrows was less harsh than the S3 Eyebrow Stranding which looked more solid. Dark brown ink was used, same as my previous procedures. I was advised not to wet my brows for 24 hours, but I didn't wet it for 72 hours to be sure! Antibacterial ointment must be applied twice a day for 7 days.
  3. 8th day after the procedure - My brows started peeling at the 4th day and by the 7th it was complete done. I see the strands!
Left Eyebrow
The tail of my left brow has faded! It looked perfectly fine right after the procedure. However, after it finished peeling my left eyebrow had a small (permanent) problem - there's an extra strand of tattoo that's out of place near the center. It's not too obvious unless you stare at it. Prior to the procedure, I didn't groom my brows and my therapist didn't draw it on for good measure, which resulted to this mistake. However, compared to its previous state, it looks better now.

After Cashmere Brows
After Peeling: End Result of Cashmere Brows

Based from my previous experience, I know this will still fade, but I'm hoping this will last for 4 years. (Their ads claim that their permanent makeup will last for 3 to 5 years.) Aside from the extra strand on my left brow that's disturbing the OC me, I generally still like the outcome. It looks natural, and now I even get compliments on my brows!


Therapist: Cha of Pretty Looks Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato
Price: P3,000 for 3rd retouch

Facebook: Pretty Looks


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  1. interesting :) it is only permanent for years?
    achieve kaya nila pag yung straight lang, korean style? :)

    1. Yup, average of 3 to 4 years. Kaya naman, that's what they did for Jinri Park. But not for me, di siguro bagay. Haha :)

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  4. ask ko lang po i thought libre yung retouch bat nagbayad pa po kayu ng 3k?

    1. Usually 1 lang yung free retouch, which was my 2nd S3 session last December. Pag 3rd time, dapat P3,000, pero hindi na nila ako pinabayad for this review.

  5. ur lucky dka na pnabayad.. so lahat ng retouch after the 2 sessions 3k na lang price nila?
    which will u recommend ba s3 stranding or cashmere? thanks sa reply

    1. Yes, pag retouch lang 3k na basta sila yung gumawa ng first and second. Sa S3 kasi, after 2 sessions nung nag heal na, hindi halata yung strands. Cashmere naman parang S3 lang pero ibang method (puro stranding), so mas natural at mas mukhang hair. Cashmere nalang! :) Same price lang naman.

  6. Hi i sooo love your reviews im a total follower! Is it the same price parin ba (25,000) until now if Susan Ong will do the cashmere brows?

    1. Feel ko nag price hike nanaman siya. Hehe!

  7. Hello! any updates po sa Cashmere Brows nyo po? Does it fade in the same duration of time like the s3 eyebrow stranding?

    1. Hi Arianne, this one's a recent shot:

  8. Did they offer you a retouch Cashmere for the same rate of s3 retouch? Kasi mas mahal ang procedure ng Cashmere kaysa s3.

    I had my s3 done first session November and retouch was January. I plan to do another retouch late this year, may option kaya sila same rate s3 retouch to cashmere retouch or dahil blogger ka?

    1. Yung nurse na gumawa sa first and second session ko ang nag recommend ng Cashmere. That time ata, bago lang yung Cashmere so di pa siya OA sa mahal. Puede mo sabihin sa 3rd retouch mo na sa strands nalang sila mag focus. :)

  9. Hi Helen,

    Nagpagwa kmi ng mommy ko last September 20. Cashmere procedures are done by masters na. So nka 30k each kmi. Mejo hndi pa pantay ung sa mom ko hopefully it get be fixed sa retouch :)

  10. Hi Helen,
    I just want to share. We also had our Cashmere last September 20, 2016 at Il Terrazo Branch. Now, Cashmere are done by master and founder only so we paid 30k each for the procedures. Ok nmn sakin but mejo hndi pantay sa mommy ko. Hopefully, it will be fixed sa retouch nmin. Normal b un na at first hndi pa pantay? thanks

    1. Yup normal lang. They should be able to fix it by the second session. :)

    2. Thanks Helen. We will ask Sue to fix it. She is so kind dn nmn.

    3. I haven't met her, but she does look nice. :)

  11. Mine was done by senior master but not satisfied with 2 retouch (the first retouch done by senior master the second when I complained she had it done by any junior available, it's just June because December 13 pa mag 1 year yet it's faded n not nice anymore) btw I paid 35k, done last December 13,2016 at B hotel branch


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