Friday, January 6, 2017

Zenutrients Super Strengthening Gugo & Ginseng Shampoo

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. 😊

I love shopping at SeekTheUniq because of how they package their products. I secretly feel like I'm receiving a present every time my orders arrive.
Like this!

My dad actually thought it was a small bottle of wine when my shampoo came in the mail. 

I started having hair fall late 2015 due to stress and probably also because I always tie my hair back (and I still do this now). My hair part at the front of my scalp looks wider than desired, which prompted me to search for an effective shampoo to combat hair fall. I bought Zenutrients Super Strengthening Gugo & Ginseng Shampoo last year, and now there's only 1/4 of product left in the bottle so it's about time for a review. I could have bought this at the mall for P399, but it was on sale at SeekTheUniq at P320 + 65 shipping fee = P385. I saved P14 plus had the thrill of receiving packages. HEHE 😂 The downside was getting a near expiry product (April 2017), but it wasn't a big deal because I'm bound to finish it before April anyway. (This may be the reason why it's on sale, but the website could've been better if it were more transparent with the manufacturing or expiry dates.)

Ingredients: Gugo Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Coconut & Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Diethanolamide, Salt, Purified Water

My number one criteria for shampoo shopping is that it has to be sulfate-free.

This one has real gugo and ginseng pieces inside the bottle! I wish the bottle were clear though, so I can appreciate it in its natural glory.

One thing I'm iffy about was the pump applicator. At one point, I had difficulty pumping the shampoo out since it got clogged by gugo bits. After several more uses, it unclogged by itself, but it still has small bits inside which was unavoidable.

The shampoo has a light transparent yellow color with brown bits. It has a faint herbal scent but it's not in any way offensive. (I smells natural and I actually like it.) It has a mild lather, but it cleans my hair well without leaving buildup despite being sulfate-free, so I don't have to use a stronger shampoo once a week to clarify my scalp. After using this for months, I've notice an improvement on the gap of my hair part, and it's not offensively wide anymore. While my hair isn't as thick as I hoped it would be yet, I can see baby hairs growing, so that's a good sign! There is hope. With this shampoo, I can skip conditioner for days, too. (I only use conditioner when I feel like my hair is getting frizzy already. Like once or twice a week.) Using this shampoo alone enhances my waves too, so I love it. I'm not updated with Zenutrients product range, as this is the first product I've tried from the brand. I passed by their kiosk in Landmark Trinoma just recently, but didn't see this in store anymore. They could have discontinued this one, but I'm not sure.

They have this in-store though:

Got the photo from Sample Room. (How I wish I availed that sample!) I think this one's the updated version of my shampoo, but I'd have to check first if it's also sulfate-free before repurchasing. 😊

Verdict: It's effective! (I'm looking forward to discovering more of Zenutrients' products.)

Price: P399

Zenutrients is available at leading malls nationwide. If you want to buy online, you can get 15% off ALL products from SeekTheUniq here.💜


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