Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tough on the Outside, Pink on the Inside!

I'm not a big bag-person, but when I see a design I like, I buy it immediately! I use my trusty JanSport backpack (which I bought when I was still in college) when I wear casual clothes to work, and use a dressier bag when I have to wear corporate attire or go out on weekends. Since I want to preserve my favorite black bag, I looked for another one I can use for wear and tear.

One day at work, we had a bodega sale! It was my lucky day when I chanced upon this black (printed) shoulder bag from Tough Jeansmith. They're clearing out old (but still good) stocks, and I got this for only P800.00. When I checked the tag, its orginal price was P4,990.00! Great find or what? :)

I love the print, hardware, and the fringe on this bag! The details give this bag a strong character. It looks tough on the outside, but wait till you see the inside.

Hot pink lining! The very reason why I got this bag in the first place. :>

What I love about it:
  • I like the exterior details of bag.
  • I like the hot pink lining which makes me find things easily (compared to a dark lining which makes me feel like I'm digging for my stuff in a black hole).
  • It has 9 compartments.
  • The price (but only when it's on sale)!

What I don't like about:
  • The handle hurts my shoulder when I carry the bag for a long time.
  • It has no main zipper (so I have to be extra careful when I commute).

I love it when I stumble upon great sale finds! What's your recent sale find? :)



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