Monday, June 20, 2011

Manila Foods and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX) 2011

Last weekend, my friend and I went to MAFBEX at World Trade Center. I remember going here last year with my friend and I was hoping to find the Chrysanthemum Tea I bought (which came in a bulb and opens when you put it in a cup of hot water) for Papa as Father's Day gift. Well there was none, but nevertheless, I got to know and try out many interesting food there. :)

My ticket to food tripping (P50.00)

Lambalites (I like the strawberry-flavored one!)

I saw the Eng Bee Tin stall and so excited, I forgot to take a pic!
Hopia Mochaccino (P44.00)
Hopia Mongo (P36.00)
Mochi in Choco-Orange (P32.00)

There were lots of food carts and stalls selling snacks, and we chose Noodle House.

An order of noodles + 2 pieces of siomai is only P28.00. Add P10.00 for a cup of ice-cold black gulaman. Yum!

I love this milk chocolate fountain! It's so fun to dip biscuit sticks in this. I wish I had one at home, but it's so expensive (around P30,000.00).

Cute purple chocolate fountain. This one is ube-flavored.

White chocolate fountain!

There were lots of stalls selling frozen food at promo rates.

The nice lady from Talleres de Nazaret

She sells yummy Squid Rings and Squid Heads at P40.00 a pack.


A no-blade fan for P6,800.00. Very interesting and kid-friendly.

Pretty cakes were displayed as well. This one's from the Cake Decorating Competition.

I never knew there was a Shakey's bus! You can rent this when you want Shakey's to come to your party!

The friendly peeps of Ehje's Peanut Butter (Ms. Ehje, the owner, is at the middle)

These are home-made peanut butters that are so yummy! I got this at 3 for P100.00. One for Papa, 2 for Grandma. Ehje's also supplies the same of peanut butter to French Baker and Julie's Bakeshop, the only difference is that they come in glass jars for those stores as compared to this plastic cups.

Outside the selling area were displays of table arrangements. This one caught my eye because of its pretty red and pink theme.

After our food-tripping and shopping at MAFBEX, we went to SM Mall of Asia to have dinner. We had a bucket of KFC Crispy Fries and Greenwich Special. Fast food is evil.

KFC Crispy Fries

Greenwich Special

After dinner, we watched X-Men First Class. I had no background of X-Men and what it was all about. Before watching the movie, we had this conversation:

Helen: Sino ba si X-Men? Ano yung costume niya?
Friend: X-Men yung tawag sa grupo nila.
Helen: Ah! Kaya pala x-MEN!

Haha! :)) Now I know. After watching the movie, I became a fan!

I hope you enjoyed my little story. :D



  1. The Lambalites look so yummy and I can't help but wonder how the blade-less fan works. Haha. Anyway, you look familiar Helen. If by chance, did you attend BDJ's event a few months ago at the SMX Parking Lot?=)

  2. Hi Eunice! The Lambalites were really eye-catching; they had a display of Lambanog in all colors of the rainbow. I was amazed by the bladeless fan that I had to stick my hand into the circle to feel its bladelessness. Haha! :D And yes I did attend the BDJ Rendezvous outside SMX. I think there will be another one next month! :)

  3. @pinkcookies: My favorite is the Hopia Mongo. :)

    1. mine would be ube :) and the tikoy rolls!

    2. Ooh! I like strawberry tikoy rolls, and not just because it's pink!


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