Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful Black Bag from Celine

One night, I was about to go home from the mall after doing my store rounds, when I passed by Celine and had this urge to go into the store because of that 4-letter word: SALE. I wasn't planning to buy anything because I was trying to save up, then a classic black leather-type bag caught my eye among the colorful display of bags and shoes on sale. Then I remembered: I have been searching for that perfect black bag since I started working! Perfect timing to shop because it's on sale or perfect excuse to buy a new bag? I say both! :)

I love this bag because it is very versatile. I can use it as a shoulder bag and as a sling bag. I love the color, too. It is in basic black, but never boring because of its silver detail and striped texture. I like black bags because I can pair it with almost any outfit and it won't easily get dirty even when I commute alot. This bag is very roomy. It has 2 zipped compartments (one at the outside, back of the bag; the other one on the inside of the bag), 2 inner pockets for my mobile phone and other stuff (such as lipstick), a penholder pocket, and a strap to hold on to your keys, you'll never lose them! Best part of all is that from the original price of P1,799.00, I got it only for P999.00! :)

I'm so happy with my new bag! I'll be checking out Celine outlets more often to spot more deals like this. Do you like stuff from Celine, too?



  1. Hi Helen.. Most of my bags are from Celine, I purchase mine at their Escolta Branch..

  2. Hello Krystle! Celine bags are stylish and quite affordable when they're on sale. :)

  3. I love this design! Its classy and you can dress it use with almost any outfit! :)

    I'm your new follower.:)


  4. Hi Iya, thanks! This is my favorite bag as of the moment. ;) I followed you back. :)

  5. Don't you just love bags with a lot of compartments?

  6. I do! :) They're so handy and they keep my bag's contents organized. :)


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