Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tous les Jours Dark Glaze Chocolate Cake (Again!) + Patisserie Connoisseur Card

It's my Mom's birthday today! ♥

And so, I had to get her our all time favorite: Tous les Jours Dark Glaze Chocolate Cake! I got this for my Dad last year, too.

Tous les Jours Dark Glaze Chocolate Cake (P598.00)
Made with authentic belgian chocolate layered with rich chocolate butter cream and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache

The addiction just never ends since this cake is just sooo good.

Trivia: Even my cake-hater sister LOVES this! After she tried it for the first time, she asked me to buy this cake twice even if there were no occasion.

As usual, the cakes from Tous les Jours are ALWAYS fresh! I bought it today, and this one's good until March 5, 2014 but I bet it will all be gone tomorrow.

The top part of the cake is entirely covered in chocolate ganache which is so yummy! It also has 3 heart cookies where you can write your special message on, a chocolate stick, and a green tea macaron.

Around the side of the cake is a plastic wrap. When you remove this, the cake will be less cute. Haha! Let's read the tiny message...

You are so special to me.
You are my joy, my love, and my life.
Living without you will tear me apart.
Cause you make my life worth living. 

I adore this cake a lot, but everything wasn't so perfect today! My cake didn't come with the usual 5 colorful, long and slim candles and plastic cake knife because it was out of stock. For all branches, as the cashier said. That's not good. It didn't help that the staff in SM The Block weren't the friendliest I've encountered. I guess they were replaced with new hires (?), since they seemed to not know that I used to buy their cakes a lot last year. Oh well. They could've just given me a GWP to appease me, but too bad my purchase was P2.00 short (of the P600.00 amount required).

Tous les Jours Patisserie Connoisseur

All is not lost though, as I now have my new Tous les Jours Patisserie Connoisseur membership card! I'm so happy with this one since it's so cute! (Okay, bipolar mode. Haha!)

For a P500.00 single-receipt purchase, you can get this card for free. This one earns me 2 points (equivalent to P2.00) for every P100.00 purchase, similar to Etude House and Tony Moly.

These are the cards I have from my favorite Korean brands Etude House, Tony Moly, and Tous les Jours! :3

To know more about Tous les Jours, you may Like their page on Facebook: Tous les Jours Philippines. :)



  1. I requested my hubby to buy me a cake from Tous les Jours on my birthday since they look so delicious plus the designs are too cute to resist! Is this the best flavor they have? I did't know they also have the membership card, I must get one for me too!

    1. My fave would still be the strawberry cakes (the rose/heart/apple inspiration ones)! Iba iba lang yung shapes, but the flavors are all strawberry. :D

  2. Tous les Jours! My sister has been bugging me to go there. I'd definitely want to date her there. Haha! :)


  3. Awww....I want this! I am so craving for this. I guess I have to try it out.

    1. Do try it! TLJ has lots of other cute cakes to choose from. :)


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