Monday, December 5, 2011

Kimono Ken

I just realized it's been a while since I last posted about food. Well, here goes! I'm not a big fan of Japanese food, but this restaurant made me think otherwise. (I actually liked the sushi here!) One weekday, my boss and colleagues went on field work, and had lunch in Kimono Ken in Shangri-La. Feast yourself for some eye candy (well, not literally candy, but you get the picture). I just love how Japanese restaurants give value to beautiful presentations of the food that they serve.

Ponchi (P180.00)
Kani, mango, cucumber, ebiko and Japanese mayo

YUM! I used to think that sushi was a mere snack because it's small and bite-sized. (That was my hefty appetite talking.) Then I realized that it's made of rice and other ingredients that can be considered as ulam (viand). This makes for a meal in itself.

California Fry Maki (P180.00)
Fried California Maki

I love the tempura coating of this Maki! It gives a twist to the traditional California Maki. Between Ponchi (above) and California Fry Maki, I prefer the latter.

Kani Salad (P180.00)
Crabstick, lettuce and cucumber with tobiko in Japanese mayonnaise

Chahan (P65.00)
Special Japanese fried rice

Ebi Tempura 5 Pcs. (P330.00)
Prawn Tempura

Tofu Steak (P190.00)
Fried tofu with minced pork & vegetables in thick sauce

Beef Teriyaki (P220.00)
Beef with teriyaki sauce

I loved the Chahan and Ebi Tempura. The Kani Salad was served cold; it added a refreshing and light taste to our meal because of the fresh and crisp lettuce. I did not eat the Tofu Steak, because it was drowned in sauce. (I don't like all types of sauce, for that matter.) Lastly, I had a bit of Beef Teriyaki to go with my Chahan. Happy tummy, indeed!

Kimono Ken
Shangri-La Mall Plaza, Mandaluyong City
Tel. Nos. 633-1516; 632-9545



  1. i'm hungry again haha! would love to eat at kimono ken. hmmmmm... :)

  2. You made me drool..:P~ been wanting to try kimono ken for a long time now. :D

  3. @Sugar: Me too! :)

    @Amz: Yes, and the food (especially the Ponchi and Maki) looked so pretty.

    @Charlene: Haha! :D Try it, it's worth it. :)


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