Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette in Golden Brown

Smoky eyes. That's the one makeup look that I'm dying to learn. I find it hard to recreate the right smoky eyes for me because of my hooded eyelids, but that does not stop me from trying! I loved the Winter Trend makeover by Ms. Isay of The Body Shop, and I also loved this new baby that I got to take home after the event. It's the limited edition 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette!

Golden Brown Palette

Behind the sleek box were step-by-step instructions to help us recreate that dramatic smoky eyes look that's perfect for the holidays! Very helpful for makeup newbies like me.

Unwrapped. (It's beautiful!)

Eye Color Shade:
01 Warm White Base
02 Dark Brown Shadow
03 Chocolate Brown Shadow
04 Golden Highlighter

Eye Definer Shade:
02 Rich Brown

For just P1,495.00, you get 4 eye shadows plus a Mini Eye Definer and a Mini Eyeshadow Brush.

Swatch (L-R): Warm white base, chocolate brown shadow, dark brown shadow, golden highlighter

I thought that the Silver Black Palette would look more dramatic for my eyes (just like my makeover), but the moment I tried Golden Brown, I was sold. I never thought that brown eyeshadow will actually work for me. I must have been using the wrong shade of browns on my eyes before which made me look old. While I though that brown palettes work only for morena skintone, the browns in this palette can look great on anyone.

The base color, warm white, I like since it looks less harsh and flashy than white alone. As for the eye shadows, chocolate brown is a nice shade of brown, it's velvety and I can use it also for day! The dark brown shadow I use to fill in my brows. The golden highlighter is sheer, but add it to your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes and you get that cute, fairy effect.

The Silver Black palette is also available.

Head on over to The Body Shop and ask for a FREE makeover so you too can try the new Winter Trend Collection. :)



  1. Magkano yan? May 2 exchange gift pa ko na walang wishlist. hehehe :)) Gusto ko makeup nalang :))

  2. P1,495 siya. Baka may discount pa, di lang ako sure. :)


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