Friday, December 16, 2011

Human Nature Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash

If you're going out of town for the holidays, but hate the hassle of lugging separate bottles of toiletries with you, then you'll like this. Human Nature's Kids Natural Shampoo & Body Wash will be your handy companion for bath time since it's a head-to-toe wash.

Tangerine Tarsier

Pineapple Pawikan

Since it's made for kids, then it is bound to be gentle! It cleanses the hair well without drying it out, and I pour some to my bath lily and it creates a foamy lather for my body. It's also great for lazy mornings since I can just wash and go, plus the citrus scents of this range are zesty and uplifting. It comes in 2 variants: Tangerine Tarsier and Pineapple Pawikan. But don't worry, it's not made of Tarsiers and Pawikans! Haha. They're just named that way since these 2 animals can only be found here in the Philippines.

As always, Human Nature products are made of all natural ingredients.

I love that it comes in 50ml bottles. I'll make sure to bring one on my next vacation trip! But if you're planning to use this at home, get the bigger bottles since the small ones get used up in just days.

Would I Repurchase? Of course!
P44.75 for 50ml
P134.75 for 200ml
P289.75 for 500ml
Available in the Human Nature website or thru dealers like me.

I'm wondering, do you also like head-to-toe washes? I personally love them since they're time-saving, space-saving, and super convenient for on-the-go girls like me! :)



  1. i use philosophy's grace sometimes when i'm lazy. :)

  2. @Chris: Same here!

    @Sugar: Philosophy's Grace smells great. :)


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