Friday, December 2, 2011

Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

After having my hair relaxed, rebonded, permed, and colored countless times I've decided to treat my hair better. Done were the days I would have my hair chemically straightened. I've talked about loving my natural curls, but then I got bored again with my hair and decided to dye it brown. This gave me hair fall like no other chemicals did before. I was honestly scared when that happened but thank God for this:

Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

This duo promises 80% less hair fall, 90% thicker hair, 100% toxin-free formula.

Natural Strengthening Shampoo with CREAMFoam

Step away from the SLS/SLES found in most chemical shampoos that may dry your scalp and cause hair to become brittle and weak! Strengthen and nourish your strands by switching to our strengthening shampoo with CREAMFoam Technology, Philippine coco nectar and hydrolyzed protein. Your scalp is nourished for healthy hair growth, damaged locks are repaired and softened, and hair's natural shine is restored. Refreshing natural scent.

P44.75 for 50ml
P134.75 for 200ml
P289.75 for 500ml

Shampoo Ingredients:

Natural Strengthening Conditioner

Complete the switch for hair that's smoother, shinier, and stronger without weighing it down! Our conditioner is power-packed with gugo bark and calamansi to help fortify hair and reduce breakage and hair loss. Organic virgin coconut oil completes this triple goodness combo leaving your locks healthy and camera-ready! Refreshing natural scent.

P49.75 for 50ml
P144.75 for 200ml
P289.75 for 500ml

Conditioner Ingredients:

I shared this with my sister. The 50ml bottle of shampoo lasted for 18 days, and the conditioner lasted for 8 days. (Conditioner being used up first happens all the time!). The natural scent of this shampoo and conditioner could take some getting used to for those who prefer more fragrant hair care products. I love how the shampoo cleansed my hair without drying it up. Hooray for shampoos without sulfates! I feel that this is also good for colored hair like mine, since there are no harsh ingredients in it that can strip off the color pigments from your hair.

As for the conditioner, I really love this. It was non-greasy at all, unlike other chemical brands that would sometimes cause me bacne. This did not. I love how soft and smooth my hair felt as I washed this off. Also, as I observed, the product would slide down to the bottom of the bottle after you place it back on the table (after using). This got me to think that it was moisturizing without being heavy and sticky.

After I used up this duo, I knew I had to repurchase. I ordered this duo both in 500ml, which has finally arrived a day after I paid for it. :)

Have you tried all-natural hair care products? How did you find them?



  1. Oh my goodness, Human Nature Strengthening hair care range saved my life! :) i am a huge fan of their old formulation, but i also love this new one :)

  2. @Kumiko: Although I haven't tried the old formulation, I'm sure it's great because it's Human Nature. :) And I can't believe I'm buying myself jumbo sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I usually go for mid-sized ones before, but this really is great stuff!

  3. i like their shampoos and conditioners! :) i haven't tried the new versions though. ^-^

  4. @Sugar: It's really nice! Try it. :)

  5. How did you make the 50 ml shampoo last for 18 days?
    Did you use it daily? The jumbo ones last me only 3 weeks max for daily use on almost waist lenght hair. How do you use yours to make it last that long?

    1. I actually forgot whether I used this daily. It's been more than a year since I wrote this post. Probably mine lasted 18 days since my hair isn't thick and not as long as your waist-length hair.

    2. Thanks for replying po!


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